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Why “Cordless Graber Lift System” Is A Must Have

Graber Cordless Lift System

The Robust Graber Cordless Lift System – Futuristic Cordless Mechanism


The latest era of ever-advancing technology, cordless lift systems are replacing customary lift systems such as corded lift in the window covering industry. Graber is doing its part by creating advanced innovative cordless lift systems for covering windows of residential homes and commercial offices.


Graber Cordless Lift System - Cordless Roller Shades


Graber offers the cordless lift on with a wide variety of innovative products such as Cordless Roller Shades, cordless roman shades, cordless Graber solar shades, cordless natural shades and all kinds of blinds to name a few.

Graber Cordless Lift System – Cordless Mechanism

Graber, the flagship Brand of Springs Window Fashions is innovative with their cordless systems ever since they took over Horizons Shades. Through this, they gained Horizon’s indisputable cordless technology for the window covering that brings added benefits such as reduction in light gaps and increases in the size of the fabric on shades. Moreover, they adapted and continued innovating with the same technology in all their products.

Graber Roller And Solar Shades


Graber Roller Solar Shades


Graber Roller and Solar Shades with cordless lift are designed in such a unique way that the fabric gap on each side in an inside mount configuration is reduced to 1/4-inch allowing the smallest light gap of any spring roller shade; in comparison, most competitors have ½-inch of the light gap on each side. This technology is currently not available in any other brand in this industry.

Graber recently introduced a new slim clutch, known as Upright Clutch Controls in which the depth of the headrail is resized to 1-1/2-inch from 2-1/2-inch on all Roman Shades up to 60-inch x 60-inch. UpRight Controls increases a shade’s vertical height by 1inch approximately. You can still order for Old-Upright controls but need to indicate Old-UpRight at the time of ordering the product.

Another latest technique gained from Horizons Window Fashions is the improved Cordless One Controls, which we commonly knew as C1C. This eliminates dangling cords or tassels on the shades and decreases the risk of strangling. They are easy to use, operate, and look elegant and clean without the dangling cords. Cordless One Controls are available for all Roman shades and natural shades by Graber.

Since the degree of stretch for Graber Cordless Lift Control is manually adjusted, its unrivaled dual speed breaking system allows you to adjust every time you raise the shade at the desired speed. Moreover, carry a gorgeous look without the chain.

Cordless Graber Solar Shades


Cordless Graber Solar Shades


Graber roller shades and solar shades make excellent cover for windows. Graber offers an array of diverse collection of fabrics and numerous patterns, hues that include stripes, delicate woven textures, and jacquards to choose from for their line of Roller Shades along with the cordless lift. Their Solar Shades are built of vinyl, polyurethane, Olefin, and fiberglass and are very durable and long lasting fabrics. In addition, they have great exterior visibility and glare control. Cordless Graber Solar Shades can also span openness from 1-percentage to 25-percentage. The openness factor is calculated according to the light those fabrics let in, so the one percent lets in the lowest and 25 percent lets in the highest. With the solar shades fabrics vision or the outside view is not blurred like light filtering roller shades fabrics. Also at night time if the lights are on inside view is clearly visible from outside. Solar shades are not recommended for privacy at night time, roller shades are recommended for privacy at night since it lets in diffused light and only silhouettes can be seen from outside.

The fabric of both cordless roller and solar shades mends the temperature control of the interiors by reducing transmission of heat, and maintaining the rooms cooler, block Ultra Violet (UV), controls the glare and view. Also, reduces the glare on computers and on televisions etc. Note that the darker the color of the fabric, the better the control of the glare and provides admirable exterior visibility of the outside world and protect your carpets, artworks, furniture from losing their original colors from the damaging UV rays. Total room fabric coordination features of various fabrics for roller and solar shades gives Grand touch.

Cordless Graber lift systems are user-friendly and easy to operate and most of all safe. Since there are no chains and cords, they are safe for homes where pets and children are around and beautiful to look at.

Maintenance And Cleaning Information

Cordless Roller Shade Fabrics are practically free from maintenance. However, in case if it becomes dusty, you can just dust away from the shade by vacuuming or wipe off the dust with a piece of dusting cloth. Shades can also be mildly cleaned with a slightly wet clean cloth. Make sure that you do not raise the shade before it completely dries up.
Cordless Solar shade fabrics are also maintenance free. Nevertheless, it is advisable for you to occasionally vacuum and clean it with a bland detergent, brush softly and was completely and carefully. Here too, make sure that you wait for the shade to completely dry up before you raise it.


Why Buy From Graber And Not Any Other Brands?

Even if there are various advanced window-covering technology available in the North American market, that are built, and designed with care. Graber provides one of the most reliable and easy to use cordless lift systems in the window covering market. Their manufacturing processes are very environment-friendly, the cordless lift itself is very easy to use and requires no maintenance, there are plenty of inventive designs, and Graber provides a super quality product at affordable prices Overall, they exceed the expectations and go all out to satisfy existing and new customers.


Graber offers lifetime limited warranty as long as the owner remains the original buyer and in the case also if you find any original defects in their products or installation. All you need to do is carry the original sales receipt and the type of problem you face, to claim the warranty. Please check your individual product for detailed warranty guidelines.


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