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Graber- The Ultimate Choice for Window Treatments

Graber Window Treatments

Graber Window Treatments – The Ultimate Choice


Graber, a well-known branch of Spring Window Fashions, is one of the most trusted and appreciated brands in window coverings. We at ZebraBlinds are pleased to offer a full product line of these Graber Window treatments including Blinds, Shades, and Shutters. Get advanced, innovative, and energy-efficient designs at the most incredible prices. The products are manufactured with attention to detail – with top-quality headrails on vertical blinds, and long-lasting craftsmanship.


Perfect for all types of rooms, with Graber window treatments you can get the look you always desired. That’s why these window coverings must be a part of your home decor. A broad range of window coverings choices – from classical designs like wooden blinds and roman shades to modern faux wood blinds and skylight shades. Uniquely designed to offer privacy, convenience, light and noise control, and insulation for all areas of your home. Graber offers best-in-class guarantees, lasting longer than many other brands, ensuring you receive a hassle-free and pristine product.

For the environmentally concerned, go for their Greenguard certified fabrics. For the forward-thinking, get the latest motorized offerings that can be controlled with your smartphone or through a voice assistant.


Graber Products are Eco-friendly. They are:


Energy Saving. The window coverings from Graber control the sun’s rays to regulate temperature and build a reliable and better energy efficient home for their customers. Cellular shades, specifically, give an additional layer of insulation, preventing heat and cold from penetrating windows, conserving energy year-round.

Preserving Resources. Natural shades are made from renewable elements like bamboo, jute, wood, and grasses.

Preserving Fresh Air. Many Graber window treatments are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, with low chemical and waste discharges.

Graber uses sustainable practices to build their products responsibly so that you can enjoy a “greener” tomorrow. Understanding of the company’s environmental influence, they:

Recycle all metals, plastics, fabrics, paper, and waste wood in their plants, redirecting these materials from landfills.

Preserve water by using a closed-loop water cooling system for plastics production.

Design minimal product packaging that uses at least 44% of the post-consumer reusable material.

Source and process recyclable woods for Graber Blinds domestically, reducing transport times and thus, saving energy


Here’s some information on a few specific Graber products


Graber Plantation Shutters

Graber Plantation Shutters 

It doesn’t matter whether your home décor is classical, modern, or complex, Graber’s Traditions® Wood Shutters can supplement beauty to your home. Graber Plantation Shutters are made from outstanding North American hardwoods, and these window coverings are an investment in fashion and quality. The wood for these shutters is obtained from responsibly regulated forests. Each bit of the hardwood is separately examined for quality. A three-step drying method prevents cracking and warping. Then all milling, painting, sanding, and staining is done by skillful craftsmen. Faithful to Graber’s commitment to a green tomorrow, wood cuttings are also recycled.

The result is a look of matchless elegance and intrinsic brilliance. You can bring home an elegant design with the spirit of simplicity through these amazing shutters. Make your interior a polished living space with the charm of shutters and experience the joy of an eco-friendly home.


Graber Window Treatments

 Graber Blinds

Wood has been used in furnishings for ages – from the most beautiful carved decorations to handcrafted chairs, wood can embody any style. From classical to modern, wood can take on a variety of varnishes and colors, establishing the tone for your living space and offering a tasteful statement that differs from room to room.


The wooden blinds from Graber are crafted from excellent raw materials and alluring craftsmanship—so you can concentrate on the aspects that will make your Graber Traditions Wood Blinds a superb extension to your home.


Graber Roller Shades


Pick up the right roller shade in one of our designer-inspired materials in a wide number of colors, patterns, and designs, like stripes, and gently woven threads. For a finishing touch, add decorations like an ornamental hem.

Experience the real privacy, warmth, and magnified sun protection for your living spaces, from the arresting choices of fabrics varying from light filtering to blackout, with Graber Roller Shades – Solar Shades. These roller shades are excellent at shielding your home from destructive UV rays. Light filtering fabric lets in diffused natural lighting into the room, while blackout fabrics are excellent for total light blockage and providing ultimate privacy.


Types of fabrics

Sheer materials are airy and transparent.

Light filtering fabrics provide a delicate boundary from the outdoors.

Room darkening fabrics darkens the room slightly but not completely.

Blackout fabric totally blocks light and provides the highest level of privacy.


Roller shades are also available with smart motorization options which makes your home a better place to live. Turn your home into a smart and modern space with these easy to operate products. Motorized outdoor shades help you to operate your window treatments with a remote and offers you comfort, safety, and add beauty to your home in a single assortment. Motorized outdoor shades give you the best comfort.



Add Safety with Motorization


If you have kids and pets at your home, the hanging cords can be a strangulation hazard and cause harm. Motorization helps you in avoiding the risk and keeps your kids and pets safe.

Get these ultimate window coverings from Graber and experience the greatest comfort they can offer.


As an online specialty retailer, at, we sell only top quality window fashions with the added advantage of free delivery, an incredible selection, and excellent discounts. Find the custom window coverings you want, and we can let them for you at the lowest price!

We would love to help you create the perfect look for your home. Reach our team if you have any questions, and get free shipping and free samples while shopping!

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