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Easy Ways To Clean Blinds And Shades

How To Clean Blinds And Shades

Shades and Blinds are perennially the best Windows Covering options suited for any type of architectural home. Apart from being the best heat-blocking window treatments, they also allow you the right amount of privacy needed. Whether you are using single, double or even triple treatments on your windows, they give your home an extra touch of elegance

With designers going out all out in experimenting with various mix-n-match options, the market is huge for these products. Our range of treatments is phenomenally huge and will keep you guessing for more. With options like Wood, Fabrics, Plastic, and Vinyl to choose from, we have the right world of Blinds and Shades for you. Come, get lost in this wonderful world of colors that will add magic to your home.


How To Clean Blinds And Shades

Most Shades and blinds are easy to clean and are very low maintenance. They can easily be wiped using a damp microfiber cloth and dried lightly to remove the excess water. You could also gently clean them with a feather duster in case you are hard pressed for time. The brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner also does the trick wonderfully.

  • On Fabric and Vinyl shades or blinds, you might want to use a rubber sponge to get the dust off
  • In case of stains or spots, just spray an all-purpose cleaner onto the sponge and gently wipe them off your shades and blinds
  • Plastic treatments are the easiest
  • You can use any soft microfiber fabric/ sponge to wet wipe them and voila! They are as good as new
  • You don’t want to use too harsh of a material to clean plastic treatments as they can get scratched, hence spoiling the look of your shades and blinds
  • A popular home cleaning solution is simple vinegar from your kitchen
  • Fill a bowl of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Lightly dip a clean sock or microfiber cloth and wipe the blinds by turning them on one side from the bottom rail. Then turn them the other side and wipe them lightly
  • A simple and easy way to maintain those precious blinds in your home
  • Lemon Oil when used on the blinds and shades work as a natural disinfectant
  • Use wood cleaners like Murphy Oil Soap, Orange Glo, and other commercial wood cleaners to keep your Wooden Shades and Blinds safe


Cleaning Vinyl Shades


Wood Blinds And Shades – An Ultimate Treat

Worried about cleaning Wooden Shades and Blinds in your home? Relax. We bring you very easy and simple steps in taking care of them. We recommend you don’t wash them, instead just wipe them. Excess water on wood can cause warping, discoloration, bowing or bubbling. So you might want to look at some simple ways – how to clean blinds and shades without using harsh chemicals.

  • Good quality Real Wood Shades and Blinds can be ideally cleaned with a normal soap
  • Use the soap on the cloth ensuring to remove the excess water
  • You don’t want to wet the Wood, just dampen them to give a clean look
  • Wipe off the extra water with a dry cloth
  • You might want to choose 1 cup of hot water and 2 tbsps of lemon oil to give it an extra shine till the next bath
  • Simply dip a clean cloth into this mixture and swipe your wooden slats for a shiny, new look

Wood Blinds Cleaning


#1. Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds are much easier to maintain than real wood since Faux Wood Blinds is made up of composite wood material or PVC/Vinyl materials. They are coated with high tech polymer for that extra finishing, giving you a perfect wood effect. They are low on maintenance while adding a real wood feel to your room.

  • Cleaning these blinds is fairly simple
  • Mix a mild detergent in warm water
  • Using a microfiber cloth or a light duster, work your way down the blinds while ensuring the slats are completely closed
  • Now wipe each slat carefully to ensure a clean and dry look
  • You could use a white vinegar mixture to add a touch of shine to these Faux Wood Blinds and dry them up with a microfiber cloth

#2. Norman Faux Wood Shutters

Norman Faux Wood Shutters are resistant to being dented and scratched, making them popular for homes with kids and the elderly. They are one of the toughest and most durable treatments available, amongst being one of the best heat blocking shades. With features like heat deflection, they are ensured to resist fading and yellowing.

  • Cleaning Norman Faux Wood Shutters is a very simple and easy task
  • Use a clean feather duster, soft cloth or vacuum with dust attachment to gently remove the dust
  • To ensure thorough cleaning, wipe each slat in the open and closed positions
  • Do not use water as it can lead to discoloring or warping of the product

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds


#3. Wood Vertical Window Blinds

Wood Vertical Window Blinds can be easily cleaned with the same methods discussed above. They are easy to clean by just turning the slats in both the directions one by one and simply wiping them. Use a microfiber cloth for better scratch and stain resistance.

Ensuring you know the correct methods – how to clean blinds and shades is very important to prevent any long-term damage. So go ahead and give it a try, and keep your home and your window treatments clean and in good shape.


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