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Hardwired vs. Battery – Which Is Best For Your Motorized Blinds?

Hardwired vs. Battery - Which-Is Best For Motorized Blinds

Disadvantage of Corded Blinds & Shades

The blinds and shades market have come a long way since those corded blinds that defined the markets. The blinds and shades used cords for raising and lowering them and these cords kept dangling by the side of the windows often pooling on the ground. Apart from the fact that these cords were aesthetically not pleasing and gave windows a crowded look, they also pose serious health hazards in houses where there are toddlers and pets. Anyone with a toddler knows that they are all over the place, exploring the news world and attracted by anything and everything. These cords have always attracted the attention of these little ones with dire consequences. In playful mood kids and pets have often got themselves strangulated often with serious fatalities.

Cordless & Motorized Blinds

Operating corded blinds have also been a difficult and painful affair for the aged people who may have difficulty moving about. Every time they needed to lift the shades up or down they have to physically intervene. Despite these obvious drawbacks corded blinds continued to dominate the market in the absence of a more viable alternative. Slowly cordless blinds began replacing the corded ones which could be lifted or lowered by a mere touch of a button. These cordless blinds have no gone a step ahead and are getting themselves motorized. Motorized blinds and shades are truly a revelation and a relief for customers all over the world. Stylish shades such as our motorized wood blinds can be operated from anywhere in the house with the help of a remote.

Solutions such as Motorized outdoor shades or motorized cellular shades can be pre-scheduled to rise and lower at different times of the day without your intervention. It is a blessing for the aged people and for those with small kids and pets. Hassle-free and convenient, motorized blinds are here to stay.
Cordless Blinds

Operation of Motorized Window Shades & Blinds

Battery-Powered Blinds or Hardwired Blinds

Motorized blinds can operate in different ways. They can be battery-driven or hardwired.
Battery-driven blinds as the name suggest operating on batteries. While hard-wired ones come with power adapters that are plugged into a wall outlet.

Advantages of battery-driven Motorized Blinds
• The greatest advantage of battery-powered blinds is the absence of unsightly wires. Running wires is not aesthetically pleasing. Battery-powered ones are completely wireless.
• Battery-powered ones are also great for hard-to-reach windows located high up. Getting the blinds wired is a difficult task and also makes their operation tough.
• In the absence of wires, these blinds are also easy to install. Insert a pack of batteries in the blinds and put it up on the windows. The windows need not be located close to a power source.

Disadvantages of Battery-Powered Motorized Blinds
• The biggest disadvantage of battery-powered blinds is that they die. Operating blinds can be energy consuming and the batteries need to be replaced frequently which can turn out to be an expensive affair. Replacing batteries mean that the blinds have to be taken down every time.
• The rise and fall of multiple blinds are not symmetrical when they are powered by batteries. This is caused due to variation of power in each blind which impacts the speed of the roller.
• Batteries are not really recommended for large blinds. Larger blinds need more power to operate and batteries are not able to generate that much power. It is preferable to use multiple smaller blinds instead of one large blind if you want to stick to battery-powered operation.
Battery Powered Blinds

Advantages of Hard-wired Blinds
• Hardwired blinds are perfect for large blinds as they are able to generate sufficient and maximum power that ensures smooth operation at all times.
• Hardwired blinds draw power from electricity which ensures constant and regular supply of power. There is no danger of batteries running out mid-way nor the hassles associated with changing batteries every time. It is convenient to use.
• Due to constant and equal power distribution, multiple blinds function in a symmetrical fashion. They raise and lower together in perfect symmetry.

Disadvantage of Hardwired Blinds
• For hardwired blinds to be operational it is necessary that there is a power source located close to the windows. In the absence of one, your blinds cannot function.
• Hardwired blinds operate on wires and they are very much visible. The wires spoil the look and you have to get them concealed which entails a lot of work and effort.
• Installation is a hassle as it needs to be planned, unlike battery-powered blinds. You need a suitable socket ready close to the windows or a new one will have to be fitted by the electrician.

If you have a power source located close to the windows it is advisable to go for hardwired blinds as they are more economical and hassle-free in the long run. You will not need to keep changing batteries every time. The source of power is constant and generates maximum power that is needed to make the operation of blinds smooth and easy. They are quieter than their battery-driven counterparts. They use your main electrical system and can hence provide greater drive in controlling multiple sets of window blinds and shades.
For smaller individual windows that are located far from power sources or which are hard-to-reach, you may opt for battery-powered blinds.