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A Beginner’s Guide to Choose The Perfect Shades for Your Windows

Perfect Shades for Your Windows

Perfect Shades for Your Windows


Are you a newbie when it comes to home decor, and are looking to get help from interior designers? Are you poring over various links and websites on getting the right accessories for your windows? If so, then you should read more of this article! Perfect Shades for Windows are the soul of any house, and they can either make your home look spacious and cozy or dark and dingy. So it’s necessary to search for the right kind of coverings for them to enhance their efficiency and not come in the way of their function.

At ZebraBlinds we offer a wide range of attractive products with different properties and functions, making them excellent additions to our private places. But before choosing a product and the brand, there are few factors which need to be satisfied by the window coverings.

1) Attractive looks – Beauty starts with the eyes, and it’s no different when we consider window decor as well. The blinds or shades should enhance the appeal of the home, so your guests and friends feel welcome when they visit.

2) Insulation – Weather conditions are outside our control, but we can better safeguard ourselves from it. Your coverings need to have excellent insulation capabilities (based on their R-value) if you reside in areas with extreme temperatures, i.e., Cellular shades, due to their high R-value, are a popular pick across households in hot and humid areas.

3) Light control – Some days we just want to catch a break from the natural sunlight and get some uninterrupted downtime. To make this possible, pick from the various choices of fabric materials, additional liners, etc.

4) Privacy – Draw the line of privacy at home with your beautiful window treatments. By choosing darker fabrics and colors, you can also control the sunlight seeping in and block views looking into your windows.

5) Security and ease of operation – If you have kids or pets running around the house, the presence of dangling cords is a risk and an inconvenience. So instead of manually adjusting the coverings according to the time of the day, or for your child’s safety, there are plenty of other options available like cordless, motorization, Smart Window Blinds, etc. These features enhance security and also let you manage the shades with a single click in the comfort of your chair.

6) Quality – Quality should never be compromised for price or other factors. A good quality product can last longer with proper support and handling.

7) Maintenance – Some important factors to consider is a shade’s resistance to moisture, temperature, rough handling, and cleaning methods before finalizing an item. First, decide on which elements affect your area and room, and then choose a product accordingly. A common misconception is that blinds are easy to maintain and shades require much more care. But most of the products at our store are easily cleaned – with light dusting and vacuuming.

Here are a few of our favorite products on the market that will transform your home with their aesthetics and functionality.


Graber Window Coverings

Graber Roman Shades 

Graber is a renowned window furnishing brand which has been making superior quality window treatments for many years. They are a pioneer in innovation and technology and produce many fantastic looking blinds, shades, and shutters. As different rooms in your home demand different types of attention and requirements, your window coverings should be just as versatile. Graber Roman Shades are perfect for all areas of the house. With their classy looks and custom fabric choices like light filtering and room-darkening, make a style statement at affordable prices.

Day Night Shades

While other rooms can more or less be matched with any decor, our private bedrooms need special window treatments. Day Night Shades are made from heavy-duty fabrics to offer shelter from diffused light and harsh UV rays in the mornings and ultimately close down at night for uninterrupted sleep.

Cellular Shades is a favorite amongst most house owners. They have a high insulation capacity due to their unique honeycomb design to trap air and are ideal for extreme temperature areas. Faux wood blinds, an economical alternative to wooden blinds are perfect for high moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, etc They are not only resistant to moisture, but also do not warp, crack, sag, mold, or mildew over time, making them an invaluable investment choice.

Exterior Blinds

Why just stop with decors for the standard windows? Other unique windows like skylights, arch windows, patio and French doors all require efficient coverings to make the most of them. For example, Exterior Blinds from Graber are perfect for large windows and patio doors at home as they effectively block UV rays and keep the interior ambiance comfortable.

Graber Plantation Shutters

If you feel bored with the traditional blinds and shades, another class of window treatments like shutters also make a point with their looks and functions. Graber Plantation Shutters, made from premium quality American Hardwoods, are also fit for bedrooms, patios, and even large windows. Apart from giving an earthy and artistic vibe, they help you to contribute to a green environment with their sustainable forestry methods.


Smart Home Window Treatments

Smart Window Blinds

Gone is the day where you need to keep adjusting the blinds throughout the day. With various motorized accessories like remote controls, wall switches, and temperature and wind sensors, your window coverings are intelligent enough to act with just a single button touch. Smart Window Blinds are another class apart with their integration into your home automation system, allowing you to operate multiple or individual shades with your smartphone or tablet. Pre-programming your blinds to scheduled timers gives an extra layer of efficiency and security to your home.

We are in an era with an abundance of choices to choose from – products, colors, patterns and more. So unleash the designer in you by shopping with ZebraBlinds for superior quality products, unbelievable discounts, and free delivery.