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Leanne had struck on a brilliant idea to get rid of that thick, brown plastic curtain that the earlier occupant had used as a room divider. He was definitely lacking in aesthetics, she thought. On her first visit to the studio apartment, this curtain had put her off completely but when she looked the other way, the calm, serene waters of Lake Michigan, as well as the landscape around it, beckoned to her. The row of glass-paned windows that filled up that wall was ideal for the small collection of indoor plants that she tended to on the weekends. Surely, she thought to herself; there was going to be some way of getting rid of that “Boogey Bear”. Leanne was busy with the completion of her thesis and that final stretch of the Ph.D. she slogged for. Moving closer to her University in Chicago was going to save her on time, energy and a few pennies. The studio apartment seemed just right for her as she went through it mentally, time and again arranging and rearranging the few pieces of furniture she had accumulated over the years. A cozy nook was what she would create in the space behind that curtain. Her little ‘Zen corner’ with her bed, her books, the vintage bedside table she had picked up from a thrift shop, and her favorite bed lamp from Morocco, beside a whole lot of family snaps for a headboard. She was making a wish for a delicate Shoji screen to screen off that space for her makeshift bedroom. Sheer coincidence got her interested in the Sliding Panels made by Graber on Just the thing she needed, she thought, especially in the long hours of summer daylight, not at all dissuaded by the cost. She would make up that money with a few extra tutorials. Mounting these panels onto the ceiling needed professional assistance, though. If you ask her the reason for that glint in her eyes, Graber’s Sliding panels would be her amusing reply.




Sliding panels are a modern alternative to the traditional vertical blinds. Each panel can be considered as one large fabric vane. Many such overlapping panels operate on a wheeled track system to compile a neat, sleek window dressing option for wide windows and patio doors. If you consider their ingenuity one step further, they can be used to create room dividers and screens for an open closet too. The versatility that they offer when used as room dividers allows an open floor style of the plan in your home while separating a particular area from the rest of the space if need be. Walls are permanent and drastic features compared to the screening offered by sliding panels. You have the freedom to juggle your space however you want it to be. You can open up a space by stacking up the panels and close it for privacy as the demand for space changes. The beauty of sliding panels is their temporary nature. Just as quickly as an imaginary wall is added it can be removed.


Patio-Sliding-door-Panel-Track-shades -



Graber’s Accents Sliding Panel Shades are a modern and functional way to create a harmonious style in any space. Panels of fabric glide effortlessly along an Aluminum track for smooth operation.
For a natural and eco-friendly choice, the Natural Sliding Panel shades are handcrafted from material like Curly Bamboo, Bamboo Reed, Cellulose, Slit Bamboo, Jute rope and Jute twist in varying combinations and quantities. This imparts a very classy and elegant look to any room.




Light control options range from Sheer to Light Filtering and Room Darkening.

An Edge Banding provided for Natural shades is usually done with strips of fabric to prevent the shades from stretching or losing their shape.
A Liner option is also made available for privacy control. It could be minimal, moderate or complete depending on the lining option selected.
The Panels can be controlled by the smooth operation of a Wand or a Continuous loop chain. While sliding open the screen, the panels stack neatly to either the left or right of the Head rail depending on the option chosen. There is also a Split stack option with an equal distribution of panels on either side of the Headrail, opening up your space in the center for a makeshift door arrangement in case of a room divider.
A wooden or fabric-wrapped cornice or a valence of the same material as the shade adds to its style with a matching wooden Hem Bar for a neat finish. A Spliced shade option is available for longer and wider shades than the available fabric width.





Graber also offers Sliding Panel Shades in the same matching fabric as those used for some Roller shades, Solar shades, and Roman shades. Some shades are 100% Polyester. Other styles like Brilliance is a combination of 70% Polyester and 30% backing of cotton. Capri is a shade with 25% Polyester and 75% Cellulose. Some shades have a shiny base color or white street side as a backing while some shades have the same color on the front and back.




The Headrail used for the Sliding Panels is made of extruded Aluminum and painted to match the track. The track system can hold 2, 3, 4, or 5-panel tracks depending on the number of fabric panels required. A 2 Panel track measures 158” wide and 64” high. According to the space needed to be covered, one can order an exact number of panels.
If you are trying to figure out, how these panels hang so securely, it is the unique sliding system created for this purpose that provides a secure attachment. When the panels need to move, the slides in the head rail traverse on multiple precision nylon rollers that run in low friction Acetal carriers for a smooth and quiet operation.
Installation of these sliding panels is made easy by hidden mounting clips with a snap-in design. There is an Inside mount and outside mount option for windows and a ceiling mount option too for room dividers and as screens for closets.
The Sliding panels can be controlled by a Wand Control that gently guides the panels across the track. A Continuous Loop Chain for the Natural shades or Continuous Cord control with a cord guide for the Fabric Sliding Panels makes them a pet-friendly and child safe option.
All the shades are OEKO-TEK certified. This is an assurance of a very high quality of indoor air. They do not emit any harmful particles and are free from PVC, lead halogen, pesticides or acrylic dyes making these products safe for children as well.




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