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Do Brands Matter? Why You Should Choose Graber

Graber Window Treatments

Do Brands Matter? Graber Sheer Vertical Blinds

In the market of window coverings, there are so many manufacturers selling a range of products that it can be hard to determine which is best. You’re standing in front of a blind that seems perfect, and just as you’re about to buy it – something else catches your eye! When there are so many options out there, brand reputation becomes key as it lets you purchase in confidence knowing you are getting a good product with good backing.

In this article, we’ll highlight the merits of long-standing window manufacturer Graber blinds. We understand other brands are great too but hear us out. When faced with a decision to make, we suggest you consider what Graber’s window coverings can do for you.

They’ve been in the game a long time

Graber has been selling blinds since before many of us were even born. So when we get Graber’s sheer vertical blinds, we can be sure we’re getting something that has endured years of design and redesign to become the perfect blinds we buy today. It goes all the way back to John Graber himself, the man who created Graber’s first ever window covering treatment: The Badger Drapery Crane. This, combined with their constant desire for self-improvement and innovation, is a reason in favor of Graber’s Roller shade colors and double window shades.

They offer a lot of options

Graber Sheer Vertical Blinds

Given that they’re a company with a history of making and selling window coverings, Graber’s sheer vertical blinds come in many options based on what we need in our homes. But even if Graber’s sheer vertical blinds isn’t what you’re looking for, they can show you an exciting array of other window coverings, including a variety of blinds and shade or even pleated curtains.

Now let’s suppose we have a preferred type of indoor lighting (in this case, let’s say mild, soft, and diffused) and are looking at Graber’s selection of window treatments. We may realize that for the lighting we want, we could also use dual shades for more versatility. But the options do not just end there, there’s also the Graber roller shade (in many colors) which will also regulate the light entering our homes, or sheer shades that give us alternative options in light control. In other words, even if we aren’t keen on one specific Graber product, another Graber product could give us what we need.

How Graber treats its customers – Warranty included!

Graber customers enjoy a level of service that many companies could never hope to provide. Even after years of use, Graber blinds do not usually falter. But however, things do happen, and if your blind breaks down through normal use, it may be covered under warranty. Just contact the manufacturer and you’ll have a replacement part or blind sent out in no time. This is the kind of dedicated service that could convert almost any buyer into a loyal customer. And like we mentioned before, Graber takes its after-sale services very seriously.

Now when it comes to backing up their products, Graber has a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on many products, where most of the parts are covered for life. But of course, as with most warranties, they do not cover accidents or normal and expected wear and tear.

If you like it, put a remote on it!

Keeping a potential hazard for your pets and kids, like an exposed blind cord, is a thing of the past. Now, Graber offers options like the continuous loop lift system and the control wand, or a cordless lift option to raise or lower our blinds. However, if you love the idea of your Graber blinds and want to take it a step further, consider going for motorized options that can be controlled with remote control.

Smart motorized options, which communicate using Z-wave, can even be set to a timer and are controlled through an app on our smartphones (after connecting with an automation hub).

Graber is environment conscious!

Given that the materials for many blinds and shutters and other window coverings are often wood, Graber focuses on sustaining trees rather than just cutting them. To make sure their Graber blinds don’t destroy the environment, Graber works with foresters on a sustainable harvesting practice.

So if we’re ever worried about being environmentally conscious when buying our Graber blinds, we can rest easy knowing that Graber plants twice as many trees as they cut down. Graber also focuses on recycling materials, conserving water, and uses recycled biodegradable packaging.

Let’s face it, Graber blinds just look good

Graber’s got an amazing collection of blinds, drapes, shutters and more. They have the perfect design for our homes and another 20 designs that came close. Everyone can find a Graber blind they identify with. With so many colors, shapes, and sizes, finding the perfect fit for us in this haystack can seem like a herculean task, which means we need some help.

A distributor like is just the place to go if you’re looking for Graber products. Check out the online website and call in if you want to know about our other Graber designs.

So that’s why we believe Graber is the best option for anyone looking for decent window coverings. But of course, Graber is hardly about just blinds. Their products also cover Drapes, curtains, shutters, plantation shutters, double window shades, and much more.

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