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Have Regular Window Blinds Gone Out Of Style?


Window blinds have been part and parcel of human life forever. Traditionally, people used things like reeds and bamboo to protect themselves from the hard sun. These blinds, though crude, served the purpose of providing privacy and some sunlight protection. With changing times, the concept of blinds also changed, and people experimented with different materials and varied styles. It is only when the Persians introduced the blinds in Venice that Venetian Blinds became all the rage. Window blinds had few competitors in the field of home décor and reigned supreme as a window treatment solution for sunlight and temperature control. In modern times, people have other options like window films of varying opacity, or different types of fabric shades, which make people think about the alternatives to blinds. Have window blinds have gone out of style in a modern house? Going by the recent trends and the functional value of window blinds, the answer has to be a no for many homeowners. Window blinds continue to be the favorite window solution for most people. Window blinds have a lot of benefits because of which they continue to be popular.

  1. Window Blinds Contribute to Elevating the Ambiance of the House:

Window blinds contribute immensely to elevating the ambiance of the house. If chosen well, they can complement the room furniture and also the room walls. This helps in the creation of specific themes for the room. More importantly, they provide an elegant yet royal look to the room that never goes out of date.

2. Window Blinds can be easily Customized.

Window blinds emerge as one of the most popular options because they can be easily customized as per the owner’s requirements. So one can have the blinds as per the size of the windows and as per the specific requirements of the theme of the room. Further blinds provide the option of the inside or outside mount and numerous options in terms of headrails. All these factors make the modern window blinds very sleek and stylish window treatments.

3. Window Blinds Provide Very Good Sunlight Control:

Window blinds successfully provide good sunlight control. They give flexibility to the owner, and s/he can operate the blinds keeping in mind the requirement of the sunlight in the room. During afternoon hours in summers, the blinds can be lowered, and depending upon the texture of the blind, sunlight filters into the room. During evening hours, the blinds can be lifted up, letting the light and the air enter the room.

4. Window Blinds help in Insulating the House well:

Window blinds provide excellent sunlight control and do not allow the infrared rays from the sun, enter the room. Consequently, the room does not get heated, and the overall temperature inside the house remains low. The blinds thus help in the creation of a cool atmosphere in the home. In the same vein, the blinds can also trap air, and their long channels ensure that the hot inside air does not escape out in winter. Thus, the blinds provide excellent insulation in the house

5. Window Blinds are very Durable:

Window blinds come in a variety of colors and textures. What is common in all of them is the fact that they are very durable. If one uses a wooden blind or a faux wood blind made of PVC, they last for a long time.

6. Window Blinds Provide Excellent Privacy:

Window blinds provide excellent privacy to the homeowner. It is so because the blinds give him/ her absolute control in deciding when to lower them and how much to open them. Further, s/he can also control the angle of slats. Thus, blinds save the owner from the prying eyes of the outside world and offer complete privacy.

7. Window Blinds Provide Outstanding Blackout Options:

Window blinds come in a variety of shades and styles, which can provide complete blackout options. If the owner works late and has to compensate for the sleep during the day, these window blinds are a blessing. They offer a cozy private space to the owner by blocking the sunlight completely. Further, through the blackout function, the owner can create a perfect cinematic atmosphere in the room with the help of these blinds and can enjoy their favourite movie with family and friends.

8. Window blinds are Easy to Install and Maintain:

The majority of the window blinds are easy to install and maintain. Once cleaned, they are ready to be used for a long time again

9. Window Blinds Offer a lot of Variety:

Window blinds offer a lot of variety to the owner of the house. They are available as flat roman blinds that give a contemporary look to the room to the arched ones, giving a traditional and royal look to the room. In addition, there are roller blinds and Venetian blinds, which can create the desired ambiance in the room. Besides, window blinds also come in a wide variety of colours. Thus they offer a limitless variety to the homeowner in terms of theme creation and décor.

10. Window Blinds help make the house Energy Efficient:

Window blinds perfectly fit every window. When the windows are adequately covered, there is better insulation of the house. This helps in less energy consumption, which in turn reduces the electricity bill. In addition, the owner can also order light filtering or blackout blinds as per the requirement. It can increase the heat-blocking power of the house. These features come in handy in bigger homes and during warm weather conditions.

11. The Majority of the Blinds are Budget Friendly and Economical:

The majority of the blinds are budget-friendly and do not cost too much. They provide value for money in comparison to other window treatments like curtains. The owner does not have to compromise on aesthetics yet can save a lot by opting for window blinds. They are sturdy and serve the owner for a long time. Thus they are an economical option in comparison to other window treatments available in the market.  They provide good quality at an affordable price which makes it a popular window treatment option.

12. Window blinds can be Automated:

Window blinds can be automated, which provides ease of access and use to the owner. Further, the automated function of the blinds is beneficial for the aged and the differently-abled as they can control the blinds without exerting themselves too much. In addition, the blinds make the house secure as well. They can be automated to be lowered at set times, thus giving the outsiders the impression that the house is occupied. Window blinds have a lot of advantages which makes them a popular customer choice in modern times. Any doubt about the window blind falling out of fashion is out of place. Window blinds no doubt have been there for a long time, but they are also going to stay here for the times to come