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Choosing Graber Solar Window Shades for a Wise Investment

Graber Solar Window Shades

Graber Solar Window Shades – A Wise Investment


With summer heavily breathing down your back, it takes a lot to cool homes. From air conditioners to coolers, from refrigerators to cooling pads the options are bizarre and many. But these gadgets can also get your electricity and along with it your blood pressure soaring north. So to cool your homes and health the natural way, we bring you Graber solar window shades for that ultimate solution in cooling your homes and yourself. With a multitude of benefits, solar window shades can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement your traditional decor.

We are proud to be associated with Graber in bringing you world renowned products with the craftsmanship and hallmark of a leading brand. These shades are infused with state of the art technology and are very effective in cooling your home. Being a brand associated with effective and quality window treatments Graber leaves you with no doubts about choosing the best solar window shades.


Why Graber Solar Window Shades?


With a multitude of benefit, Graber solar window shades leave no doubt as being the best brand of solar shades in the market. Here are some of the reasons;

  • Highest levels of transparencies available; 1%, to 5% for lower openness but increased UV blockage and privacy, 7% to 14% for higher openness but less privacy and UV blockage (openness of a solar refers to how tight the weave is, which directly how well you can see through the fabric)


Graber Solar Window Shades


  • One of the best shades to keep heat out, block UV rays, control glare and protect your furnishings from fading

  • Treated with proprietary processes to ensure they repel dust, soil and stains hence require minimal maintenance

  • These shades are energy efficient by managing heat gain hence reducing your heating and cooling costs after all energy conservation starts at home

  • Class A fire rated (please check fabric specs, not all are rated), GREENGUARD certified (once again please check fabric specs, not all are rated), certified for children and school use and bacteria, mold, and fungal resistance, these shades are a perfect solution.

  • Limited Lifetime warranty (5 years on the fabric) makes this one of the most popular brands to choose from


Easy Lift Types for Smooth Comfortable Living


A range of lift types to make your life comfortable and convenient. Choose from;

  • Continuous loop – smooth functioning with a consistent chain length for easy raising and lowering

  • Cordless type – this lift type eliminates the need for a cord, a simple pull-up or pull-down of the shades suffices for a convenient operation

  • Smart pull type – Easy glide system ensures simple lowering of the shade with a single pull, and raise with a series of pull

  • Motorized lift type – Smooth, safe control operated with the touch of a button


Blackout Shades for Bedroom


Blackout Shades for Bedroom


Solar window shades from Graber come in a variety of colors and light control that allows you to see the outside world while still blocking 99% of the harsh UV rays. However, this very property makes them a bad choice for blackout shades for your bedroom. Since the shades are see-through, and it lets you see to whichever side is brighter, at night you risk losing some privacy. If you are looking for a blackout option, a blackout roller shade would be your ideal alternative.


Blind Ideas for Kitchen Windows


Blind Ideas for Kitchen Windows


Graber solar shades are a perfect solution for any room in your home. They make for good blind ideas for kitchen windows. Choose from higher openness to see out well and let in as much light as you can. They are great in the moisture-filled environment and should easily last most things your kitchen might throw its way. Being dust, mold, bacterial and fungal resistant ensures your maintenance is practically negligible. Choose from lighter hues to contrast your wooden decor or to add a pop add the right bold colors you so love.


Graber LightWeaves Exterior Solar Shades


Graber LightWeaves Exterior Solar Shades make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of solar shades all year round. They are installed on the outside of your windows or patio to cool the outside area (such as a pergola). Choose darker fabric colors for a better view and glare reduction and lighter fabric colors for better temperature control and heat reflection. Available in a range of jacquards, stripes and woven textures these shades can look rustic, refined or anywhere in between that you would like. So go overboard while choosing to bring in the coolness this summer.

Call in for more professional advice from our experts or get your free no-obligation estimation today. Our continuous offers will ensure you give a lift to your lifestyle in an elegant yet dramatic manner. We would love to hear from you.

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