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For the Good of our Bathroom Windows


The Right Window Treatments to Tackle Heat, Humidity and Moisture

Homeowners pay little attention to bathroom windows as they mistakenly feel that these apertures do little for the aesthetic appeal of a home. Even when it comes to designing a bathroom, more attention is given to the type of basins, tiles and other elements than the windows, which get little or no attention. We professional interior decorators know the importance of covering bathroom windows the right way since there are several factors to be considered in this area of a home. Bathroom window treatments have to be moisture resistant, easy to clean, allow light, provide high privacy, and should be durable besides being practically functional as well. Matching the right window treatments with the tiles and other bathroom furnishings can have a magical effect that makes a bathroom appear lavish and luxurious. It should also be noted that the beauty of a bathroom will add to a home’s value and beauty to a great extent.


There are times when it is difficult for me to explain to my customers why they are making the wrong choice for their bathroom windows because they argue for their own reasons. It takes some time for them to realize why I do not agree with the proposal they come up with.


One of my clients insisted that her bathroom windows should have curtains. I do not have a problem with curtains for bathroom windows, but the problem was the fabric she had chosen for the curtains. When I tried to convince her, she got really upset with me and dismissed my idea with, “I have lived in this world for 75 years now. I know what I am doing”. I had to keep my cool and explain to her that the fabric she had chosen was susceptible to mildew that would spoil its beauty in a short time. But she insisted on the fabric, and I had no choice in the matter. A few months later, she called me and apologized for being rude, and agreed that I was right. The fabric has lost its visual appeal due to mildew, and it was tough to clean. She asked me whether there was any fabric that she could use for curtains on her bathroom windows as she loved the look. I had to hold myself back from saying, “I told you so”.


Once I got my order to change her bathroom curtains, I explained to her that with the right type of fabric, it was easy to maintain bathroom curtains. The best options are voile, lace and muslin fabrics that are light and dry rapidly. If mildew stains appear, they are easy to clean, and can regularly be washed in washing machines. These durable fabrics do not lose their shape in high humid conditions. Also, for the sake of privacy it was better to combine these curtains with cordless (TDBU) Top Down Bottom Up shades that let in enough natural light while keeping prying eyes out to maintain privacy. Since she had made the mistake of ignoring my advice the first time around, this client listened carefully to my advice and checked things out properly. I was glad to rid the bathroom windows of the heavy fabrics that held the moisture and dust, leading to a lot of mold and mildew stains, not to mention a stale smell. They were quite an ugly sight.


There are a few elite customers who prefer expensive shutters for the bathroom windows. For those who can afford them, shutters are always a good choice since they come with hinged panels that are easy to open or close and they blend in well with the bathroom décor as well. The slats of the shutters can be tilted to let in natural light while maintaining privacy inside the room. The only problem is that the shutters made of natural wood may warp and lose their visual appeal in the high humid and moist environment of the bathroom.


Many renowned window treatment manufacturers are working hard at making shutters withstand the high humid and moist conditions not only in the bathroom but also on regular home windows. One of the good examples of highly durable shutters are the Woodlore Norman Engineered Shutters which have composite slats finished with a polypropylene coating, which ensures that the shutters will not retain mold, crack, warp, or twist. These amazing Engineered Shutters are made of polymer and wood blends, built to modern convenience with the advantage of the Invisible Tilt.


For my clients who prefer shutters on their bathroom and kitchen windows, I recommend Woodlore Plantation Shutters since they can be used in high traffic, high humid areas without problem. The polypropylene coating makes them easy to clean, which makes the Engineered Wood California Shutters the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens, where window treatments tend to get messy quite often. These window shutters are made to last; its build is robust and sturdy but with a reduced weight to avoid sagging. These wood composite shutters come with 1⅞, 2½, 3½ and 4½-inch louver sizes and many colors options. Moreover the engineered wood or the wood composites of which these California Shutters are made from well-managed forests. This means that Norman only works with foresters who use “sustained forest practices”, keeping our planet safe.



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Blinds are also a good choice for bathroom windows since they are available in a variety of materials, including vinyl, fabric, aluminum and wood. Venetian blinds are great because they provide privacy when closed but can be opened to allow light in, hence giving the customers best of both. I prefer combining the blinds with drapes, because when the blinds are used alone, they can make the room feel cold and somber. 1-inch aluminum privacy blinds are ideal window coverings to provide optimum levels of natural light along with maximum privacy.




They are known as privacy blinds since the indoor activity is completely shielded as they don’t have any route holes on the slats, which prevents any open space for light leakage. Hence, these blinds ensure the utmost level of privacy that makes this product ideal for bathroom windows. The aluminum slats are moisture resistant, strong, stain resistant, easy to clean, firm, durable, scratch resistant, dust and dent free. Now, that is something I would like to install on the bathroom windows of my clients for complete customer satisfaction!

Though my clients ignore the bathroom windows at times, I know that bathrooms are humid spaces that require window treatments that can withstand moisture. Privacy is another important factor in choosing blinds for a bathroom. For me, choosing the right window treatment for the bathroom is as important as choosing window treatments for the rest of the home.



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