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A Close Look At Graber Window Treatments: What Makes Them Special?

Graber Window Roller Shades

What Makes Graber Window Roller Shades And Other Window Treatments Special?


Graber Lightweaves Roller Shades


If you are looking to purchase blinds or shades, then Graber window treatments (such as Graber lightweaves roller shades) are a popular option you should look into. In the following sections, we will look at what makes these window coverings special and the right choice when you are looking for something that perfectly blends durability and quality.

In the next few sections we will look at:

  • Cellular shades

  • Wood blinds

  • Artisan drapery

  • Composite shutters


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Graber cellular shades are a unique blend of sturdiness and soft fabrics, providing a perfect blend of function and form. These shades are energy efficient window treatments that help in reducing your energy bills.


A few of the other special features of these cellular shades are:

  • For All Windows: These shades (like the Graber perfect vue shades) are available for all window sizes and shapes.

  • For Unique Shapes: If there are windows of unique shapes then there are specialty shapes, that are perfect for your requirements.

  • For Energy Efficiency: The shades are available in energy efficient single as well as double cell construction. 3/8″ single cell is ideal for smaller windows, 3/8″ double cell is suitable for standard windows, and 3/4″ single cell is right for your large windows.

  • For Light Control and Privacy: There is also no dearth of fabrics for you to choose from depending upon your privacy and light control requirements. You can select between sheer, light filtering, blackout, and room darkening fabric as per your needs.

  • For Your Chosen Style: Apart from fabrics, you can also choose the style that works for you. For instance, you can select cellular shades with standard functioning or opt for bottom up/top down shades. You can also select sun up/sun down or the top down styles based upon your personal preferences.


Graber Wood Blinds


Graber Wood Blinds


  • If you want to usher in rich warmth into your rooms then nothing would be better than the Graber wood blinds (such as Graber woven wood blinds) that have been sustainably sourced
  • The most exciting thing about these blinds is that these have been painstakingly crafted using North American Hardwood
  • Additionally, these make use of modern and rustic finishes, stains, and paints to match the décor of your home as well as further enhance it
  • These blinds add character to a room and provide natural insulation to your home


What makes this wood blinds especially?


A few reasons why Graber wood blinds are considered special include:

  • Unique Drying Process: A 3-step drying process is utilized for all the wood components and work is carried out according to strict quality standards. This guarantees that wood components have the straightest configuration.

  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Skilled craftsmen apply water-based paints (which are also environment-friendly) and other vibrant stains to provide the blinds with their stunning look and feel.

  • Excellent Quality: All the wood components are constructed in such a manner that they maintain a very high degree of quality.

  • Wood with Distinct Grain: Basswood, which is considered high-quality North American hardwood is utilized for making the wooden blinds. It is worth mentioning here that Basswood is known for its rigid and lightweight nature and it also boasts of a very distinct grain.

  • Green Philosophy: Graber maintains its green philosophy and carries it through into the manufacturing process of wood blinds. The wood shavings and the sawdust at the wood processing plant are utilized for generating the heat needed for drying the lumber as well as for warming the facility.

  • Carefully Finished: These wood blinds are carefully painted, stained, and finished so as to enhance natural characteristics of basswood.

  • Different Types: There are also different types of wood blinds for you to choose from:

    • Traditions Wooden Blinds: The hardwood slats are created in such as way that they provide superior performance and have a timeless beauty.

    • Elite Wooden Blinds: These can be handcrafted as per color you specify or color decided by Graber. These prove to be an excellent example of craftsmanship.

    • Vertical Blinds: If there are patio doors and wide windows in your home then these vertical blinds would be ideal for them.


Artisan Drapery

There is a rich selection of exquisitely designed curtains and drapes for you to choose from. Additionally, there are premium fabrics that are available in a range of patterns and styles to make sure your home looks elegant and aesthetically appealing at the same time.


Designed to Perfection


A few of the design features you will like about these drapes and curtains are:

  • Detailed Construction: These drapes and curtains have detailed construction consisting of mitered corners, double turned hems, bottom weights, and sewn in liners. Such construction will ensure that these window treatments will be hanging beautifully in your home.

  • Different Styles: There is no dearth of styles for you to choose from. For example, you can opt for structured pleats or go for classic tab styles. Other options to look into including contemporary grommets and the rod pockets with ruched gathers.

  • Excellent Fabric Collection: Another thing you will like about Graber is that the fabric collection has been well-coordinated with its other window treatments so that everything gels together.

  • Variety of Liners: Moreover, there are different liners which help in protecting the fabric of your drapes and curtains from nature’s elements, assist with insulation of the windows, and regulate light.


Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


  • These composite shutters are a cost-effective or durable option which also allows you to get the feel of real wood
  • Composite shutters are engineered in such a way that they can handle high humidity conditions with relative ease
  • As such, they are the right choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other rooms which have very high humidity


What makes them special?

  • These shutters have a composite and rigid construction which means they are able to easily resist seasonal flexing

  • Graber composite shutters are impervious to moisture, making them suitable for any humid condition

  • These are durable and well-suited for high traffic locations


In Conclusion

As we can see, Graber window treatments are well-suited for any type of décor or functionality you are looking for. These are the perfect option which can enhance décor of your rooms and further enhance it. If you want assistance in searching a particular type of Graber window treatment then give us a call on our customer support number (1-866-881-8682) and our experts will help you out.

We can also suggest window treatments which will best suit existing décor of your home.