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Everything You Should Know About Graber Window Treatments

Graber Blinds

Graber Window Treatments – A Luxury Brand

Graber window treatments are known throughout the world, and in some cities, it is considered a bonafide luxury brand. But Graber’s own track record is definitely no joke, they now occupy a large section of the window covering market and have an illustrious history to match! Their expertise goes way back to 1939 when their founder John Graber created their first ever innovative product, the Badger Drapery Cane. It was this first invention that put Graber on the map, spreading its popularity across the Midwest.

To this day, Graber has not stopped innovating new techniques and material combinations to ensure that their customers only get the best they have to offer. Having put the best foot forward, Graber used the momentum and time to establish themselves among the major brands when it comes to Graber window treatments. Graber blinds or Graber shades are usually used when someone wants to make a bold fashion statement with their windows, denoting the trust a better part of the world has for the brand. This alone stands as a testimony to their quality, which they’ve honed over the years.

Graber’s Got Something for Everyone

Graber Roller Shades

Graber’s specialty lies not just in high budget luxury blinds and shades, but also in an extensive range of beautiful window coverings that are perfect for those who are looking out for something more budget friendly.

  • They have PVC blinds and shades for those who prefer low priced blinds or simply wish to use them for their office, enhancing the room’s professional appearance.
  • However, PVC blinds are also ideal to use in places where they could come in contact with water or even extremely humid areas. PVC blinds and shades are incredibly resistant to wear and tear too, one of the few problems with PVC blinds, in general, is that you usually get limited colors so you may not find that perfect match for your home.
  • Another problem is that these blinds are made from plastic or vinyl, which is a non-biodegradable material. This means that when it is finally time to throw them away, they will add to the already enormous amount of plastic polluting the world.
  • Graber’s collection of vinyl blinds is a great choice for those who wish to spend more of their budget elsewhere.
  • Graber’s roller shades are known to be excellent at light control. These shades can come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles and it is even possible to create a custom design that you would prefer for your home.
  • The roller shades are usually made from fabric or plastic depending upon the requirement.
  • Fabric roller shades have a decent amount of light transparency, however, their transparency is also determined by the color used. Lighter colors brighten up the room, giving it a generous hue of color. The darker colors generally block out more of the light and are very useful if you wish to keep most of the lights out. For a more effective form of temperature control, using Graber cellular shades is one among the best options.
  • PVC shades are great for moisture, but the problem here is that these shades aren’t always great at light transparency (at least compared to other materials available). And in places with a higher temperature like near the equator, unbranded, thinner plastic shades have a chance to warp if they weren’t manufactured with Graber’s standard.

Graber’s Environmentally Friendly Policies:

Graber Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are incredibly popular, which means they are in high demand and demands must be met. However, this means that to meet this incredible demand Graber must harvest a lot of lumber. To keep from destroying the environment, here are the steps Graber takes.

  • Instead of just going ahead and harvesting the lumber, Graber first works with the forestation department.
  • To ensure they have a sustainable supply, they begin planting saplings of hardwood trees, the main component in the creation of their products.
  • They plant twice as many saplings as they harvest for the year.
  • Actions like this have helped increase the size of certain forests over decades of this practice.

Wooden blinds are popular because of how great they look. Regardless of the situation, wooden blinds or shades can work well with the right colors. These blinds can also have designs on them, which is something that sets them apart from the rest.

Graber Window Treatments

  • These Graber blinds are perfect for any living room or bedroom, creating an air of sophistication and comfort.
  • Wooden blinds are meant for dry places, as they warp when they come in contact with moisture.
  • Wooden blinds are not always known to be budget friendly, but they are a good long term investment.
  • But just because it is wood doesn’t mean it’s completely vulnerable to moisture and termites. Graber usually offers a protective coating that lasts a significant length of time. However, scratches and other forms of damage can remove the protective layer, rendering it unprotected against the elements (or the water in your home!)

Graber Focuses on Usability and Durability

Graber products are known to last at least a decade if treated right (varies from product to product) However; there are other brands that can boast the same kind of lifespan. The question at this point is, can they boast Graber’s extensive history?

  • Given that we realize how harmful cords can be because of their accident-prone nature, Graber has since moved on to other forms of opening and closing their window coverings, the most popular in recent times has been the smart motor.
  • The smart motor can sync with the customer’s smartphone, letting them raise and lower the blinds/shades as and when they see fit.
  • There are other methods of opening and closing Graber’s window coverings and they don’t all require a motor to work. Some devices are pure human ingenuity.


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