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Z-Wave Automated Window Blinds: Go-To Window Treatments for a Better Standard of Living

Google Home Z wave Shades

Google Home Z-Wave Shades: Go-To Window Treatments for a Better Standard of Living

We are enveloped and engulfed with the impact wireless networks have created in our lives. Be it our Bluetooth devices, smartphones, smart TVs, or even video games, they have made things pretty easy and convenient for us, taking care of our comfort as we save time, allowing us to spend those extra minutes being more productive.

If you are looking forward to converting your home into a smart home, there are several routes that you can take. For this purpose, you can shop for Z-Wave products, offering a great way to add security and peace of mind at very little trouble or manual effort involved.

Z-wave is a mesh network that employs low-energy radio waves to facilitate communicative action between different appliances. It allows for wireless control and operation of appliances such as home security systems, lighting controls, a wall-mounted keypad, smartphones, music devices, and home window blinds. The percentage of homes using Z-wave appliances has also risen rapidly over the last year, as more and more people have understood the implications and importance of this technology besides simply being aware of it.

Google Home Z-Wave Shades


Google Home Z-Wave Shades


The Google Home Z-Wave Shades are run through the use of the Google Assistant, a device that follows commands through voice-control. It has specific software that can differentiate different voices, so you could have it operated by simply voice-instructing it to open or close your blinds.

This is done in coordination with the Z-wave automated home blinds, connected with a compatible Z-wave smart hub (we recommend SmartThings). When you have this setup, you don’t even need to get up from your favorite spot in the house to operate your blinds. You just need to install the necessary app in your phone and let your voice do the rest.

Classic Z-Wave Enabled Smart Motorized Shades

There are a few benefits of these motorized shades, a few of which are as follows:

1) Using your smartphone to enable access

Your portable device now has features beyond chatting up with friends or shopping online. Download your smart hub’s app from the Play store and pair it with the device for shade control.

2) Security and Convenience

Imagine if you were too tired to move out of your bed, and slept through the night without lowering the shades for privacy. With Z wave enabled shades, you can schedule your timers beforehand for every specific time of the day. So you may have your shades shut automatically after sunset and opened again when the sun rises.

3) Neat window look

In the absence of cords, you put an end to your windows looking cluttered and untidy if the cords are dirty, dangling and difficult to operate. This may happen over time, which is why the world is switching to cordless and automated home window treatments.

Graber Z-Wave Shades

This brand has been around for a while and is one of the go-to and reliable options for window treatments. For years, it has served its customers well by providing the top-quality window treatments in a variety of styles and designs. Now it has Z-wave enabled treatments in different types of shades and blinds, including cellular and solar/roller shades.

Motorized Graber blinds are powered by a reliable and robust remote and motor. They can be customized to fit your budgetary needs, and they allow for easy and one-touch control. They can be operated from almost anywhere in the room.

Here are a few features of the Virtual Cord motorization of Graber blinds.

  • Convenience and Ease: they have a 65 feet operational range, with which you will be able to mount the discreet control next to a window or anywhere else within reach. This range is extended through the Z-wave mesh network.
  • Optimized Ambiance: You can choose to provide an optimized level of light control for your room, depending on how much you want the shades to be open or shut.
  • Clutter-Free Appearance: As discussed, in the absence of cords, the Virtual Cord feature provides an uncluttered and neat look to your windows
  • Peace of Mind: When you do not have to worry about your kids or pets being stuck in the cords, you can relax in peace and operate the shades from anywhere in the room.

Thus, we see how Z-wave automated window blinds are a must-have in every home to ensure a much better standard of living. Home decor has ensured maximum comfort for you with its Z-wave enabled products.

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