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A Guide To Bouclair Sheer Shade Installation

A Guide To Bouclair Sheer Shade Installation

Bouclair sheer shades are some of the finest and affordable shades you can find, they also have a simple and easy process for installation. The main thing to remember here is that DIY is usually a great option that will let you save costs on a handyman or as many of us call them: “The Guy”. However, should you require that your time be spent elsewhere and cannot find a replacement; you may feel free to request someone to help with the installation. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get on with showing you how this sheer shade installation works.

If you’ve installed shades yourself before, then you’ll find that most shades are actually quite sufficient. If you haven’t, here’s how you can change that. Before you begin in earnest, there are some tools you will need to carry out your shade installation. Depending on your purchase, you may receive blinds that come with frames and will need to be attached to your window directly. This is usually a simple and easy process where you will need a screwdriver (flat tip or cross-headed depending on screws that will be used), a drill, a measuring tape, and a level (for that extra special surface).

Make sure you have all your dimensions down BEFORE you get the blinds that give you more control over where you wish to attach your blinds. This is where you can decide whether you want an inside mount (the blinds are mounted within the window frame itself) or an outside mount (the blinds are mounted above the window as normal) We suggest inside mounts if you would like to show off the resulting neat and tidy look. However, if you wish to simply cover up the frame, you’ll find that sheer shades can help with that too.
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If you decided to get the Bouclair sheer shades, we strongly recommend an inside mount. While the process may vary slightly depending on what you get, the concept is the same.

• You will get brackets that will help you attach your blinds to the window, these brackets are what you will need to position first.
• Make sure each bracket lines up with the wall in straight angles, the last thing you want is uneven blinds.
• Refer the manual for your blinds to identify how far each bracket should be and where.
• Mark these with a pencil and then pick up your trusty drill, this is going to be loud. (double check your measurements with a drill)
• While marking, make sure you also account for the space necessary for the frame of the sheer shades to fit without jutting out like a sore thumb
• Use your steel measuring tape to check the holes you’ve made
• If your measurements went right, you should be able to use the level to check for uniformity
• Any issues you may have with your brackets can be fixed here
• If it isn’t level then you’ll need to remove one bracket, expand one of the drill-holes you made, stuff it with filler and once again try your hand with these surprisingly “not so easy to handle” shades.
• If you’re satisfied with the placements of your brackets and nothing else has gone amiss, simply slide in the head rail
• Here is where you test your blinds to see if they raise and lower properly
• Now all you have to do is snap your brackets shut and take your new sheer shades for a test drive.
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Given that we’re talking about inside mounts, Bouclair also has a ready-made option for those budget windows. These will require no significant effort like the shades above. The shades we’re talking about are often mass-produced and offer an acceptable level of style. But what might interest you is that since these are made for pre-approved measurements, they come with simple clamps that are as easy to use as clip-ons.If you want to mount your own brackets for your new blinds, make sure to read all the instructions so you understand how to perform your Bouclair sheer shades installation. And, like we said before: if you’re too busy dealing with other stuff, don’t try to rush your installation. You can either take your time and do it right or request someone to come install it for you.