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Going Green with Solar Powered Skylight Shades

Solar Powered Skylight Shades

Go Eco-Friendly with Solar Powered Skylight Shades

The sun shining after a long drawn out winter is a delightful treat. And as the summer sets in you will want to make the maximum use of the awesome sunshine, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Like you cannot imagine outdoors without lots of light, sun blocks or cool dresses, it’s an impossible task to imagine indoors without the same. So we bring you solar powered skylight shades to help you control the amount of light into your home to still let you enjoy the summers indoors.

With smart blinds and shutters from Zebra Blinds, the most energy efficient offering solar powered skylight shades are the perfect solution for those hard to reach windows. Easy to operate with the flick of a remote that is charged by the sun, these blinds do not require any tiresome installation as they do not have any wiring. Simply snap them into place and operate with the touch remote available.

Solar Powered Skylight Shades


Want to Contribute to the Environment?

Our range of solar powered skylight shades are unbelievably energy efficient. They are powered by the solar energy which means that no other source of energy is required to charge it. This helps reducing your electricity consumption and thus helps you make your contribution in saving the planet and being environmentally friendly. Additionally, they help insulate your home to reduce your reliance on your air conditioning. So do away with the guilt, you are doing your bit to conserve energy.


Need complete privacy?

Our range of solar powered skylight shades is one of the best blackout shades for the bedroom. With room darkening solar blinds and complete blackout solar blinds options to choose from, you can get complete privacy at the tip of your finger. Choose from double pleats solar blinds and Blackout flat solar blinds for an ultimate experience to enhance your special moments.

Our solar powered skylight shades are made using special absorptive material which absorbs energy quickly and reduces the amount of heat filtering in, hence keeping your room cooler throughout the day. As a result, the temperatures are far more regulated in your home which reduces the usage of other cooling systems like fans and ACs. A wide range of colours and patterns will surprise you no bound.

Blackout Skylight Shades


Need protection from UV Rays?

Protecting your family from the harmful UV rays can be a challenging task. With Graber Lightweaves Solar Roller Shades this is easily manageable. It not only protects your family but also your expensive interior decor and other electronics. It reduces the glare on computers and TVs while giving you a complete view of the outside. Choose from a wide range of high style fabrics many of which are Green Guard certified to protect the quality of air around you. These solar powered skylight shades can be paired with a window lift of your choice. Combine them with a motorized option for convenience for those hard to reach windows.

Graber Lightweaves Solar Roller Shades


Sun filtering roller shades

With brands offering you window treatments that either allow light in or block it completely, sun filtering roller shades from brands like Graber, Crown and other leading manufacturers, makes your skylights a pleasure to use. With complete control of filtering light in, partially or completely, this product is a must have for skylight windows. They are designed from high quality materials that enable you to block out the harmful UV rays and glare. So go ahead enjoy the outside view without getting harmed by the sun rays anymore.

Sun Filtering Roller Shades


Dramatizing your skylight windows?

To dramatize your skylight windows and make a statement, choose from Graber Shutter Style Blinds. These carefully crafted wood and composite shutters will add a timeless grace to your rooms. The Graber Wood Shutter Style Blinds are surely an investment in quality for your home. The composite shutters are made from refined wood alternatives that are high on durability and wear n tear over time. The Graber shutter style blinds are an ideal option for your skylight windows as they are a cost effective alternative with added benefits from a leading brand.

Graber Wood Shutter Style Skylight Blinds


Choose to go with a standard panel from a wide range of Graber shutter style blinds. The standard panel can be installed using any frame style to fit a rectangular window. Go smart with our wide range of smart blinds and shutters from Graber, a leading name in window treatments.

Solar powered skylight shades are not only stylish but are also cost efficient. Home owners can take advantage of the tax benefit on using solar products. These smart blinds and shutters allow you to control the amount of light coming through your skylight in a smart way. Choose from light filtering single pleated solar shades to room darkening double pleated solar shades. Available in bold abstract patterns to harmonious ones, that can alter the look of any room. Go loud with a pop of colour or just neutral shades that allow you to highlight other elements in your room.

Come; explore a whole new world of solar powered skylight shades at ZebraBlinds. Chat with our experts or just order free samples to check out what suits your decor the best.