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Live in Coziness & Comfort with Google Home Shades

Google Home Shades

Coziness & Comfort with Google Home Shades


Technology has made us explore avenues we never thought were possible. It has affected every bit of our daily lives, and it wouldn’t be outrageous to suggest that every aspect of our lives, from work to study to travel to even personal hygiene would be deeply affected if modern technology were suddenly no longer a part of our routine. With breakthroughs expecting to happen every day, tech giants such as Google, Samsung, and Apple are constantly striving to outdo one another in the next big invention.

The latest major inventions that have sought to revolutionize the way we carry on our daily tasks and have been most successful in this quest have been Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod. In this section, we focus on how Google Home works and how it can be installed to make our shades work.


What Are Google Home Shades?

Google Home is a smart speaker that help you by receiving voice commands through the Google Assistant, a voice-activated virtual helper which is connected to the internet. It can be integrated with multiple smart home devices and can play music, provide home updates, turn on lights, provide news updates, operate your window blinds and so on.

Like many home-automated devices, operating your modern window treatments can be a cakewalk once you have the Google Home available at your service. You don’t need to get up or walk over to the hard-to-reach windows to operate your shades. Smart window shades brought to you by Z-wave technology need to be installed first, and you need to check the voice commands that you can give so that they can be seamlessly integrated with the Google voice-controlled assistant.


Google Home Z-Wave Shades


Google Home Z-Wave Shades


“Turn off the blinds”, “lower the shades” or “turn on the window coverings” are a few of the basic voice instructions that you can give to let your Google Home enabled Z-Wave shades function according to your requirements. They are designed for efficiency, comfort, and effortless operation. Here are a few instructions that you can follow to operate modern automated blinds using the Google Home voice assistant:


  1. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your smart hub is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. A fluctuating network may make things difficult and act as a hindrance to the effortlessness that Google Home brings to the table.

  1. Access and open the Google Home app on your smartphone.

  1. Go to the Menu option and tap on “home control,” an option that you can view on the upper left corner of the screen.

  1. Tap on the option that says “My Smart Blinds,” which will prompt you to enter your credentials, i.e. your username and password.

  1. The device will present to you the options that you can tap on to operate, including the blinds that you want in use, the rooms that you want to operate and so on. Ensure that you are within the range of operation when you want the blinds to function.

  1. Your Z-wave enabled blinds are now ready to operate and function as per your preferences.

Advantages of Google Home Blinds

You must have already while reading the article until now, gauged the benefits that come along with the smart technology that these blinds entail. To summarize, we would like to list down the advantages of Google Home blinds for your home.

1) Smart and easy access to windows

Without moving an inch, you can use your voice command to lower or raise your windows. You can thus schedule the movement of your shades according to the time of day. Imagine you’re sleeping and hate to leave the comfort of your bed on a Sunday morning just to adjust your shades. All that can be avoided with the help of Google Home blinds.

2) Lowering Your Energy Bills

Having the right blinds in your room can protect you from the scorching heat outside and keep the surroundings at room temperature. Alternatively, they can prevent the escape of indoor heat through the windows when they’re properly insulated during winters. That way, they can reduce the need of an air conditioner and a heater when temperatures are extreme outside.

3) Safety for Kids and Pets

You do not need to bother with dangling cords that can get within the reach of curious children and dogs who can twist them out of shape and even break them after getting entangled. This can be dangerous for them as well, as they can, in the worst case scenario, strangle themselves. To avoid posing serious health concerns to your loved ones, it is always a good idea to go for a shade with the motorized operation.

4) Privacy and Security

When you are away and your house is left totally unoccupied, your automated blinds can give the illusion to the potential intruder that there is always someone inside. This ensures the safety of your home and you can go wherever you want for long periods of time without being stressed over what’s happening back home.

5) Versatility in Window Coverings

Just because Z-wave smart shades are advanced and cutting-edge, it doesn’t mean that the range of options available are limited You can easily choose the window blinds of your choice, as almost all types of modern window treatments have Z-wave enabled options, and they can be seamlessly set up with the Google Home technology to add versatility to your home. If you want your home to be entirely automated in window treatments, you can add a variety of shades to every room.

Be it roller shades, cellular shades, or Roman shades, they can all be integrated with the Google Home technology to create an atmosphere of utmost luxury and comfort to your house. While the technology is here, it makes sense to use it to your benefit. So what are you waiting for? Contact ZebraBlindsto make your purchase after going for the best choice for your windows.

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