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How To Hang Grommet Curtains On Your Sliding Glass Door

How To Hang Grommet Curtains-On Your Sliding Glass Door

Modern homes require modern window treatments that can blend into the decor seamlessly. With brands such as Graber and Hunter Douglas promising high quality and the latest technologies in window treatments, the options to upscale your decor are limitless. One of the best modern window treatments includes sliding glass doors. Often used for large and wide spaces, they can be used with flair in living rooms, bedrooms, balconies and terraces. You may also create a separate porch area for them, where you can relax with your family members, drink your favorite wine or read your favorite book in natural sunlight. However, finding the right window shades for sliding doors can require a lot of consideration and thought. Sliding doors require blinds that do not come in the way of their smooth operation, i.e. while they are slid from one end to the other. In this section, we identify which blinds can work well for your sliding doors. We have also reserved a section for curtains for sliding doors. It can be a bit tricky to install curtains on such window treatments, but with the right guidance, you can create functional shades that not only aid in smooth operation but also serve as an elegant finishing touch to your room.

Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have come across glass doors in homes and offices that slide horizontally to let you go out or invite somebody in. There are two panels built parallel to one another, where they run along a track that are built for effortless operation. They offer a unique and classy touch. Earlier used in government buildings and hospitals, they are slowly gaining prominence in homes all over the world.

Choosing the right window treatments can be a major challenge, but designers can make in-built shades in them. These must be customized according to the length and breadth, and the complicated mechanism requires you to take the help of a professional sent by a manufacturer to build shades. While solar shades can work well on wide windows, we don’t exactly recommend them for sliding doors, as their movement runs perpendicular to these shades.

Cellular shades and shutters can work well as great window treatments for sliding doors, and their slats can be adjusted to allow in a decent amount of sunlight while preserving the outside view. A window as wide as that of a sliding door can be tricky. Even though it provides copious amounts of natural light that can brighten your room and make it come alive, this might not be preferred by many people in areas that experience hot or extremely cold weather. Room darkening and blackout curtains are thus required in rooms with sliding door mechanisms.
Grommet Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

Step-By-Step Procedure Of Hanging Grommet Curtains

The importance of curtains cannot be undermined, for they are one of the most functional treatments available. With their wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns and sizes, they are often preferred solutions. Having multiple windows in my duplex, I have managed to install three window curtains along with other window treatments. The luxury they bring is unparalleled, and they can also be mixed and matched with other window treatments, not just in the same room but also on the same window. You will never run out of options in them, and there is one custom made curtain waiting for every unique buyer.

Grommet curtains are one of the most common kinds. They have metallic round openings at the top, also known as eyelets, through which the rod is inserted and then hung on the wall at an appropriate length above the window. Since the window in question is a sliding door, we will walk you through the steps necessary to install these curtains for such windows.

1. Measure Your Sliding Doors: The first step involves getting to know the dimensions of sliding door. You will need a curtain a few sizes bigger than the windows on the top as well on the sides. Take all the dimensions into consideration. Take a pencil and mark a spot at about four inches above the door frame. Then mark spots on either side of the sliding door (about 2 inches on both sides).

2. Measure The Diameter Of The Eyelets/Grommets: It is necessary to measure the diameter of the opening, not counting the metal ring (which might account for a few centimeters), which will enable you to find the right curtain rod that can fit in easily.

3. Find The Right Rod: There are several rod options available, including traverse rods, swing arm rods, continental rods, tension rods, cache rods and French-style rods. However, choose one that may complement the modern patio door coverings. The finial must also go along well with the rest of the window space, something that complements the grommets or the fabric of the curtains.

4. The Right-Sized Curtains: The curtain panels must cover the entire space from the pencil markings at the top to the bottom of the windows. Be absolutely specific when it comes to the hems. They must not leave any space for the light to pass through. At the same time, they must not be longer than desired, otherwise, the spread they create on the floor will not look pleasant.
Sliding Door Curtain

Things To Keep In Mind

While deciding the right curtains, there are a few things that need to be borne in mind to make the window treatment a grand success for your windows. Here are a few of them.

1. The curtains must ensure the privacy and safety of you and everyone else in the room. You may choose room darkening fabrics which are blends of silk, polyester and cotton, which block all light and create a blackout effect.

2. Curtains are not just an important investment; they require proper care and regular maintenance. So whether you are choosing them in lighter fabrics (cotton, linen), or heavier ones (silk blends, velvet), be absolutely sure that you can give them the care they deserve.

3. Keep the specifics of the room in question. Simply going for curtains that look good on their own will not suffice. Neither will this do justice to the other aspects of the room. While making your choice, keep in mind whether your choice will go along with your windows, walls, and the furniture of the room. If you have chosen a particular theme for the room (monochrome, bold, formal, Bohemian), the curtain must be chosen accordingly.

4. Put your creativity to good use, and opt for curtains that are unconventional. If the room is subtle and minimal, a pop of color or stripes on curtains will make them an essential focal point of the room. There are various patterns that you can experiment with, from ethnic and floral to Aztec and comic prints.

5. Go for a trustworthy window covering brand. Crown is known for a wide range of drapes and curtains that can suit any kind of interior. With its classy window treatments, you can give a whole new aesthetic dimension to your home.

Final note: Grommet curtains are very popular window coverings, which can work equally well on sliding doors. Hanging them is a very simple exercise. To make the process simple, you need to measure the dimensions of your window and get the rods and curtains accordingly. Be mindful of which brand you are buying them from, and also of the other factors such as fabric, light filtering/room darkening capability, and the privacy that they offer.

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