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Are Graber Shutters And Shades Worth It? A Comparison Of Graber To Other Brands

Graber Plantation Shutters

Want to purchase window treatments for your home? Not sure whether to purchase Graber plantation shutters or and other similar other products the firm provides? If you are facing this dilemma then the information we will be sharing here will help you take the right decision.

We will be looking at Graber and two other brands; Levolor and Bali Blind to check what special features each one of them has.

Graber Plantation Shutters And Other Window Treatments vs. Window Treatments From Other Brands


Graber Plantation Shutters

Graber is known for its high-quality products whether they are the Graber plantation shutters, Graber roller shades, or other Graber custom window coverings.

Graber Window Treatments

It all started in 1939 when John N. Graber started the company and over the years the company has built its reputation as one of the industry leaders. Today, Graber window treatments are a beautiful mix of innovative designs, superior energy efficiency, sophisticated style, and unyielding quality.

Graber is also part of Springs Window Fashions group of companies, which is the 2nd largest global manufacturer and distributor of drapery hardware and window coverings.

Graber Plantation Shutters – Focus Towards Green Living and Sustainable Practices

Apart from producing high-quality products, Graber also focuses on green living and makes use of sustainable practices in its production process.

For instance, shades and blinds manufactured by Graber make use of materials which are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. This means that their products have very low particle and chemical emissions.

In addition to it, a few of the sustainable practices they have incorporated into their work process include:

  1. Recycling of all plastics, waste wood, metals, paper, and fabrics in their plants, helping to divert such waste products from landfills.
  2. Conserving water by utilizing a closed loop water cooling system during manufacture of plastic.
  3. Designing product packaging which makes use of about 44% of recycled material.
  4. Sourcing and processing renewable hardwood domestically, so that fuel energy spent on transportation can be minimized.

Moreover, Graber is quite confident about the quality of its window coverings and as such, provides a limited lifetime warranty on its products.

Levolor – An Appropriate Choice for Customized Options

Levolor has carved a space for itself as a niche provider of quality window treatments. If you are looking for customized options then Levolor should be at the top of your list. Moreover, it is among the oldest window treatment companies and has developed a legacy of quality that is quite unparalleled.

It all started in 1914 when the company was formed by the Lorentzen family. The name of the company “Levolor” originates from the name of one of the leveling devices that Lorentzen family created. This leveling device facilitated the even rise and fall of the blinds.

Why are Levolor window treatments so popular?

The main reason behind their popularity is the high quality of their products, ease of use, and versatility of colors. Moreover, they have been able to maintain the same level of high quality over the years.

Adherence to California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (CTSCA)

Levolor complies with the CTSCA and accordingly, ensures that human trafficking or slavery does not occur in its supply chain. In addition, their supplier standards and business policies prohibit labor practices which can be considered inhumane.

Levolor also stays away from doing business with companies or individuals who engage in human trafficking, unlawful child labor, and/or forced labor.

Detailed Product Listing

Product Advisor

Levolor’s site provides many features which prove to be helpful for customers. One such feature is the product advisor tool which people can use if they are unsure which type of product will be suitable for their house.

This step by step guide will assist you in selecting the right options, functionality, and style for every room.

In this step by step process, you will have to choose different options so that the system can provide advice about the type of window treatment that will be right for you.

Specialty Shapes

Nowadays, many homes have windows that have unique designs and shapes (like arched windows).

As such, normal window treatments cannot be used for such windows. Levolor has introduced specialty shapes which you can use for dressing such unique windows in right manner.

A few of the specialty shapes you can choose from include:

  • Half arch
  • Circle
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Fanned angle bottom
  • Cutouts

Bali Blinds – Simplified Product Listings

Bali Blinds is another popular destination when you are looking to purchase window treatments with over 79 years of experience and history.

Green by Nature Business Practices

Bali Blinds has developed its unique Green by Nature business practices. These practices include:

  • Manufacturing facilities that recycle their material.
  • Material harvesting that is environmentally friendly.
  • Window treatments which are energy efficient.
  • Manufacture of window treatments which have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

A Large Array of Products to Choose from

Right from the smooth glide of Bali Blind’s roller shades to the warmth of wood blinds and the fashionable lilt of drapery, you sure get the right window treatment that will help you design that perfect look for your home.

Let us now look at special features of their product listings, which can certainly attract the attention of prospective customers.

Self-explanatory Product Listing

Custom Cellular Shades

Bali blinds have taken steps to make the product listings explanatory so that it becomes easier for customers to find the right product. Let us look at custom cellular shades page to check the details they have provided on their site this page.

This page lets you order swatches and also provides you a list of places from where you can buy these cellular shades. Additionally, on this page, there is a brief explanation of benefits you have when you purchase these shades such as energy efficiency, light control, etc.

There are also several product options for you to choose from such as:

  1. Multiple shades on a single headrail.
  2. Rail colors.
  3. Different shade types to choose from like top-down only, sun-down/sun-up, or bottom-up/top-down.
  4. Various control options like cord lift, continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, and motorized lift.
  5. Similar to Levolor, Bali blinds also has options to accommodate special shapes such as corner or bay windows, half circle perfect arches, non-perfect arches, angled shades, and triangular windows.

How do the different brands compare?

If we compare Graber with other brands such as Levolor and Bali Blinds, we find that in terms of quality and environmental policies, Graber excels way ahead of its competitors.

The Bottom Line

As we can see, if you are looking to purchase window treatments then Graber should certainly be one of the manufacturers to look into. They have a variety of options to choose from, which means it is more than likely that you will find a window treatment that you are searching for.

In case you need assistance in finding the right window treatment, then do give us a call on our customer support number.

Our experts will analyze your requirements such as a type of room for which window treatment is required, the kind of window you have in that room, and its interior decoration to suggest something that will be perfect for that room.

Just give ZebraBlinds a call on this toll-free number – 1-866-881-8682 to initiate the process.

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