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A Look Into The Future of Smart Homes: Smart Motorized Shades

Google Home Smart Shades

Google Home Smart Shades – A Look Into The Future of Smart Homes

When the whole world is shifting into a whole new area of technology and home automation, we shouldn’t hesitate to change with the times? A lot of service organizations have devised new ways which do not require human support or manual labors that would, before, take a lot of time to complete.

These things would have sounded impossible to conceive less than a decade ago, but automation is entering every area of our lives. Alexa and Google Home are classic examples of smart technologies that have made their presence known now to millions across the globe. And now the domain of window treatments has become exposed to the multiple benefits motorized shades have brought, which require minimum human effort. While motorized treatments came to be known as cordless window treatments till about a few years ago, now they have given way to window treatments that can be operated simply by voice instructions.

Google Home Smart Shades

Google’s smart search engine technology has given way to a Google Assistant that is meant to respond to any instruction and follow it. From playing music to searching for the best results requested, the world’s best-known web page is fetching things no one earlier expected it to.

Now it has gone a step further. With google smart home shades, you simply need to order your shades to close, open, tilt or schedule timers according to which they can change positions during specific times of the day. All you need to do is instruct them by the name. For instance, “Hey Google, please set the blinds at 45 percent” or “Hey Google, close the blinds” is a simple enough voice instruction to make them do the work automatically as long as you address the blinds.

Smart Hub Home Automation


Z-Wave Home Automation


To operate your blinds using Google Assistant, you first need to ensure that it is connected and communicates using Z-Wave, a Smart Hub Home Automation frequency. The Z-Wave Home Automation technology has found its way to modernize almost all window treatments, from sheer shades and honeycomb blinds to roller and Roman shades. Their use has led to a substantial increase in demand, and they can be found in homes all over the world.

There are a few steps that you can follow to set up your Z-wave home automation with Google Assistant flawlessly. It is not a particularly difficult procedure, but to ensure it is done properly.

Do I Need a Smart Home Hub?


Smart Home Hub - Smart Windows


One of the common FAQs for people who are planning to set up a home automation wireless network is “Do I need a Smart Home Hub?” To be fair and honest, it is completely your choice. However, without a smart hub, you will be unable to use automation functionality in many of your devices including your smart motorized blinds. Soon enough you will see how every home in every part of the world will be applying the wireless technology. It’s much like our computers, the use of which has become universal in a way that we cannot think of survival without it. Or smartphones for that matter.

Your dilemma may be answered by a number of important features of a smart home hub, a few of which are listed below.

  • Smart home blinds give you better access to your windows. Now you do not have to face hassles while trying to reach higher or taller windows
  • When you have motorized access through remote control or Z-Wave technology to assist you, you simply need to flick your finger or order instructions with your voice!
  • It is common knowledge that motorized treatments result in energy efficiency as effective as regular window treatments
  • However, it depends on the quality and features of blinds as well
  • A few examples of top energy efficient blinds include Roman shades, Venetian blinds, blackout cellular shades, Top Down Bottom Up shades and roller blinds
  • Extremely safe and durable, these shades can be set up in your kids’ bedrooms or anywhere in the house, for you do not need to worry about kids playing in their vicinity and breaking the dangling cords in case of traditional window treatments
  • The cordless feature also makes them amazingly beautiful, clean and uncluttered in appearance
  • They offer a minimal look, where your attention is focused primarily on their designs and colors without the cord being an ugly disruption


To sum up, Smart Motorized Shades are no longer the future. They are the present and are very much in demand in homes all over the world. If you are not comfortable with the technical process that involves setting them up, contact our support team for advice, take a look at numerous how-to videos online. Research as much as you can, and know your requirements. When you have your expectations clear, you can easily narrow it down to the motorized treatments you need.

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