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Great Blinds and Shutters for your beach house

Blinds and Shutters for your beach house.

Do you live on the beach? Or somewhere coastal? I think it’d be one of life’s greatest achievements to own even a small cozy cottage by the beach! Of course, nothing on the scale of Richard North Patterson’s Martha’s Vineyard settings!! Let’s leave the Vineyard to America’s elite! I’m talking about humble beach abodes…and hope Hurricane Katrina’s cousins will leave us to enjoy some idyll! I wouldn’t want to live bang on the beach, y’know? Don’t really fancy the rowdy lot playing and partying and spoiling my peace!

When I think beach house, what really comes to mind is the Kennedy’s ‘gray saltbox’ with its wooden window shutters….the picturesque dwelling that has titillated millions! Set atop a grassy knoll, it has fired many a romantic musing! With its shutters protecting against the elements, I’m sure there was no need for additional window covering. But I’m curious – what could one use as window treatments, considering the warmth, humidity and salt air?
I’m sure it would be lovely to leave windows of a beach house unadorned, but knowing first hand how intense the sun on the coast can be, it would be crazy not to use some form of protection, not least to keep interior elements from fading! Besides, winter on the east coast can be pretty harsh, what with the coastline having frozen with the arctic frost that blew in last winter!

I’m sure if one can afford it, there’d be nothing like the wooden shutters to protect a home from the harsh sun, the heat or the cold. Especially a products like the Graber wood shutters and Norman shutters – Norman has introduced shutters with an innovative ‘PerfectTilt’ System, which allows the vanes of the shutters control via a remote with a radio frequency signal with a range of up to 65 feet. An exquisitely smooth and silent system of operation, it also comprises an e-timer that allows tilting of the vanes at pre-set intervals. This eliminates the need for manual operation with a tilt rod! And to top it all, accrue encashable LEED credit points as automated window shading systems that are programmed to close at 11pm and open at 5 pm are considered to be the ultimate in energy efficiency, in sync with the encouraged ‘Go Green” initiative. This is an option that’s classy and blends in with any form of decor from elegant to traditional to casual. Apart from the listed benefits, it also has an R-value of 5-7, so it’s a good window treatment that seals off a room from losing too much of its interior warmth at night, during winter. Moreover, during the day it can be timed to tilt its vanes to any of 8 pre-set angles to let in light and warmth and an excellent view. So, look out onto the waters from your perch on a favorite couch, a cup of hot steamy coffee in your hands on a calm winter morning without having to budge an inch to open your shutters! They may be fitted within the recesses of a window or door frame or without, in which case they can be folded out of the way for an unobscured view. And best of all, Norman wood shutters are treated with lead-free paints and polishes that allow endurance against the cold / warm dampness associated with the coast while also protecting against cracking or chipping – Norman wood shutters are built to last forever and a day, and come with a lifetime guarantee to boot! Gone are the days (up until 3-4 decades ago) when you would have had to worry about warping, shrinking and cracking! So remember folks, these shutters are not just for the rich and the famous…they just give off the aura!!

 Graber Blinds-and-Shutters -

Aside from the shutters, you could also use the wood blinds, also from Norman, that comes with the same automated vane control feature of the shutters, as well as the regular lift and vane control options like the cord lift, etc. Norman has also come up with the ‘SmartPrivacy’ feature that has made way for blunting ambient light from seeping in through route holes for the lift cords. In this finely crafted upgrade, tiny holes for the cords are completely covered as slats overlap when they’re tilted shut. Why nobody thought of this earlier beats me! But isn’t that the question most people ask when a new permutation is introduced? With wooden blinds, you could lift them all the way up for an unobtrusive exterior view, or to any position desired.

Norman wood shutters and blinds are made from the Paulonia wood, whose parent plant is able to regenerate itself from the stump. Used in sustainable housing, it has a high weight to strength ratio and is inherently resistant to pests and disease. This wood is then carefully treated, adhering to all environment protection policies, to sustain its innate beauty with enhanced durability. Norman also ensures that their wood products are built with customer safety in mind and conforms to all WCSC norms. And to cap all security and endurance values, Norman wood blinds and shutters are finished with the optimal antimicrobial treatment that protects from allergies and skin irritations, in addition to meeting with CARB standards for off-gassing of harmful chemicals.

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