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The Graceful Glamour of Artisan Drapery

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The Touch of Femininity for My Home.


“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.” Marilyn Monroe

I agree with Marilyn Monroe. The nearest anyone has gotten to manufacturing glamor is the graceful artisan drapery that adds a touch of femininity to the windows. I did not realize that my home was overtaken by the three men in the past 25 years, who had slowly given it a thoroughly masculine aura. Everything about my home reeked of masculinity. Not bothering much about the designs or interiors, I had allowed my two sons and husband to rule the roost. I even enjoyed strolling around my home in my husband’s T-shirts. The cutest, and only feminine part of my home was my daughter Alexandra, who was born six years after the birth of my two boys who were just two years apart. The poor girl was dominated by the choices made by her two brothers and dad.

This spring break, Alex, as everyone fondly called her, put her foot down and let us know that she did not want to be a tomboy anymore. Here was a girl who was proud of her femininity and wanted to make the most of it. She wanted to wear pleated dresses, skirts, blouses, and jewelry besides the jeans and t-shirts she had. At 13, my sweet little girl was creating an identity for herself and making choices. I stood by her and agreed that we girls needed some change around the home and our lives. Alex was upset that even her name did not have feminine ring to it. Now that was something I did not wish to change. Alex decided that she would keep the name Alexandra, and not shortened to Alex. She wanted to be called ‘Ali’ instead.

After the name, we decided to add some glitter and shine to her wardrobe. Being busy with work and home, it had been ages since I’d enjoyed shopping. Now with Ali insisting on the changes, I decided to get a makeover for my wardrobe as well. We both squandered a small fortune away, shopping for various things throughout the week. OMG! Did we look gorgeous in the new dresses we bought!
The boys were shocked and had withdrawn to their rooms quietly, allowing us to make changes without any interference from them. It was their love for our little girl that made them change her to be like them. Now that they realized that was not what she wanted, and they were happy to give her what she desired.

Ali had a new name, new clothes, shoes, and even new furnishings in her bedroom. Now, the last thing left to get a feminine touch were the window coverings on her windows. My husband had lovingly installed wooden blinds on her windows so that our girl would have the best. He picked the Graber Real Wood Blinds, which were more expensive than the usual window treatments. I wondered why he was purchasing something so expensive, but he assured me that it was worth every penny he’d paid for it. The real wood can remain timeless, as it is a durable material that looks brand new for years, and these blinds were proof of it. Even after years, they looked new and matched the current trends. Unfortunately, they lacked the feminine touch that was the need of the hour. I had a lengthy chat with Ali, following which we searched online for different window treatments. Since we already had amazing Graber wood blinds installed on the windows, we decided to give it a feminine touch by adding Graber artisan drapery. Artisan drapery is crafted with perfection and with a delicate eye for detail. It comes with wide range of choices in an exquisite range of fabrics in solids, prints, stripes, jacquards and sheers. We could further coordinate the artisan panels with matching top treatments and plump cushions and pillows to achieve a decorative elegance par excellence in Ali’s bedroom.

We girls had fun choosing our style of drapery. These charming drapery fabrics are distinguished by color, pattern, and type. Since we were designing the room around a particular color, we wanted to focus first on fabrics available in our selected color palette.
Ali was going crazy with the broad range of style options that were available for her. The fantastic styles included pleated, rod pocket, grommet top, classic tab, wrapped tab, back tab and plain top. With so many design options, the classic look of draperies in Ali’s room could be anything from traditional and luxurious to crisp and modern according to her preference. This versatility gave her a chance to express her personality, preference and taste and the girl was euphoric doing it.

Finally, it was time to customize her window treatments to suit her specific requirement. I gave her full freedom to make her choices, being by her side only to guide her. The first option was to pick up a desired drapery. We took right measurements of the windows before moving ahead with our orders. Ali loved the Artisan Pleated Creams  in the color of GoldLeaf Bright, which blended in amazingly with the rest of the décor of her room. She went ahead with paired panels, with inverted pleat styles. Though she had options for liners, she decided she did not need them since her windows were well protected by the real wood blinds. Ali preferred having banding on inside and outside edges of her drapery. She wanted her drapery to cascade down and puddle on the floor – we finalized on the drapery length Puddle Floor plus 6–10″, which would meet her need perfectly.

We finalized our purchase and were done. This was our first independent shopping ever for home furnishings, and we did it from the comfort of our home. Thanks to my daughter, I became aware of the changes my house needed and made it look beautiful in the days to come. Being a mom, I wanted the best for my daughter. Like Isaiah Mustafa, who quoted, “I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn’t define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her an intelligent, strong and responsible woman.” I hope for the same.





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