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Handcrafted Graber Artisan Drapes: a beautiful masterpiece

Handcrafted Graber Artisan Drapes

The look and style provided by an Artisan Drape would create remarkable changes to your home’s interior décor; all of this with unbelievable privacy. With the current variety of innovation and ideas available in the window décor market, you have to be sure of the quality and functionality of each window covering. Graber Artisan Drapes have numerous styles in stunning colors with eye-opening designs and textures. These Artisan drapes come in Royal collections, made of Silk, Linen, Jacquard or Cotton, etc, and provides a luxurious look to any window. Graber creates these Artisan Drapes in custom made shades such as Designer styles of Roman Shades or Roman Blinds and variable patterns of fabulous Draperies with high thermal quality lining materials. For an additional designer touch, beautiful color contrasted fabric valances, fabric-wrapped cornices, and various designs of pillows are available in the same fabric as the artisan drapes. This Grand selection of Graber’s Artisan window coverings is available in the Online Window Covering Store at greatly discounted price.

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Choice of Artisan Drapery

To easily find and select these beautiful drapes, they have been differentiated into four styles according to their stitching patterns. These four handcrafted Artisan Drapery Styles are Decorative, Specialty, Pleated and Rod Pocket. Here are some tips and details of each Artisan Drapery styles provided by Graber one of the leading window covering manufacturing company in the North America. Installing these drapes as outside mount on your windows with the option of a two-inch diameter drapery rod with decorative finials would greatly improve the aesthetic of any window.

Artisan Decorative Drapery Panel

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The Artisan Decorative Panel has a preset panel width, however it’s length can be customized to any specific need. Each Artisan Decorative Panel is available at a minimum length of eighteen inches and maximum length of two hundred and thirteen inches. The ordered length of the drapery panel is the same as the finished full length of the drapery panel; no need for any additional calculation. Graber provides only Pinch Pleat and Rod Pocket Drapery style in this decorative option. The Pinch Pleat style comes pre-pinned with one and half inch spaced pinch pleats, with hooks that you can use to hand on a rod. The Rod Pocket style is available in a three and a half inch Rod Pocket that accommodates only one and a half inch to two-inch diameter rods, without a header. Since the Decorative Artisan Drapery panel is provided as a preset panel width, it is in the lowest price point in the Artisan Drapery Styles.

Artisan Speciality Drapery

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Top Styles

Artisan Specialty Drapery can be customized to be any size, according to your window or door. Graber supplies this Specialty option with the trendy style stitching patterns like Grommet top, Plain top, Back tab, Wrap tab, and Classic tab. These Artisan Specialty Draperies are very simple and easy to install without any hooks or clips. The modish style of Grommet top is available with colorful, cute grommets of different shapes like round, square, and diamond accordingly. The homeowner has to take the exact measurement of the drapery needed; the manufacturer will adjust the finished full length of the Grommet-top style. The Plain top style is elegant and comes with lovely pole rings.

Tab Styles

The charming tab styles of Artisan Speciality Drapery require four inches for the double turned header. For the Classic tab style and Back tab style, Graber recommends the tab length be three and a half inches and tab width be two inches. For the wrap tab style, the tab length would be four and a half inches and the tab width would be three and a half inches. The stylish wrap tab comes with contrasting, and self-decorative wraps, giving it a more elegant appearance. The tab length is included for the finished full drapery length for all these tab styles of Artisan Drapery.

Artisan Pleated Drapery

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The superlative Artisan Pleated Drapery can also be customized to any size and shape. Graber provides six styles of pleated patterns like Pinch Pleat, Cartridge Pleat, Box Pleat, Four Finger Pleat, Inverted Pleat and Roll Pleat. Each pleated style has its quality of Victorian style. For all the Pleat Drapery style, the drapery panel requires four inches leading edge on both sides of the panel, and the returns can be selected from zero to four inches according to need. The pleated draperies are also available prepinned with rod hooks. It is available in all colors and designs of Artisan drapes like silk, Jacquard, Cotton, linen, etc.

Artisan Rod Pocket Drapery

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The Classy Artisan Rod Pocket Drapery can also be customized to all sizes and. The Rod Pocket Drapery style is simple and traditional, but it is easy to maintain and install without any clips and hooks. Graber offers this Rod Pocket style without a header, and three and a half inches Rod Pocket that accommodates only one and a half inch to two inches diameter drapery rod. Selecting a two inch drapery rod with exquisite finials would also add a flavorful touch to your window décor. This excellent Artisan Rod Pocket Drapery style is available in all varieties of Artisan Drapes including the sheer fabrics.

Choice of Lining Materials

All styles and options of Artisan Drapery come with a Standard Liner.

Adding the lining materials on the back of the drapery adds more strength and stiffness to the drapery. It also protects the drapery panels from direct sunlight and prevents them from fading the drapery colors. Graber offers different ranges of lining materials like Standard Liner, Thermal Blind Liner, Water Repellent Liner, Blackout Liner, Standard with Inter Liner and Water Repellent with Inter Liner. These Lining materials are available in white and off-white color.

Standard Liner

Standard liner is a cotton and polyester blend that gives more stiffness and beauty to the drapes and helps to hang evenly. Also, protects the drapery panel from the direct sunlight damage.

Thermal Liner

The thermal liner comes in high thermal quality fabrics that block excessive heat or cold and helps to maintain normal room temperature during extreme weather in the USA. Adding this insulated thermal liner makes the drapery more energy efficient. This thermal liner is ideal for the home in extremely cold or hot areas.

Water Repellant Liner

The water repellent liner is made of hundred percent cotton fabric that is treated to protect the drapery fabric from dust and moisture. This Lining fabric is a high-performance liner that hangs the drapes well. It also protects the drapery from the sunlight damage.

Blackout Liner

The multi-layer Blackout Liner entirely blocks the daylight and helps to protect furniture, carpets, etc. from the direct sunlight damage. It is ideal for bedrooms to have a good sleep during long summer days. Due to the stitching, sometimes there may be minimal light seepage.

Standard with Interlining

Interlining is a flannel lining material that is used between the drapery panel and liner fabric to add additional weight and protection. It is recommended for lightweight fabrics such as silk and silk blends, and it can be used with Standard liners.

Water Repellent with Interlining

The flannel lining fabric that is used between the drapery panel and the water repellent liner to add extra weight and protection to the drapery. It is mainly used for lightweight fabrics like silk or silk blends.

Decorating your windows with Custom Artisan Drapery creates a grand experience and brings an unattainable elegance to any home. With the option of making them energy efficient what else is needed for the perfect window decor.

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