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Graber Pleated Window Shades

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Pleated shades provide an attractive and contemporary touch to any window. The solid stiff fabric of the pleated shades are supported by a back ladder, come in a wide variety of bright and alluring colors, a large selection of design and multiple choices in patterns making this a very versatile product. Pleated shades also come with various lift options such as Cordless Bottom-up Top-down, Cordless, Continuous Loop and Motorized; providing the ultimate choice at affordable prices. Options such as Cordless and Motorized are great for the home with children or pets and are recommended. The shades come in either sheer, light filtering or blackout configurations. These shades are very versatile and are therefore perfect for all types of windows and doors.


Graber Pleated Shades

Graver-Pleated-Shades -
Graver Pleated Shades and Perfect-Vue Pleated Shades

Graber supplies this impressive Custom Pleated shades in two styles like Fashion Pleat and Even Pleat. It is available in a one-inch pleat style, and two-inch pleat style, both come with back ladder support which helps the shade maintain its shape and not sag. The light weight durable color coordinating headrail adds to the beauty of this pleated shade. Even Pleat pleated shades have a uniform pleated pattern from the top to the bottom when compared with the Fashion Pleat shades. Two-inch pleated shades are considered better for larger and wider windows. Fashion Pleat shades are only available in one-inch pleats whereas the even pleat shades are available in both one and two-inch pleats. The blackout feature will be available by adding a blackout liner that blocks all sunlight and maintains temperature. Brighton FR category pleated fabrics are FR-rated (flame resistant) and water repellent.

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Graber Bottom-Up-Top-Down Pleated Shades –

Sheer fabrics are transparent and allow as much as daylight into the house, light-filtering fabrics gently allow some daylight with minimal privacy, which means we cannot see out, but it lets some light in. Light filtering pleated fabric with dark color allows moderate daylight into the room while the light-colored pleated fabrics allow more daylight into the room. Room darkening fabrics allow a negligible amount of sunlight into the room with maximum privacy.

These pleated shades are also available for skylight windows with all the same options as a normal shade. Lift options such as Top Down Bottom Up bring a world of convenience to any window. It provides the user with the ability to open the shade from either the bottom or the top. This way you can keep your privacy by keeping the bottom closed and top open, or look out while keeping the sun out by opening the bottom and closing the top. The Perfect-Vue shades come with pleated fabrics on the top portion and cellular shades on the bottom portion of the shades. These shades come with a blackout layer as well as a light filtering/sheer layer. In essence, these shades will let you look out while keeping your privacy during the day time and also keep your privacy at night.
With a wide range of colors, styles and patterns and more customization options that one can count, pleated shades are an ideal option for any window or door. They are versatile and adapt to any room and offer the features and ease of use needed for anyone and everyone.

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