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How To Choose Between Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds

Graber Faux Wood Window Blinds

Graber Faux Wood Window Blinds: Pure Wood or Faux Wood

Our love for blinds has withstood the test of time, and till date, blinds are among the best window treatments one can choose. Ideal for both home and office, they add a class, utility and style to the rooms they are installed in. Available in a wide range of variants, blinds are among the most complete window treatments currently in existence. From small apartments to huge mansions, blinds can never disappoint. Usually made from either real wood or faux wood (vinyl, PVC, composite wood material) blinds are available in almost every price bracket.

Before choosing the kind of blinds, you would want to install, pen down all your requirements and scrutinize correctly because a wise decision is always a well informed one. Consider the size, location, and kind of your windows. Make sure your window treatments gel into your interiors and last but not the least, keep in mind the maintenance methods of whatever variant you choose.

The Pure Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are made of pure hardwood and will provide you with a very grateful look and feel. If you have wood-based interiors, then wooden blinds are among the best accessories you can add in your room to make it look complete. Go for natural shades like dark and light brown to savor the finesse. Deluxe and plush, wooden blinds are meant for those who crave beauty to simplify. Elite, premium and royal, their beauty speaks. Not very difficult to maintain, all they need is light dust with a microfiber cloth once or twice a week. Keep them away from water and mud to make them last longer. Maintenance is easy enough and you know you deserve them. Install them in your living room or home office windows and savor the never-ending compliments from all your visitors.

Understanding Faux Wood Blinds

An imitation of real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are vinyl and plastic based blinds usually made from PVC. Profoundly durable and long lasting, they are crack resistant. Extremely easy to maintain, all they ask for is a simple wipe with a damp cloth every once in a while, or a weekly dusting with a Swiffer. Suitable for all the rooms, they can be confidently installed in bathrooms and kitchen windows. An appropriate choice for the children’s room (with a cordless lift), they are economical and worth every penny you spend on them.

Graber Faux Wood Window Blinds

Graber Faux Wood Window Blinds

The market is flooded with cheap imitations of all the window treatments these days. If you want to save yourself the struggle and effort, then go for Graber faux wood blinds. Stylish, graceful and sophisticated, the Graber faux wood window blinds are made from high quality synthetically processed PVC. Long lasting, sturdy and durable, their quality speaks for them.

Faux Wood Blinds Vs Wood Blinds: A Tough Competition

  • Durability: extremely durable and light on the pocket, faux wood blinds do well when it comes to lasting long. They are made from plastic which gives them a considerable edge over real wood blinds which are prone to cracking, warping and fading over time. This doesn’t mean that your real wood blinds lack durability. All you need to understand is that you should install the right variant at the most suitable location. For, eg: installing a real wood blind in the bathroom or on the kitchen sink window is not a very good idea and installing faux wood blinds on your home office windows might not do that well either.

  • The after Installation Maintenance: Robust and super sturdy, faux wood blinds can go on and on without much attention. All they need is a simple wipe once or twice a week. You can also uninstall them and soak them in water to get rid of all the accumulated dust. On the other hand, real wood blinds require attention. Keep the water and soap away and wipe them twice a week with a microfibre cloth to make them last longer.

  • Weight: if you are looking for a window treatment for your oversized windows, then faux wood blinds won’t be a very good idea. Their heavy weight can be an issue in the day to day operations due to which, It is preferable to go for the real wood blinds.

  • Budget: real wood blinds are no less than a luxury. They add sheer class and utmost grace to the windows, but at the same time, they might dig a hole in your pocket too. On the other hand, faux wood blinds are their rough and tough counterparts and can do well when it comes to sturdiness. If you have over-enthusiastic pets and super excited children, then well, you know the right choice, don’t you?

  • Privacy and light control: both the blinds perform considerably well when it comes to privacy and light control. Close the slats tightly and savor the light and heat locked outside your house. Opaque in structure, they leave no room for the harsh sunlight to creep in and spoil your sound sleep during the scorching hours of the day.

  • Aesthetics: Sophisticated, elegant, exquisite and exorbitant, real wood blinds are ideal for that royal and plush look. Let’s face it, when it comes to the aesthetic value, nothing can beat the wooden blinds. This doesn’t mean that faux wood blinds have nothing to offer you in terms of beauty. It is just that they are budget blinds and do well in their own price bracket.

Composite Wood Blinds

Composite Wood Blinds

If you want to enjoy the benefits of both faux wood and real wood blinds, composite blinds can offer all that you need. A combination of real wood and PVC, they have a strong core which keeps them away from breaking, warping and cracking. Ideal for all rooms, composite blinds are the new age window treatments you make you experience the benefits of both the blinds.

Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds?

Among the best ways to combine window treatments, curtains over blinds give you the benefits of both. You can enjoy the light and privacy control with your favorite pair of blinds and couple it up with curtains to provide it with a royal, manor-like look.

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