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Blend Easy Functionality with a Dynamic Look Using Graber Fabric Roman Shades

Graber Fabric Roman Shades

Blend Easy Functionality with a Dynamic Look Using Graber Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades have always drawn people who love blending functionality with a dynamic look. They make a unique statement in any kind of decor. With the various styles available today, Roman shades are a popular choice across various age groups. They are one of the most practical choices of covering windows that you can choose to enhance your rooms, while also ensuring the right amount of privacy.

The premium brand Graber offers a multitude of benefits ranging from styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, pricing, and others – you couldn’t ask for more! Graber fabric roman shades come with the hallmark of quality and craftsmanship of Graber, a leading name in window treatments.

Being a trusted name across millions of households, these roman shades are fashioned from a custom-sized piece of fabric that is mounted on the window. They are pleated in such a manner that when you pull the shade string, the fabric folds at regular intervals to create a lovely “draped” look.

Different Types of Roman Shades From Graber

There are multiple types of roman shades. Here are a few popular ones.

  • Flat fabric roman shades

This style provides a clean look when the shade is extended. Sleek, sophisticated and beautiful, this type neatly stacks when raised.

  • Cascade fabric roman shades

Refined elegant lines define the stitched pleats and create an elegant free falling appearance of these fabric roman shade.

Curtains with Matching Roman Shades

  • Relaxed fabric roman shades

This style is understated with a laid-back attitude. Relaxed fabric roman shades are free-flowing and less rigid, with gentle fabric swoops at the bottom of the shade. Choose to add curtains with these matching roman blinds for an even greater oomph factor.

  • Pleated fabric roman shades

This style goes beyond the expected, providing uniform folds in the fabric that produces a sophisticated drapery look. This unique style helps your shades stand out and catch the eyes of your guests.

Benefits of Graber Fabric Roman Shades

  • Limitless design choices – Choose the fabric of your Roman Shade and customize them as per your needs. The thousands of fabrics, colors, and patterns make this shade a popular choice. Depending on your choice, a Roman Shade can be soft and feminine, or masculine and tailored.

  • Timeless styles – The timeless beauty of these shades keeps it in trend at all times. Choosing the fabric wisely will extend the life of your shade. And Graber’s limited lifetime warranty will add to an enhanced lifespan of our product.

Fabric Roman Shades

  • Light control – Fabric roman shades are well equipped to provide you with maximum light control. The pleated style allows for plenty of scopes to open or block the light. The sheer design of Roman Shades ensures no seepage of light through the slats since they are made of one piece of fabric.

  • Privacy – Our range of Graber roman shades allows you to choose the level of privacy you want without compromising on natural light. You can choose to stack them up, down or anywhere in-between to get the best of both worlds – sunlight and privacy.

  • Energy efficient – You can choose to make your roman shades from the light blocking material that will effectively reduce the amount of sun exposure the room receives. This ensures there is a huge cut down on the functioning of your cooling devices like AC and fans. Choose a heavy lining on plain roman shades to help insulate the area during the winters.

  • Easy to operate – Easy operation of the shades by going cordless or simply motorizing them makes your life convenient.

  • Perfect for any space – Their simplicity and versatility makes them an optimal choice for any space, bedroom, living area, kitchen, or the bathroom. The stacking of the shades on the top creates the look of a valance, adding to the existing decor of your space.

Luckily, roman shades from Graber are easy to clean and maintain. Simply use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or a soft duster to remove any dust or unwanted items. This will improve the air quality of your home and extend the life expectancy of your shade.

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