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Skylight Covers: Green Energy Solutions for Better Living and Big Savings

Green Energy Powered Skylight Covers

Modern Living And Green Energy Powered Skylight Covers


When was the last time you woke up to the melodious chirp of birds, a gentle kiss of a cool breeze or the pleasing touch of the morning sun? Given the populous neighborhoods and industrious schedules that define the modern-day lifestyle, I’m betting you won’t be too thrilled by your answer, or the sullen realization it accompanies! We’ve pretty much mastered our environment, but we still crave a closer connection to it: it brings us joy, and that’s natural! One of the simplest ways you can make this connection to nature is by just looking up at your skylight window! The right skylight covers can liven up your home, utilizing natural light and air to create a perpetually harmonious indoor climate. Speaking of “right”, you know that can only mean green energy solutions, right?


The need for Skylights and smart green energy solutions



Skylights have always been an integral element of architecture, open skylights being a prominent facet of ancient structures such as the Oculus of Pantheon in Rome. They looked good, aided air circulation and visibility, in addition, allowing a wonderful view of the skies. While modern homes are equipped with artificial lighting and air conditioning facilities, our skylights aren’t a mere stylistic continuance. Strange as it might sound, our better homes and sophisticated lifestyles need this archaic architectural feature almost as much as our distant ancestors did.

  • Our existence is largely segregated from the natural world

The humans that exist today are the most indoor dwelling generation our species has ever seen! Lifestyle researchers estimate that an average person spends ninety percent of his/her time indoors, walled away from the sun and fresh air. With solar blinds adorning the windows, we can achieve better, closer contact with our environment.

  • The natural environment has deteriorated over time

Factors like pollution and crowding have rendered the natural environment poorer and harsher than it’s ever been. A home or workspace with built-in skylights isn’t necessarily a plus unless your windows have been fitted with effective solar shutters that offer ample protection against the harsher elements of our environment.

  • Our lifestyle is busier and more stressful than ever


Motorized Skylight Shades


We may have furthered ourselves from nature, tamed the elements and become immune to the changes that impact every other living organism on the planet, but we’re still connected to the natural order. Our physiology still desires dark and calm for resting up, the light continues to have an effect on our cognition and mood. With motorized skylight shades, like the ones at Norman window fashions, you can fine-tune the indoor environment according to your body’s needs and work schedule, channeling natural light and air to de-stress and make the most of those precious, fleeting moments of tranquility.

  • Solar power is clean and environmentally benign

The state-of-the-art solar panels that power modern window shades and blinds are larger than earlier versions, and infinitely more energy efficient. They’re able to gather more solar energy and operate noiselessly, without causing any form of pollution. Companies such as Norman window fashions pride themselves for using lead-free and eco-friendly materials in their products.


Features of solar powered window solutions


Green Energy Powered Skylight Covers


  • They offer heightened efficacy and safety

Skylights and roof windows are channels that allow access to air and sunlight, together with wonderful views of the world outside the walls. The best skylight covers of the day are designed to regulate the exposure by blocking out the harsh UV light, protecting you and your furniture against unwanted heat and glare. You can prevent both heat loss and heat gain and choose when to block out or let in the light to suit your lifestyle.

  • Enhanced customization and ease of use

Present day roof window covers are easy to install, clean and care for. And they offer an amazing degree of customization! The best part—you can find the ideal shutter for your skylight window online and customize the desired product to scale. Also, there’s an exciting range in terms of colors and finishes, meaning your blinds don’t just complement the style and design of the surrounding space but take it up several notches!

  • Compact, cordless designs

Modern roof window shutters have done away with stocky forms and hard wiring. These are compact and stylish, most with no visible external plugs or chords.

  • Remote control

New age window solutions are incredibly easy to control via small, light remote controllers. You can program the shutters to close and open at the time of your choosing and even access the remote through your computer with the appropriate accessories.

  • Quiet, efficient functionality and reduced cost

These roof window covers and blinds function virtually noiselessly, their whisper-quiet gear system limiting energy consumption to a minimum. They also help insulate your living space, thereby reducing the energy expenditure that would occur if you were utilizing artificial lighting or air conditioning systems to maintain the preferred indoor conditions. This alone can help you save big on electricity bills in the long run.


Green energy skylight solutions support healthier, happier living


We’ve already covered how regular access to the natural environment is a basic human need, but are you aware how bad being cut off from these natural elements can affect us?

  • Nature-distant lifestyles lead to health issues

Fatigue, mood swings, vitamin D deficiency…Some of the most common health issues of our times also happen to be the strangest! According to recent surveys, approximately 15-30 percent people of the world have been found to be dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or winter depression, lack of sun exposure being considered one of the possible causes of the disorder! Stress, sleep disorders, health conditions, there’s a long list of other afflictions that can be directly or indirectly attributed to lack of contact with these natural elements. Skylight windows equipped with the right skylight covers present a simple solution to this problem, an effortless way of keeping you and your family safe from these health issues.

  • Artificially created indoor environments aren’t always healthy

We might have the best air conditioning and artificial lighting systems set up in our living rooms, but it’s not the same thing as fresh natural air or the sunlight’s warm, enriching touch. No home heating system can replicate the feeling of the sun’s pleasurable warmth, no lighting apparatus can equal the uplifting properties of morning sunshine! Where sunlight is known to be a natural anti-depressant, artificial lighting can disrupt your body clock, leading to several different physical and mental health issues. In solar skylight shades, you have the best means of creating and maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

  • Lack of natural contact disrupts the human body’s equilibrium

The human body craves rhythm and routine. It wants to rest and to be active at specific hours governed by the setting and rising of the sun. That, unfortunately, isn’t a viable option for the millions around the world that work odd hours and varying schedules. Creating a balanced routine is especially essential in these cases. Make a conscious effort to devise a balanced routine so your body can get adequate rest and natural contact. Make good of the incredible benefits of modern technology—program your window shades to open and close precisely at your sleeping and waking hours and make a conscious effort to avoid disrupting this routine.

Skylights and roof windows are way more than a design element, they’re quite a privilege! A little consideration and effort in fitting them with the right solar skylight cover are all that’s needed to create a blissful, comfortable living space for you and your loved ones!