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What are Sheers? A Guide to Sheer Shades and Sheer Drapery

Sheer Shades and Sheer Drapery

What are Sheers?

When looking for a window treatment for your homes, it can be daunting and confusing at first. With so many options before you, it can be difficult to decide which one to select. A shade or a drapery that will go with your existing décor, something that will add a touch of class to your surroundings, and are at the same time versatile and functional are your top priorities.

If you are looking for something that lets light in while giving mild privacy during the day, your search ends right here. You cannot possibly go wrong with sheer shades and drapes; they are your best and safest bets and can in an instant transform your rooms into a dreamy abode. These shades make the most of the natural light that is available; they help create a happy, bright and cheerful ambiance within while maintaining the much-needed privacy and offering protection from the harmful glares of the sun. The soft delicate fabric of the sheer shades and draperies can lift your spirits anytime.
Room Darkening Sheer Shades

All You Need to Know about Sheer Shades

What are Sheer shades?

As the name suggests, sheer shades use fabric that is sheer and semi-opaque. There can be sheer vertical shades and sheer horizontal shades. While sheer horizontal shades are best for your windows, the sheer vertical shades help to dress the large wide sliding or French patio and garden doors as well as the uniquely shaped windows that are otherwise difficult to cover. In simple terms, horizontal shades have horizontal vanes and vertical shades have vertical vanes.

Features of Sheer Shades

Light Control
The best feature of sheer shades is the amount of control they give you over the natural light that enters your house. These shades fill your homes with beautiful soft light and a warm glow at any given time of the day. They however conveniently block out glare that interferes with work and sleep.

Many sheer shades have a combination of sheer fabric and light filtering fabric and are adjustable between the two. If your requirement for light is less and you want to block out some more light then you could opt for room darkening sheer fabric. They will not blackout your rooms but lessen the amount of light entering considerably. These room darkening sheer shades are highly recommended for bedrooms, kid’s rooms, nurseries, and home theatres.

Lift Options
For operating your sheer shades, there are different mechanisms that you can choose from. Most sheer shades come with a cord loop for ease of operation but you can also opt for remote-controlled operation or use motorized bands. Remotes allow you to operate the shades from a distance and are also recommended for hard to reach windows. a single remote will allow you to control a number of shades at the same time. Cords are not safe for kids or pets and motorized shades also give a cleaner and neater look to the windows.
Motorized Sheer Horizontal Shades
Different Vane Sizes
Sheer shades are available in different vane sizes. Depending upon your needs and look you want for your rooms, you can choose the vane size. The narrow vane sizes are good for smaller and narrower windows. These, however, provide an obstructed view of the exterior. The wider vanes look good for large and wide windows. When the vanes are open, they give a clear view of the outside.

Your sheer fabric is available in a variety of color shades though they no doubt look the best in white or off-white. The little deeper shades also look stunning depending on your existing home décor.
Zebra Sheer Shades


Sheer Shades Paired with Drapes
Sheer shades are stunning to look at and can increase the aesthetic appeal of your rooms manifold. To make a statement you can combine these sheer shades with some appealing draperies. This also helps if you are looking for an added layer of privacy or looking to make your windows more energy efficient. Sheer shades and some rich textured and designed drapes complement each other brilliantly.
Sheer Shades with Drapes
Suits Traditional & Contemporary Décor
Sheer shades look great and complement both traditional and contemporary home décor. So if you have opted for a traditional feel with some traditionally designed furniture and can’t decide the shades for your windows, consider going for sheer shades. If you are looking for a coastal style décor for your rooms, then sheer shades are perfect for that breezy and light feel.

Caring & Maintaining Sheer Shades
Do you need another reason to fall in love with sheer shades? They are easy to maintain and clean. It is recommended to keep the sheer shades away from harsh elements and water. You can clean the shades with any of the following options.
• You can use a feather duster to clean your shades of the dust that gets collected on them.
• You can use a vacuum as well but select a low suction setting.
• If you want to wash the shades you can use a damp sponge and mild soap to spot clean and remove the stains gently. Do not use corrosive or hard detergents.
• Consult your manufacturer before using liquids to clean your shades.

Easy Cleaning of Sheer Drapes

All You Need to Know about Sheer Drapes

Sheer curtains or drapes make a beautiful addition to your homes. They give a flowy and airy feel and a touch of elegance and softness to the rooms. they can be plain or patterned and made from a variety of materials.

Material Used
When choosing the fabric for your sheer drapes you must keep in mind that they are exposed to natural light a lot and hence the material must be fade resistant to survive.
• Cotton and linens make a good choice for sheer drapes. They give a sophisticated look.
• High-quality polyesters are also good as they are easy to maintain and clean.
• Lace with works on them look elegant and glamorous. Lace may sound old-fashioned but now they are available in modern styles and patterns.
• Silk also goes well for sheer drapes. They give a rich and luxurious look. you can also opt for the most cost-effective chiffon material.
• Voile is also a good choice and drapes beautifully.
Sheer Drapes
Using the Sheers
Sheers look beautiful on their own but work better for areas like hallways, entryways etc. They are not suitable for living rooms or bedrooms as they do not have insulating, light controlling or privacy controlling qualities. At night the moment lights are switched on the sheer drapes can expose your house to outside view completely. You can use them for these rooms if you pair them up with some heavy draperies. So, while sheer drapes will allow light to flow in, the heavy drapes will offer insulation and privacy needed for the rooms. as they are made of fabric, they are not well suited for bathrooms or kitchens as they are exposed to moisture and humidity which will cause the sheers to perish.

You can use sheer curtains as a continuous background in a room as they help to tie the room together. You can use them in rooms that are visually busy to offer some relief. They make a good choice for mismatched windows and are popularly used as room dividers in large open spaces.
Sheer Curtains and Drapes
Width of the Sheer Drapes
It is nice for sheer shades to have a wavy feel to them. Double or triple the width of the material when measuring depending upon how billowy you want them to be. If you are pairing them up with some heavy drapes then choose floor-length otherwise you can have them hang down to the sill.

Hanging Sheer Drapes
Sheer drapes can be hung on a single panel fitted inside the window frame. If you are using them in conjunction with a curtain then you need a separate rod for the sheers. For those sheer drapes that are hanging on their own, an eyelet or tab top heading style looks nice and decorative.

Cleaning & Maintaining Sheer Curtains or Drapes
Sheer curtains must be cleaned and washed regularly otherwise the dirt will stick to the fabric, permanently discoloring them. As these are fragile fabrics handle them with care. Soak them in cold water for 5 minutes and use a mild detergent. You can machine wash the curtains but select gentle wash for a duration of 2 to 3 minutes. You can dry them in a dryer selecting no heat mode for another 2 to 3 minutes. Hand them while they are still damp. You can iron the hems of the curtains while they are hanging and use a handheld steamer set on regular steam iron mode to smoothen them. As mentioned before, while the above instructions may work for many fabrics, always check with your manufacturer before undergoing any cleaning process to make sure that it won’t damage the fabric.

Sheer shades or drapes help to increase the aesthetic value of your rooms. They give a rich luxurious and sophisticated feel to the rooms. You cannot go wrong with sheers as they look good in any room irrespective of the existing décor. So, whenever you are at a loss, unable to decide which window treatment to opt for your windows fall back on those stunning sheers. They will never let you down.