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Conserving Energy with Graber Dual Shades

Graber Dual Shades

Conserving Energy with Graber Dual Shades


In today’s times of technologically superior window treatments, creating flexible light control and ensuring privacy levels of any kind is an utmost priority. While most window treatments offer one of those functions, that is light control or privacy, others claim to provide both. Durability, functionality and style fit are some of the basic features that a window treatment needs to deliver on. We bring you the most advanced window treatment of today’s times, Graber Dual Shades.

A Graber dual shade, a combination of solar shades and roller shades, is the best option if you are looking to conserve heat and make your window treatments energy efficient. With low maintenance and versatile light control, these shades are excellent for energy efficiency, helping to reduce your cooling bills. This product is a perfect solution in case you are looking for UV blockage and privacy.

Why Graber?

Graber brings you superior quality products that give you an amazing combination of comfort and performance. World class innovation and creativity simply raise the industry standards of genuine products. Graber blends form and function, not only meets the basic offerings of light control and privacy but exceeding those needs. Unyielding quality and energy efficient performance create the most exceptional window treatments to keep heat out from windows.

Graber Window Treatments

Making customers happy since 1939, Graber stands for eco-friendly products. Graber window treatments regulate sun rays to control the temperature in your living space hence providing a more cheerful and happy atmosphere. Use of natural resources like bamboo, jute, and grasses in natural shades, or using American sourced hardwoods for their wood blinds, provides renewable and sustainable options for consumers. Use of GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified materials with low chemicals and particle emissions to preserve clean air in your homes makes their solar shades one of the safest products for your family. With a limited lifetime warranty, what more could you want from your window treatment?


What are Graber Dual Shades?

Graber Dual Shades integrate two fabrics beautifully to lower temperatures and block glare. These Dual Shades combine fabrics from our Solar and Roller collections to give you the best of both the worlds. Each shade can be used independently and maximized to its full potential. It allows for precise control over light and the privacy desired.


Graber Solar Shades


Graber Roller Solar Shades


The Graber solar shades provide complete protection against glare and UV rays, ensuring not to darken your living space completely. They give you the perfect balance of light and comfort. They protect your interior decor from fading and yellowing by blocking glare and most UV rays. These energy efficient window treatments also help to reduce your cooling bills and reliance on your AC, as they block heat from the direct light.

Graber solar shades are uniquely engineered semi-opaque fabrics that allow you to view into your exteriors. Diffusing light, this product reduces the glare on your televisions or other electronic gadgets. If you are wondering how to keep heat out from your windows, then this is the perfect solution.


Graber Roller Shades

Graber Roller Shades combine the Lightweaves performance fabric with an amazing range of patterns and textures. Accentuate your existing decor with these unusual and breathtaking designs. Lower the roller shades at night to give you complete privacy from the prying eyes of the outsiders. They come in light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics. Light filtering fabrics allow a great view of your exteriors while blackout fabrics block out 100% of the light filtering in.

The versatility of Graber Dual Shades means that you enjoy the glare reduction of solar shades along with the privacy provided by the roller shades. The dual shades let you use a light filtering or solar fabric for comfortable natural light during the daytime while giving you privacy at night with a blackout shade. Or use the blackout shade during the day when you need somewhere dark and quiet. These shades are versatile enough for any situation year-round.

Go with dual shades from the world leader in window treatments, Graber. A friend for a lifetime and a companion for your living spaces, Graber ensure you have a peaceful and comfortable home. Choose from our wide range of designs and patterns to quench your budding creativity. Flat colors or bold hues, the decision is yours.

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