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A Guide to Extra Large Roman Blinds

Extra Large Roman Blinds

Extra Large Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most popular and fashionable window treatments with everlasting style. Their versatility and smooth mechanisms make them a unique choice to install on large or high-end windows. The perfect appearance of these shades brings the softness of any interior while adding warmth and elegance.
When you have a large window, most commonly you would go for a vertical blind or shading. However Roman blinds work great on larger windows too due to their distinctive style. Their luxurious folds will capture the attention of any guest and make the window a focal point in your room. For this reason, extra-large roman blinds can be a unique addition to your home.

What are Extra Wide Roman Shades?

Generally, the fabric of standard roman shades doesn’t extend too far, making them difficult to install on larger windows. This makes it challenging to create a flat panel of fabric to hang the windows correctly. However hanging roman shades on your large windows is made possible by seaming fabrics together for a larger width, or by hanging multiple shades under one valance or headrail for a consistent look. These designer blinds are a perfect choice for large windows, which are the ideal alternative solutions of vertical window blinds.

A Unique Fabrication,
When it comes to fabrication, the main difficulty is to join the fabrics to create a seamless look. If the materials are not symmetrically joined, then the shape or size of the shade will be ruined, and they will not look good on the windows. So make sure you choose fabrics that are simpler and don’t have distinct patterns if you are getting large seamed roman blinds.

You can select from the light filtering, room darkening, or blackout fabrics, depending on your preferences. But window blind specialists suggest blackout fabrics with this kind of wide window dressing, which is incredibly strong and durable. Blackout roman shades will prevent the light from coming through entirely while blocking glare and other unwanted beams, making them a perfect choice for bedroom and media room large doors.

Note – If you want these luxury folds in your bathroom or kitchen, make sure to select washable fabrics during customization.
Extra Large Roman Shades
When we decide to get a decorative product for our home, the first thing we consider is the aesthetics. And the same applies to the windows as well. Make them the focal point of your indoor by customizing the treatments from a wide variety of texture and color options. Make sure the design coordinates with the existing décor style while highlighting the other things in your home. The shades are available in different fold styles, which include a flat, relaxed, balloon, and many more. Get the fit that meets your needs –

• Flat shades are classic and provide the windows with charming beauty. Perfect for creating a traditional or casual look
• For casual chic, go for relaxed roman shadings.
• If you’re looking for a uniquely beautiful look, then go for balloon roman shades.
• Hobbled shades are ideal for creating a fashion statement, and the folds or fabrics look excellent on the windows.
Roman Shades for Large Windows

Using Wide Roman Window Treatments

You can operate the blinds with a traditional cord system, but it’s recommended opting for a continuous chain operated headrail system.

It’s always best to integrate motorization with the window covering, not only for luxury but also because this type of mechanism ensures safety for your toddlers and pets from the hazardous pull cord or chain. Access them using a remote button or smartphone from anywhere and enjoy the ultimate convenience. If you have more than one large window, then operate them efficiently with this smart mechanism.
Smart Roman Shades for Large Windows

In or Out?

Large window blinds always give you greater coverage from UV rays while providing the highest level of privacy. It doesn’t matter how you mount them, inside or outside. But if you are looking for some extra added benefits, consider them installing outside of the window frame. This mounting is also useful when the recess of the window is too shallow, or the window frames are not even. Remember, proper installation will always help the windows shine and look amazing.

For installation or other informative, you can check the guidelines or call the designers. They will guide you throughout the process.

Get the Look with Extra Large Roman Blinds!

No matter how large or big window is, invest in wide roman blinds, which are the right combination of beauty and functionality, and most importantly, reflect your decorating taste. These shades will beautify your home for many years to come. Get your personalized product now and dress the windows dynamically.

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