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Why Graber Blinds Are Among The Top Brands For Window Treatments

Google Home Window Blinds

Google Home Window Blinds: Graber Blinds As The One-Stop Solution To Your Window Treatment Woes

Looking for the right window treatments can be a challenging and arduous task, just like shopping for the right items to decorate the house. With the advent of the internet and multiple brands fighting for space in today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult to find out which one is just the right fit for your purpose.

While the basic requirements we look for while choosing window blinds, curtains or shutters are their benefits, the look and feel of the fabric, sustainability etc., looking for the right brands that offer them for sale is the real challenge. In the past few years, a lot of brands have invaded the market and online space. This article hopes to resolve your dilemma. With Graber Blinds, you will get the answers to your most troubling questions. From Google Home Window Blinds to motorized cellular shades, Graber Blinds has a lot going for it in terms of variety and quality.

Smart Blinds And Shutters: Advantages of Choosing Graber Blinds

Graber Blinds as a brand is a shining example of smart blinds and shutters, showcasing where technology has taken us today. Apart from offering the ultimate in terms of size, variety, and benefits, Graber Blinds offers ease of assistance and operation with their limitless blinds with varying features.

#1. Variety of Window Treatments

You name it, and there are high chances Graber Blinds will have that type of window treatment product. Here are a few of the shades and draperies that are popular choices among regular consumers

Window Shades:

CrystalPleat Cellular Shades

  • CrystalPleat Cellular Shades is the latest offering from Graber Blinds, which is known for its energy efficient and insulating features
  • Made from a soft fabric forming elegantly designed honeycomb shades, these ensure your room is neither hot or cold during extreme temperatures
  • Slide-Vue Vertical Shades also have the same features as that of CrystalPleat and are best used for large windows and patio doors
  • Layered shades are one-of-their-kind shades available exclusively on Graber, alternating between sheer and opaque to block the ultraviolet radiation while still filling the room with natural sunlight
  • These make Graber Blinds the best cellular blinds brand on the market
  • Other popular shades Graber specializes in are natural shades, roller shades, Roman shades, solar shades, and sheer shades, to name a few

Window Blinds:

Graber Vertical Blinds

  • From wood and faux wood blinds to vertical, vinyl and aluminum blinds, every one of these window treatments from Graber Blinds are made from premium quality material to prevent fading, cracking or peeling
  • They are also versatile enough to be used for bathrooms and kitchens alike
  • Faux window blinds are a specialty, combining the look and feel of real wood with moisture-resistance qualities
  • Graber Vertical Blinds are available in a wide variety of patterns, offering great resistance against light for patio doors and wide windows

Custom Plantation Shutters:

Custom Plantation Shutters

  • The composite wood structures of Graber Blinds make them an ideal window treatment solution
  • Made of the most premium quality of wood and handcrafted to perfection, Graber Traditions Wood Shutters are an excellent investment that will make your home look more luxurious and classy
  • Graber Traditions Composite Shutters, on the other hand, are best used in areas prone to high humidity, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens

Drapery Window Treatments:

Drapery Window Treatments

  • Offering natural drapes along with Valances and Artisan drapery, Graber Blinds offers you another lot of variety to enhance the beauty of your home
  • Their drapes have detailed construction with intricate designs and patterns, an extensive fabric and liners’ selection to provide insulation and sound absorption features
  • For their natural drapes, natural materials like jute and bamboo are used, which provide lightweight construction along with providing a stylish window treatment which is durable and long-lasting

#2. Warranty Coverage

  • Graber has been around for decades to give you the ultimate customer satisfaction
  • With the Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty, you are assured of excellent customer service and ultimate deliverance of quality whenever you need it
  • All original defects in the material or workmanship, internal mechanisms, components and brackets are covered under the warranty
  • However, you must also take care to read the circumstances under which the warranty wouldn’t apply
  • For obtaining more information, you must contact an expert or reach out to Graber’s customer service

#3. Motorized Blinds And Shades

  • Motorized features in blinds give you ease and comfort without unnecessary troubling yourself in pulling those dangling cords
  • With the help of a remote, you can open and close blinds which are hard to reach, especially those employed by large windows or doors
  • You can decide the level of sunlight you want, and accordingly, use the remote to adjust them. Motorized blinds and shades offer you peace of mind and relaxation, especially after a hard day at work when you do not wish to leave the comfort of your sofa
  • The motorized feature also offers a clean and neat look to the windows by removing the need for chords, which only act as a barrier and provide unnecessary clutter

#4. Energy Efficient

  • There are many energy efficient blinds from Graber that can easily provide a solid makeover to your living space while simultaneously increasing comfort and reducing energy loss
  • Cellular shades, dual shades, solar shades, roller shades, Roman shades and faux wood shutters are awesome solutions which can meet the purpose of protecting the house against ultraviolet radiation while also providing protection against chilly winds during winters

#5. Safety

  • Motorized features in blinds do away with the need of cords which children and pets often play with and get tangled in when parents or supervisors are not around. Fondling them can be dangerous and can lead to injuries
  • However, with motorized blinds, you need not worry
  • The remotes, however, should be kept out of reach of your children and pets
  • Even when some blinds do require the use of cords, ensure they are mounted on the top and short
  • This will keep them out of reach of children
  • The cords should also meet safety guidelines and those that have not been replaced for more than 10 years must be immediately done away with

#6. Sustainability

  • Graber custom treatments for windows and doors for any kind of house are made keeping the natural resources and protection of the environment in mind
  • The manufacturers recycle, reuse and reduce whatever they can, considering the finite availability of resources for future generations
  • Making products that are 100% environmentally safe and durable, Graber Traditions makes durable and long-lasting products which are at the same time color consistent and lightweight
  • To reduce water wastage, a closed loop water cooling system is used for manufacturing plastics
  • For packaging purposes, a minimum amount of packing material is used, that is also made from recycled products
  • LightWeaves Roller and Solar Shades have ensured that the amount of particle and chemical emissions in the air are minimal through the use of Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified materials

In Conclusion

Graber believes in delivering top-notch window treatments to its customers at varied prices and multiple varieties. Being technologically advanced, providing natural materials, and still using recycled materials for packing at the same time, Graber Blinds is undoubtedly one of the best names in the market. Be it sun protection, prevention of dust, upgrading the look of your interior or providing excellent post-sales service, Graber Blinds delivers what it promises. So, go “window shopping” according to your requirements and choose from a wide variety of modern and smart window treatments.