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Effective Window Treatments For Combating Heat

Heat Saving Window Blinds

Heat Saving Window Blinds For Combating Heat


Summers can be a difficult time for us even when we are in the comfort of our homes. With soaring temperatures, the sunlight entering our homes through our windows generates heat inside, which can make our homes uncomfortable. Yes, there’s usually the option of switching on air conditioners to provide temporary relief, but what about the high electricity costs? This can be a brief solution, albeit not a permanent one.

No matter where you are, sunlight entering the home can make your apartment feel like a gas chamber with all the heat trapped inside. This makes it necessary for homes to resort to alternate methods to not only combat the sun but to also give your living space a tinge of style and luxury.

Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Do blinds keep heat in? What are the different types of sun protection curtains? From heat saving window blinds, flat sheer window shades, modern kitchen window treatments, blackout curtains and roller shades to exterior window treatments like shutters and awnings, we will discuss a number of different options to protect us from the merciless temperatures.


Heat Saving Window Blinds – Choosing The Right Shade


Fabric Roman Shades


  1. Roller and Roman Shades: In various patterns, designs, and colors, these shades are cost-effective and efficient. They have a bar fitted at the top of the window through which you can pull them down to maintain your privacy while controlling sunlight. Thicker fabrics are thus designed to block more sunlight than the others.


Exterior Solar Shades



  1. Exterior Solar Shades: They are generally purchased when you want to reduce the glare and maintain inside temperature while keeping outside view at the same time. They are also reasonably priced, slim, and easy to install and maintain.


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


  1. Cellular Shades: Also referred to as honeycomb shades due to their texture and fabric, they can save you a lot of money by providing a high level of efficiency. They can have single, double, or triple cells. Single cell shades are used when blocking heat is not really a priority, whereas double and triple cell shades are more suited to places and seasons with scorching heat.


#1. Blackout Window Curtains

In their varied shapes, prices, colors, and textures, there are several door and window curtains available in the market that people generally shop online for. The sheer heat saving window blinds are translucent and are meant for people who prefer natural sunlight in their room. This can be a good option to opt for during winters or fall, during which the sun can have a soothing, almost balmy effect. But when temperatures rise and heat can become insufferable, sheer curtains can prove to be a detrimental solution to your problems.

Room darkening and blackout window sun protection curtains are what you need for this purpose. For people who sleep during the day after doing a night shift, these heat saving window blinds can stop more than 90% of the sunlight from entering a room. They also save on your energy costs.

#2. Kitchen Window Treatments

Sometimes, the mere use of blinds is not enough when it comes to places like the kitchen, which becomes the most uncomfortable place to be in during scorching summers. Apart from installing Roman or Roller shades in the windows of the kitchen, you can also go for woven wood shades, and faux wood blinds, and shutters.

#3. Window Blinds

Heat saving window blinds can be adjusted according to the amount of heat and light to be let in. They can be both of the horizontal and vertical kind and have several openings between their slats to alter and reflect the light and heat. However, they are more effective when placed outside the home because they will be able to block heat and light before it touches the window.

#4. Window Quilts

As the name suggests, they are usually of a thicker material that is normally used in building blankets. They are mounted and rolled up at the top of a window where the fabric is folded. Some can be remote controlled too, allowing for more ease of comfort in operating them. They come with Velcro or snap-button closures to keep them tightly attached to the window. Controlling heat, providing privacy, and keeping the inside temperature cool and maintained are some of their key advantages. However, they require proper maintenance and can block the view in its entirety when they are pulled completely down.

#5. Window Films

These heat-saving window options are used generally by people who otherwise prefer sunlight coming in their homes. Only when it becomes intolerable and when they feel the need to resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun do they install window films. These films are also used on windows where other forms of window treatments do not usually fit, due to their size and orientation.

Solar films can be customized to your preference and they have three layers: the adhesive layer, a polyester film layer and a scratch-resistant coating. The thicker layers are handier against UV radiation and block most of the heat. Some do have reflective coatings and others are transparent. While they are overall effective in their purpose, these window films require constant care and need to be regularly cleaned.


Exterior Window Treatments


Exterior window treatments are one of the most sought-after options for modern homes. Besides heat saving window blinds inside the home, they provide practical benefits of heat loss and keeping the inside of the home cool and comfortable while providing a nice touch of class and appeal from the outside.

Custom Plantation Shutters

  1. Shutters: In places prone to storms and heat, shutters can be amazingly functional. They can be considered the essential heat saving window blinds as their performance is universally acknowledged and appreciated. They are inexpensive to purchase and set up. You can also decorate them with flowers and window boxes to your liking to give an attractive look to your home from the outside. From barns to cabins and outhouses, farmhouses and bungalows, they are universally applicable.

  1. Awnings: Used in restaurants on the front porches, awnings act as a supplemental cover to protect your space by providing necessary shade and filtering the sunlight. They can be made from a wide variety of materials: wood, cloth, aluminum, vinyl, etc. They can be custom built outside your homes too. Although they are conventionally built on the outside of a door, they can be custom made and constructed on bay or kitchen windows too.

  1. Patios and Decks: Besides providing activity areas where you can relax and spend the weekend, they can be built outside the home to provide shade and privacy. They can be attached to a house and are generally built for you sit and enjoy the view. However, they require constant management and care through refurbishing and painting. Treat your patios and decks with exterior window treatments for glare and sunlight control.

To sum up, any of these window treatments can be useful for the purpose of beating the heat. However, you might consider not one but maybe a combination of two or more of them. Home is our comfort zone, and there shouldn’t be any compromise on our well-being. No single option is foolproof, so their merits and demerits must be carefully weighed and considered while going for the right one.

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