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A Guide to Bay Windows – Get Light Control Without Losing the View

Modern Bay Window

Modern Bay Window Décor with an Astonishing Outside View

Bay windows, also known as projection windows, are a beautiful addition to your modern home décor. This uniquely built window is built of three sections that are connected together at an angle to form one fully-assembled unit. The windows project outwards from the inside of your home that allows a great amount of natural daylight while letting you enjoy the outside beautiful natural view. Sitting near these windows and relaxing or having a cup of coffee can give you pleasure and comfort. But when the natural light turns harsh, problems occur. Excess sunlight and heat increase the temperature of indoor, creating a warm and uncomfortable ambiance. To get rid of this problem, covering these windows is essential. But covering them can obstruct your view too. If you’re wondering how to dress your bay windows without losing the view, then look no further as we are here to help you out with the right solution. Modern bay window treatments can help you with light control while preserving the view. Besides, offering functional benefits, these window designs can provide your arena a contemporary look. These versatile window dressings can make the windows focal point of your décor when properly customized.

Bay window coverings can create a cozy nook while protecting your space from all the harshness. But the right shade can complement the stunning view of the outdoors. Learn about the various functional and versatile bay window blinds and shades that can change the overall aesthetics in a dramatic way!
Bay Windows

Get Huge Benefits with Window Treatments for your Modern Bay Window Seat

While installing window treatments, you can create a perfect bay window seating zone so that you can chill and relax throughout the day while having the feel of beautiful outside nature. With the right window shade, you can turn your bay window seat into a multi-use space. Use your bay window seat as:

• A day bed – Lazying around in those long summer afternoons, by controlling the sunlight you can get that extra rest that you need on a Sunday.
• A reading corner – Sitting down with a favorite book and a coffee in your preferred part of the house in complete comfort with the best window coverings that keep heat out.
• A comfortable bench – Extra seating is always a bonus at your home. Few pillows and astounding drapes can give you the cozy corner you always needed.
Enhancing and glamorizing a space with modern window treatments can transform the look of your bay windows easily. Choose the right one to make the windows focal point of your décor.

Contemporizing Your Bay Windows with the Best Window Shades

Modern window shades for the bay windows not only provide a contemporary look but also offer functional values that keep your home in an ideal atmosphere. Bring the modernity with a phenomenal aesthetics with window shades. The right texture, fabric, or material option keep the heat out and give you a totally cool ambiance.

Your bay window area is a sanctuary when installed with the right window treatment. Customize properly that will match your interior type while keeping you away from the direct sunlight, dust, and pollution that impacts you and your family’s health. Below are the top recommended window shades that you can pick for the windows that look exciting from both inside and outside of the room –

• Cellular Shades

– Uniquely designed honeycomb structured window solutions allow you to control the harsh sunlight, glare, and UV beams and keep your home safe and secure. Air pockets of these shades trap the temperature inside and let you enjoy a comfy ambiance. Customize them from various colors and texture choices to create a designer look for the windows.
Cellular Shades for Bay Windows

• Designer Pleated Shades

– Looking to give your home the extra ‘wow factor? Opt for pleated window shades that offer your windows a crisp dreamy look. Different fabric options diffused the excess amount of light, creating a soft smooth glow inside the décor. Enthralling color options and vibrant texture choices can create a stunning look. If you are looking for something reasonably priced window design, then these shades are the answer that will definitely match the modern fashion trends of today.
Designer Pleated Shades

• Roman Shades

If aesthetics is your primary concern after the light control, then choose fabricated roman shades that will bring a magical look to your modern bay window. From controlling light to providing privacy, preventing unwanted rays to letting you cherish the exterior view, the shades leave a remarkable choice on the windows. These shades are a complete package of beauty and functionality. With the exciting colors and design choices, you can’t go wrong with the style.

You can select cordless or motorized functions depending on the luxury or convenience. Access the shades with a remote button or smartphone and keep your little one safe from the strangulation of window cords. If your bay windows face roadside then you don’t have to worry about the cleaning as dusting or vacuuming will keep the shades dust-free.
Roman Blinds Shades

Blinds and Curtains Ideas That Don’t Clutter Your Window

Integrating blinds and curtains together will give you the best Modern Bay Window solutions. Why would you want to hide those beautiful windows behind just blinds? Curtains are carefully sized and placed to give you the best décor appearance.

Customizing the Blinds and Curtains together helps you put together with elegance and contemporary styling much needed in today’s times where we are resorting back to designs of yesteryears. If you looking for elegance and fashion to mingle with your existing décor, then you can go for wood blinds, faux wood blinds, or natural blinds. Sheer or light filtering curtains do a great job on bay windows, allow diffused light and preserve your view outside. Pick up the style and hue tone as per your interior type.
What more could you ask for to get the ‘oomph’ factor for your home? Contact a designer and dress up your bay windows like a pro!

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