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Graber Shades and Blinds: Trusted for Quality

Graber Shades

Graber Shades and Blinds: Trusted for Quality

Home is the place where you can find all the solace in the world. Away from all the business, you can climb into your couch, grab your cup of coffee and relax. A good book, an intriguing series, or an entertaining rom-com with all your friends sounds like an ideal weekend, doesn’t it?

We like to say that our homes are an extension of ourselves. The choices of our decorations and embellishments reflect the personality of the inhabitants. This goes vice versa too. Going for embellishments which can make the room look dull and dingy might not look like a very good idea to your friends and family. The color and texture of our interiors can reflect a lot upon our mood and how it sways.

Graber Shades – Aesthetic Value

Window treatments and coverings cover a huge chunk of the aesthetic value of our homes. Our sole connection to the outside world lies in the doors and windows. When it comes to making the decision about which window covering to go for, it is very important to consider factors like quality, strength, sturdiness, aesthetics and of course the monetary value.

The window coverings and treatment market is flooded with cheap stuff these days. There are a number of variants of every kind of shade in the market. Though they appear to be cost-effective during the first purchase, their gradual use says it all. Instead of investing a few bucks in the local window treatments, it is wiser to go for a brand, well known, and popular treatment.

Talking about quality, Graber is the name which tops the list.

Trustworthy with excellent quality, Graber offers you a huge list of window treatments and coverings. From Graber shades to Graber wood blinds, all the Graber window treatments undergo a number of trials and tests. To save you the effort of background check, allow us to introduce you to some of the most exquisite Graber custom window coverings.

Graber Cellular Shades:

Graber Cellular Shades

Extremely smooth and easy to operate, honeycomb shades by Graber are designed to make you experience sheer luxury. A rich combination of elegance, style, and class, Graber Shades can provide your windows with a complete makeover. The hexagonal cells trap the hot air outside and contribute a lot in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home. High insulation created by the honeycomb-like structure goes a long way in cutting down your electricity bills too.

Graber Wood Blinds:

Graber Wood Blinds

Crafted from North American Hardwood, Graber wood blinds are pure luxury. Available in a large number of colors, hues, and finishes, these wood-based blinds are the perfect window coverings for your living room windows. Exquisite and exclusive, wood binds provide the upscale looks with considerable utility. From light to privacy control, these wood blinds offer you a complete solution for everything.

Graber Solar Shades:

Graber Solar Shades

Add a layer of protection to your indoors and protect them from fading and warping due to the harsh sunlight. Besides providing protection from the UV rays, solar shades also cut down heat gain and reduce the electricity bills to a considerable extent. To give them the complete look, pair them up velvet draperies and savor the benefits of both. The Graber shades also provide diffused lighting and cut down glare on the screens. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, solar shades work better when mounted outside.

Graber Roller Shades:

Graber Roller Shades

High-quality fabric, with beautiful patterns and smooth texture, is all that you need in an ideal roller shade. The good news is, Graber provides it all. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, roller shades are the perfect coverings for patio doors and XL windows. Installing them in moist areas might not turn out to be a very good idea because of their fabric base. Rest assured, roller shades can prove to be really good for all other rooms in the house.

Graber Faux Wood Blinds:

Graber Faux Wood Blinds

Crack, warp and fade resistant, faux wood blinds are the perfect window treatments for kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to maintain and super convenient to install, faux wood blinds offer you all the utilities and affordable prices. Our personal favorite, faux wood blinds top the list of all-rounder window treatments.

Graber Draperies:

Graber Draperies

Layer your window shades and blinds with beautiful draperies and enjoy the royal look. You can also tie the draperies with beautiful accessories and embellish them with quirky curtain ties.

With a lifetime warranty, Graber offers you the best quality, luxurious fabric with extreme utility and high class.