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A Guide To Putting Up Blinds In Your Home

A Guide To Putting Up Blinds In Your Home

Just like any other home decor task, dressing up our doors and windows is an important one. Far from being a menial exercise, it is challenging and involves a substantial level of forethought. Windows are one of the most important parts of the house. Even the thought of a place without windows gives us the jitters and claustrophobia. But how do we dress them? This is a pertinent question faced by homeowners across the globe.

In this section, we attempt to answer some of the oft-repeated questions related to window treatments. How do you get one to ensure absolute privacy? At the same time, how do you ensure sufficient sunlight comes in the home? Which are the ideal window treatments for different rooms? Will this be enough to ensure insulation? Also, how do I ensure elegance and beauty in the room, and whether these window treatments will be a great fit for the overall design? Then there is the question of motorized vs corded window treatments. While there are many people who have changed with the times and gone ahead with contemporary window treatments, others have kept with the traditional ones to add a touch of nostalgia. To sum up, different people have different requirements and unique tastes. The “one-size-fits-all’ approach is not applicable in the world of window decor.

Blinds For The Living Room

It all depends on the setup and the room you are putting them up in, and what you want to achieve out of your window treatments. For instance, light filtering may be important for your living room, but you might need some privacy for your bedroom and steer clear of nosy neighbors who want to find out the on-going and personal affairs. A kitchen may require, other than proper ventilation and exhaust, a blind that can be cleaned easily. While a bathroom requires shades that are moisture-resistant.

Solar and roller shades are go-to window treatments for an area as inviting as the living room. That is one place where your visitors can have the first big impression of the house. So you need a window treatment that not only blends in with the rest of the elements easily but also offers you a great outdoor view. What better than your roller shades to make an indelible impression? These are fascinating window treatments that can upgrade the design element by several notches. They come in different opacity levels, so they can also fit your unique light filtering requirements. We recommend shades with 10% openness or above, as they may help you retain a decent outdoor view. So if you leave a child unattended in the front lawn when you are busy working on that important work presentation, you can have a clear idea of what he or she is doing.
Cost-Effective Blinds for Living Room

Blinds for The Bedroom

So you need to have a private space where you can indulge in your stuff and relax without worrying about being spotted? Solar shades can work out well for you, as they protect the home from the harmful radiation of the sun, ensuring that you do not develop any skin-related disease. However, night time can be tricky, so when you have switched on the lights in your bedroom, the effect of solar shades is reversed, making you feel slightly exposed especially if your neighborhood is thronged by a lot of people. What we recommend are room darkening window blinds. Blackout curtains are the ideal choice, which also offers a luxurious vibe to the room in materials such as pure silk or velvet.

But you are not limited to these options. Several blackout shades come in the form of Roman blinds, day-night cellular shades and plantation shutters. These shades can be accordingly adjusted in times when you want more privacy and can be opened to let in more sunlight when you want to.
Roman Shades for Bedroom Bay Windows

Blinds For The Kitchen And Bathroom

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or all by yourself, you know the importance of the kitchen. Preparation of food requires you to work in peace and comfort, so ensure that you spend considerably on making your kitchen just right. It is a place that is occasionally used for having your meals, too. Faux wood shutters and honeycomb blinds are what we suggest, as the kitchen is prone to getting watermarks and scraps of food on walls, blinds and surfaces. These shades are moisture-resistant and can be cleaned easily with soap/detergent water, a sponge and a vacuum cleaner.

Steam from hot water can easily form on mirrors and window shades, so honeycomb shades can be a great fit in bathrooms as they are water-resistant blinds that are built to last for years, even decades. Do your research well on the best brands of window treatments. Read further to find out what we recommend.
Solar Shades for Kitchen

Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving Blinds

We do not mean cheaper blinds per se, but blinds that make a sound investment and entail lower energy bills. Blackout curtains and blinds can not only provide you privacy and security but also protection against heat and cold, thus lowering the need for an air conditioner or heater. These shades are paramount in humid and tropical areas, especially where the scorching summers can disrupt your comfort and make staying in the homes a major challenge. Similarly, when temperatures drop and you are indoors, you need window treatments that can prevent the escape of warm air and block the chilly winds from entering. Wood shutters, blackout Roman blinds and blackout curtains are an ideal window covering solutions for such weather.

Motorized Or Corded Window Treatments?

When you have the option of controlling your shades with a remote or your smartphone, wouldn’t you consider it an exciting prospect? Technology has brought artificial intelligence to our homes, where you let the device sensors do the tasks of adjusting your shades with voice instructions as well as a flick of a smartphone. With motorized shades, you can control multiple shades in different rooms from a remote control. This is also safer for kids as they do not employ cords, and can be set up on taller windows that earlier required a ladder every time you wanted to open them to let in sufficient sunlight. Thanks to high-end brands who have accommodated this feature in blinds, now you have solar shades, vertical blinds and Roman shades with this feature.
Motorized Skylight Window Blinds

The Ideal Window Treatment Brands

If you have been reading through blogs and surfing through online stores for buying blinds, you can be facing a dilemma of finding the right brands. It can be challenging, considering that multiple online shops that claim to be the best have opened the business. However, your search for the right brand should end with the following top brands that deliver on tall promises of quality construction, amazing good looks and durability.

1. Graber: For a wide variety of window coverings, including shutters, roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades and vertical blinds
2. Norman: for the best-quality wood and faux wood shutters you can find
3. Hunter Douglas: for high-quality, innovative in window treatments
4. Crown: a time-tested brand delivering ideal curtains, drapes and solar shades at affordable prices

Final note: Keep your eyes and ears open, and your research for finding the right blinds shouldn’t merely end with reading stuff off the internet. Take valuable advice from interior decorators, post online queries, and seek help from a friend or two. Besides, every window shade has its own properties, so you must first ascertain the qualities of your house in finding out which blind will be perfect for every room.