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Is Installation For Graber Blinds Easy?

Graber Blinds Installation

Window spaces are a nice corner of the house where the aesthetics must be the maximum. There is just something unique about the window space that brings comfort as well as a space that warrants simplicity and creativity. That’s why home decor and window accents play an important role. With the right window treatment, you can make any type of décor statement you aim for. When it comes to window treatments there are various reasons you choose them for – for the way they look, the value they add to your space, the protection they provide and the functionality they bring forward.

When it comes to window treatments two choices predominantly rule the market – namely drapery and blinds. When it comes to choosing between the two, people lean towards drapery due to color and ease. Blinds are also a great option for many people. They are easy to maintain as well.

There are certain misconceptions that people have when it comes to blinds which influences their decisions to steer away from adopting blinds to their homes or other space. It is important to know what are misconceptions that exist about blinds, how blinds function and how easy are they to install to your space.

How Do Window Blinds Function?

Window blinds are a unique form of window treatments that provide you with extra flexibility when it comes to allowing sunlight into your space. They have horizontal or vertical panels (depending on the style you prefer) that can be pulled up or pushed sideways to moderate how much of light you want to let in. You can even adjust the panels to moderate the amount of light you would like in your space.

The mechanism for the conventional corded blind is quite simple. In most blinds, you will have a cord either on your left, or right or in both places. These cords will be attached to a railing that keeps your blinds uplift. When you pull the cord, the railing is pulled up, thereby pulling up the panels as well. You can pull the railing till the middle of the window and leave it suspended, or completely up, this depends on your need. Some blinds come without a string, they can be manually pushed up or pulled down by your hand or work with a motor, so you can operate them via a remote. Some blinds can be opened from the top and bottom simultaneously.
Graber Blinds

What are Common Misconceptions about Blinds?

When it comes to window treatments like blinds, shutters, and shades, certain common misconceptions hinder people from considering them as an option. Here are some common myths and misunderstandings.

• Blinds block out too much or too little light. When it comes to giving you that extra flexibility in terms of light control, that’s what blinds aim to provide. Their mechanism is such that you flexibly tug the cord and pull up the panels by your need.
• Blinds are not budget-friendly. When it comes to window treatments like blinds, you have a variety of options to pick from, therefore it is easy to find a blind that meets your budget.
• Another common misconception is that blinds come in preset sizes. This is not the case at all, you can choose the sizes you want for shades and shutters, the only thing you need is to measure your window frame and keep those measurements ready and with you by your side.
• Most people hesitate to invest in window coverings because they believe it’s hard to clean and maintain. That’s not at all the case when it comes to blinds shades and shutters. All you need to do is regularly dust it when you dust the rest of your home or if you have a vacuum cleaner with an attachable brush you can even use that.
• The most common misconception when it comes to window blinds is that they are too technical to install. Installing window blinds is not at all hard, you can do it yourself too!
Graber Blinds Installation

Is it Easy to Install Window Blinds?

Installing or fixing window blinds is a bit different from installing or fixing drapery. There is a little bit of technicality to it but it’s not at all hard to do. Here are some tips you can keep in mind that’ll make installing window treatments like blinds easy breezy. You can even keep these mind various other blinds from different manufacturer like Graber blinds installation:

• Depending on the kind of blind you invest in, you have to read the manual to ensure you have the right components and the right mount. An inside mount means you’ll fix the blinds within the window frame and an outside mount means you’ll fix your blinds around the frame. Ensure you have the right mount.
• Keep all your necessary measurements with you. Depending on the kind of mount your window or blind needs you’ll have to keep your measurements with you.
• Ensure you have all the essential tools you need to do the job; this means right format he tiny nuts and bolts to the major equipment like the screwdriver, etc. Keep them in reaching distance and always have a pencil with you so you can make mounting marks for further accuracy.