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The Need & Necessity of Graber Window Coverings

Graber Window Treatments

The Need & Necessity of Graber Window Treatments

There are certain brands that we swear by when it comes to their reliability, value, user-friendliness, and durability. For instance, if you buy a product from Apple, be it the iPhone, the iPad or a pair of earphones, you’re assured of the product performance even before beginning to use it. This sort of brand trust is hard to develop and is why the importance of a brand cannot be negated.

In the world of window treatments, there are a few top brands jostling for the top position. Norman, Crown, and Hunter Douglas are three of the top brands that have made a solid impression on home decor aficionados over the years, and there is a good reason behind it. They have stood the test of time in coming up with great quality blinds for the purpose of heat and cold reduction, privacy, light diffusion as well as in providing an amazing aesthetic.

However, one brand that has elevated the standards of window treatments around the world is Graber. For over eight decades now, Graber continues to set a precedent in coming up with designs boasting of ingenuity and excellent craftsmanship.


In this section, we find out what makes this brand the ultimate in terms of window treatments.

Graber Window Treatments

One of the most trusted and recognized names in the arena of blinds and shades, Graber is known for its state of the art, innovative, and sophisticated products at reasonable rates. They are designed with precision and intricacy, with high-quality headrails that make them stand out among regular window treatments. Let us discuss the various types of window coverings available in this brand.

Graber Cellular Shades


Graber Cellular Shades


With the perfect amalgamation of function and form, Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are constructed from soft yet sturdy fabrics that are elegantly folded into neat honeycomb patterns to create energy-efficient designs. These prevent warm air from entering homes during summers while preventing their escape during winters, thus ensuring the home stays cozy all through the year.

The other important and famous collection of Graber shades — the Slide-Vue™ Vertical Cellular Shades — are perfect to be employed on wide windows and patio doors, and also for room dividers with a large space. They give the room a magnified and luxurious look and are generally preferred over other window treatments.


Features of Graber Cellular Shades:

  1. Effective & Sturdy Hardware: Graber products come with color coordinated headrails without making them look like an ugly standout. So there’s no need to spend extra on a valance. The corded shades are engineered with a lock to put them in place, while the steel brackets are sturdy and durable and can be installed easily without the need of any professional intervention.
  2. Suitable for All Window Types: Whether your window is trapezium-shaped, circular, rectangular or arched, the shades are custom made and built according to the unique needs and requirements of the customer. You can also get in touch with a Graber window expert to help you order the right shades and mounts for your windows.
  3. Variety of Cell Constructions: At Graber, you’ll find a range of different sizes of cellular shades, from single cells to double-cell constructions from slat sizes ⅜ inches to those with size ¾ inches.

Graber Roman Shades


Graber Roman Shades


Like many of its other collections of varied window treatment types and their features, Graber Roman shades hold their own as a unique window treatment belonging to the Graber family. They’re exquisite, contemporary and finely constructed. While the Graber Fresco Roman Collection is a highlight for its crisp lines and neutral hues, the Graber Artisan Collection is replete with shades that are lush and luxurious with different style options.


Here are a few highlights of Graber Roman shades that will assist you in making the right choice:

  • They are handcrafted in the USA with a great finishing and terrific attention to detail.
  • Their pleats are finely constructed with regular and coordinated slat sizes based on the height you prefer.
  • Easily customizable according to your need, they come in color-coordinated components that are individually applied and selected.
  • Each and every product is individually tested before it is shipped to be sent to the end consumer.

Graber Solar Shades


Graber Solar Shades


You can easily bring home the outdoors with these user-friendly and immersive Graber Lightweaves Solar Shades. Engineered to perfection, they boast of a  semi-opaque design that offers protection against UV radiation and glare while providing enough light inside to brighten up your room. You get the perfect amalgamation of comfort and privacy while also enjoying a solid outdoor view.


A few features of Graber Solar Shades that you must be aware of:

  1. They protect your indoor items from UV radiation and prevent them from fading.
  2. Provide greater energy efficiency by lowering your air conditioning costs and providing natural light in your room.
  3. They prevent the irritating glare from affecting your television viewing experience, letting you enjoy your favorite shows in peace.
  4. By employing semi-opaque fabrics in their construction, they let you enjoy clear and unperturbed outside views.
  5. They can easily be used in combination with other window treatments to provide maximum benefits, including a stylistic window treatment.


Besides the features of the different types of Graber blinds, they are also available at amazing discounts and prices at ZebraBlinds. They also come with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. You can choose them in motorized or corded controls, depending on what you prefer.

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