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Fabulous Graber Blinds to Lend Privacy to Your Home

Graber Window Treatments

Graber Blinds – Privacy to Your Home

Ask an experienced home decorator about the trends in window coverings, and he will give you a list of suggestions that may or may not cater to your taste. Ask him about a favorite brand, and chances are he will list Graber as his top suggestion: a must-have brand in the realm of window coverings that covers a range of textures, colors, and price ranges to suit your budgetary requirements. Despite this, the top-most requirement will not be compromised on QUALITY!

Around for decades, every Graber product — even the valances and cornices — is intricately designed and constructed from the finest of materials. Whether your requirement is light filtering, noise cancellation, maintaining room temperature or privacy, Graber blinds are there at your service. We dedicate this section to these blinds and why they are perfect to be installed for all seasons and especially lend you the much-needed privacy against intruders or potential stalkers.

Graber Solar Shades Technology for Enhanced Privacy

Graber Solar Shades

What’s the use of getting those swanky sofas and comfy beds and mattresses if you toss and turn in bed at night, constantly conscious and aware of someone watching you! Well, the idea is not to scare you out of your wits but give you a reason to get solid window treatments that allow you to enjoy your serenity and solitude without your attention diverting towards things that could easily be avoided.

When you gift your windows the magic of the uniquely constructed design of Graber Lightweaves Solar Shades, you bring the outdoors into your home. What’s better than a window treatment that reduces the glare and UV radiation to a minimum without compromising the natural glow of the sun? Having a proper outside view without worrying about your indoors being visible from outside. That’s being two times as lucky as a consumer who expects his window shade to concentrate on just one feature at a time. Here you get the perfect combination of light, privacy and heat control, all at affordable rates!

Here’s what the LightWeaves technology in these must-haves does for your home:

  • Protecting your expensive furniture, floorings, walls and wall paintings against damage by Infrared and ultraviolet radiations of the sun.
  • Lowering your electricity bills by heat control and avoid the need for artificial lighting during day time.
  • Controlling the glare that may fall on your TV screen, allowing for enhanced TV viewing experience without any disruption or distraction.
  • Specially made fabrics that let you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

Besides, these solar shades can be combined with a number of other window treatments on a single window to enhance the beauty of the space even more.

Nature’s Essence in Graber Blinds

We’re talking about blinds and shades made from natural materials such as jute, grass, wood, and bamboo to create an earthy and natural look in your home that is both soothing and luxurious! What’s more? These shades are tightly constructed and woven to create lightweight materials that allow for diffused light to enter without compromising on the need of the hour — Privacy!

At the same time, they allow the usage of recyclable materials allowing for lesser waste and environment conservation. The asymmetric patterns also enable to create a look that is unique and enchanting with its texture.

The Swanky Romans

Graber Roman Shades

You must allow for some scope (space) for the good old Romans available in a wide variety of collections. At Graber, the Fresco shades are a highlight, boasting of neutral fabrics in three opacity levels. Whether you’re looking for the flat shades to Hobbled shapes in exquisite designs, these window treatments are sure to floor you with their sheer majesty.

As for their privacy factor goes, they must be drawn all the way shut to enjoy the level of privacy you need! Go for the ones with the highest opacity levels to ensure you enjoy maximum privacy.

Vinyl or Composite Wood Shutters

Custom Wood Shutters

Each is as good as the other. While Vinyl shutters may apply specially constructed materials that do not boast of a look similar to real wood, they are still attractive, lightweight options that let you control the level of sunlight you want inside while ensuring you get your desired level of privacy. They can be angled at a point to allow refraction of natural sunlight, and modern motorized options allow you to pre-set them as the position of the sun alters every now and then.

Enough has already been said about the PVC materials in faux wood shutters. But what we really admire about them is how they emulate even the key takeaways of wood blinds. The same sturdiness in construction, same light filtering capabilities, and utmost privacy. What’s more? You get to take advantage of all these features at much lower prices than real wooden window coverings.

Graber Artisan Drapery to Fill the Dots

Graber Artisan Drapery

Why not, after all? The newer, motorized and sleek window coverings have put heavy duty drapery on hold. However, a bit of an old school treatment is sometimes necessary to ensure you get to secure your needed privacy. Have a look at some of the most beautifully designed drapes and curtains from the one-stop solution of window coverings. We are looking at premium flowing fabrics in a plethora of styles that will make your home aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous in an instant. Their opaque, room darkening designs will give it the necessary blackout treatment to ensure you get to enjoy your sleep to your heart’s content even during the day.

Why Choose Graber?

Graber Blinds

It’s no use reiterating what Graber brings to the table: it’s effective, efficient, time-tested, reliable and has a huge following among homeowners across the world. Here’s a summary of the many benefits of Graber blinds:

  1. Cord Options: Whether you are looking for a motorized, continuous loop, motorized or lift options, Graber has it all. You can just make your purchase based on your choice.
  2. Energy Efficient Designs: The wide variety of fabrics and designs made from premium quality material ensure that you have the best of both the worlds.
  3. Motorized Options: Graber was one of the first brands in window coverings to introduce motorized Z-Wave technology in its designs.
  4. Limited Lifetime Warranty: The brand offers up to 5 years of the limited lifetime warranty, from the date of purchase.

For almost eight decades, the name of Graber has consistently been synonymous with design and construction of the highest order, ensuring you find the absolutely perfect window solutions to your requirements and needs. Window treatments of this brand are dedicated to your absolute satisfaction, thereby ensuring you get the absolute best in terms of privacy, excellence and prompt service.