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Connect with Google Home Window Blinds And Shades

Google Home Window Blinds And Shades

Hi-Tech Homes with Google Home Window Blinds And Shades

Hi-tech homes are nothing new in the market today. And staying smart by being quick to integrate the technology into every part of your home is something more and more people are experimenting with. You can use your smartphone to set the mood lighting, check on your kids or pets, or just set your blinds as you need them. Automated blinds are the latest in window coverings which allows you to get hi-tech in a single command.

Making your home future ready by going hi-tech with Google Home Window Blinds And Shades? By sheer consistency, Google boasts of a name that is connected with the technology we have all lived with for years. Now with Google Home, they take your lifestyle a notch higher by giving you the power to operate your home from anywhere in the world in combination with the best brands of window blinds.

Google Home And How It Works

Smart Blinds And Shades

  • Smart blinds are a perfect fit for the on-the-go homes.
  • Scheduling lives in an easy manner can be a very smart way to take care of the on-going at home.
  • The perfect color and size are easily available with Google home window blinds and shades.
  • Your priority is a big concern and hence a wide variety to choose from.
  • The technology surpasses others in the field and makes adapting quite simple.
  • Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker that doubles as a smart home control unit and a personal assistant of the family.
  • You can use it to control your entertainment electronics at home and ask Google things you want to know.
  • The device has interchangeable bases in different colors and finishes to allow you to match it to your decor.
  • At the base is a speaker that answers your queries and on the top is a touch display with LEDs in place.
  • There are no buttons or any switch for you to use on this device.
  • There are dual mics that respond to your voice.
  • Google Home can distinguish between your voice and other noises in the vicinity and respond accordingly.

How My Smart Blinds works with Google Home?

Using Window Blinds with Google Home

Virtual Cord Graber Z-wave Blinds

  • Google Home can be a control Centre of your entire home by accessing the Google Assistant.
  • It will let you set basic chores like alarms, timers, manage shopping lists and pull down/ pull up your blinds.

Smart Kitchen Window Blinds

  • By combining Google Home with our Virtual Cord Graber Z-wave blinds, you can get the best blackout shades for your bedroom, giving you complete privacy, or even great smart kitchen blinds with timely instructions.
  • Your voice will simply be the trigger element to manage the windows of your home.
  • With our Z-wave compatible shades, connect your Google Home to a Z-wave smart hub like SmartThings, and then connect your shades.
  • And voila! You are ready to operate your smart blinds through a voice command, or even from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

So, just say, “Ok Google, you can lower the blinds in the master bedroom at 2 pm.” And the instructions are simply carried out, or, “Ok Google, lift the blinds in the children’s bedroom at 6 am” in case you are traveling. The Google Assistant adapts itself meaningfully to you and your lifestyle and learns your preferences over time. 

If you have other Z-wave devices in your network, you can combine them in meaningful ways. Lower or raise your blinds according to the temperature of a room, or create a routine that lowers the blinds and turns on the lights in your home when you get home from work. The possibilities are endless.

Going Smart The Google Way

  • Choosing Smart Blinds for your windows reflects the inner smartness in you.
  • Along with providing you with window covering sun protection, they give you complete privacy when required.
  • Automating your windows in your home and managing it from your smartphone or a remote control brings convenience to your fingertips.
  • Smart Blinds can even be controlled according to the weather outside and maintain the indoor temperatures accordingly, thereby impacting your electricity bills.
  • Google Home window blinds and shades can be programmed to operate in such a way that they protect your expensive furnishing and other items from the harsh sunlight during the daytime.
  • Without the dangling cords, they make home a safe place for your pets and Kids.

Google Home window blinds and shades are a hassle-free way to manage the workings of your window treatments and coming home every day to a breezy and cool home. They come in a variety of styles, from outdoor blinds to cellular shades and more. So get set and into the groove, the trend is only going to make your home and family very hi-tech. Speak to our experts on how to get this valuable security in your home today!

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