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Bring Summer Into Your Home With These Eye Catching Window Treatments

Heat Blocking Window Treatments

Bring Summer Into Your Home With These Heat Blocking Window Treatments


It’s already April! Summer is almost around the corner. This is the time we get to spend with our friends and family. It is the time to relax and make memories spending good times with your loved ones.

Our children are also excited about summer as they get time off from school. But one thing that bothers all of us about the summer is the hot and burning sun. We are all afraid of the summer sun and it is very important to all of us to keep our bodies hydrated and keep our environments cool and comfortable. It’s time to think about the various methods to make your home cold as the sun is burning outside.


Heat Blocking Window Treatments to Keep Your Home Cool While The Sun is Burning Outside


Planting various types of plants around the house if you have a porch is a wonderful way of making your surroundings colder. Installing air conditioning, and other electrical cooling devices help to make your home cool during the summer.


Apart From These is There Any Other Way to Keep You And Your Home Safe And Cool During The Summer?


The answer is yes and the solution is heat-blocking window treatments.

With modern heat-blocking window treatments, the limits are endless. Many people consider window treatments as just decorative elements that add beauty to your home, but they also offer many benefits. Apart from privacy and light control, the contemporary window treatments are great in insulating your home and help make your summers cool.


  • Modern heat-blocking window treatments act as a protecting layer for your home and protect you and your family from the harmful sun rays
  • These window treatments also protect your valuables like furnishings, flooring, interior decor, paintings, etc. from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Insulating window treatments also help you save on your energy bills as they help to lessen your energy bills and cooling costs


The following are a few window treatment suggestions for your home that insulate your home, make it energy efficient, and protect you from the summer sun.


Cellular Shades for Patio Doors

Cellular Shades for Patio Doors 

As these windows allow a large amount of heat and light inside your home, it is very important to dress up these windows with window treatments that have a higher R-value. R-value represents the resistance capacity of a window treatment towards heat conduction. These heat-blocking window treatments insulate your home and also provide light control and privacy. Cellular shades for patio doors are the best choice to insulate your home.


  • The honeycomb structure of these shades blocks the air and stops the external heat from entering your home
  • These window treatments are the perfect choice for extreme weather conditions
  • Cellular shades are considered as one of the most efficient window treatments
  • These shades are highly durable
  • They make your home look beautiful with the pretty style and design they offer to your home


Energy Efficient Skylight Shades

Energy Efficient Skylight Shades 

If you have skylight windows, you must think about these shades to insulate your home and make it energy efficient. Skylight windows allow the greatest amount of light and heat gain, so it is extremely important to consider treating your skylight windows with heat-blocking window treatments.


  • The energy-efficient skylight shades insulate your home in the best way and show amazing results in the reduction of your energy bills
  • They add beauty and also provide light control to your rooms
  • These energy-efficient skylight shades are also available with the motorization feature which makes them easy to operate with the soft touch of a button


Unique Drapery and Custom Blinds

 Unique Drapery and Custom Blinds

You can also try combining unique drapey and custom blinds to enhance the insulation capacity of your windows. Blinds insulate your home, and when you combine drapery window treatments with them they insulate even more.


  • Drapery window treatments help to block the glare falling on your television or that disturbs your sleep during the mid-afternoon
  • By combining drapes with blinds, you can achieve the greatest privacy and light control
  • For even greater privacy, insulation, and light control choose a thick and dense drapery fabric of a darker color


If you are worried about the cost of window treatments, you can try this idea as this makes your home energy efficient and beautiful. As drapes are available in a number of colors, designs, fabrics and other attributes, you can customize them in the best possible way to match them with your blinds and your existing home decor as well.


Purchase Your Window Dressings at ZebraBlinds

You can now purchase these heat-blocking window treatments this summer and insulate your home. If you have any questions, you can consult our design experts at any time. We can help you in dressing up your home in the most efficient and beautiful way for this summer. You can get these window treatments for the best prices only at ZebraBlinds.

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