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Low Profile And Elegant Window Treatments For Your Glass Doors

Glass Door Shades – Low Profile And Elegant Window Treatments


Whether it’s privacy, light control or glare reduction, there are plenty of options available to choose from. From traditional blinds and drapes to modern shades that go beyond the old-fashioned ways of looking at window treatments, from treatments for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, to Palladian windows, skylights, and glass doors – we have it all.

With the state-of-the-art technology today, ZebraBlinds gives you choices for any kind of treatments for windows or doors. And the latest is beautiful elegant treatments for Glass Doors. These are treatments designed for glass panels to give you clean and comfortable surroundings without the typical hassle of installation. They are so easy to install you can practically do it yourself. So take on this project this summer. You are bound to enjoy it.



Glass Door Shades – Benefits


Depending on your glass doors, you can also mount shades between the glass. This style comes with numerous benefits:

  • No Dusting – The glass panels are sealed, so no dust or allergens

  • Privacy – Privacy channels on each side of the blinds for 100% seclusion

  • Light control – The channels on either side eliminate light gaps for complete light control

  • Easy operation – A single controller enables you to easily raise, lower or tilt the blinds for easy usage

  • Child & Pet-friendly – The fashion in which the windows are sandwiched between two panes makes it cordless and lends the ability to be perfectly safe for kids and pets around

  • Co-ordinating colors – The colors of these blinds will always match your existing decor as they are available in shades that are neutral and subtle

  • Styles – Multiple styles to choose from that resist any kind of weather and make the performance soar higher

  • Warranty – A 5-year warranty to ensure your investment works well


Sliding Glass Door Panels


  • Solar shades


Solar Shades


Sliding Glass door panels build a lasting impression that is hard to ignore. For dramatic statements that go on for a longer period choose Solar Shades. These are good to help reduce glare and block UV Rays. Choose from a variety of transparencies. They are a perfect option for reducing heat and maintaining a perfect view of the beautiful outside.

  • Roller shades


Roller Shades


Roller shades are available in a wide variety of material choices and transparencies. Choices in light filtering, blackout, and print options make them popular as you can coordinate your shades to any kind of decor. Ideal for a single or multiple sliding glass doors, these shades can be customized to adapt to most big sizes.

  • 2-inch aluminum blinds


2-Inch Aluminum Blinds


These blinds are a low profile yet elegant option for sliding glass door panels. Ensuring your gorgeous view of the outdoors remains unhampered, the 2-inch aluminum blinds ensure you get the best when tilted open. Heavy on durability and smart on the budget, these blinds are an investment you cannot miss.

  • 2-inch vinyl blinds


2-Inch Vinyl Blinds


The 2-inch vinyl blinds are all the rage when it comes to sliding glass door panels.  They work very well as glass door blinds when mounted from the inside. With complete customization of colors and patterns, these blinds are popular amongst those seeking a modern and fun outlook of their home.

  • Roll up blinds for porch

Easy to install roll-up blinds for porch is a pleasure in case you are worried about the comforting view of the yard. Choose from light filtering options that not only block the harsh sunlight but also keep your porch and rooms cooler. This helps reduce the overall air conditioning costs. Available in multiple lift types for easy operations. So don’t compromise on spending time outdoors this summer.


Sliding Door Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are a nice and traditional option for sliding glass doors. They are made of unique lightweight and durable material. Sliding door vertical blinds options are many including fabric and faux wood blinds. The easy tilt of the slats allows you complete light control and privacy. Stacking them to either side or splitting them in the middle allows you a complete view of the outside on a bright beautiful day. You can choose to get a bit more decorative with a valance or wood cornice to add depth and detail.

  • Fabric sliding door vertical blinds

The traditional fabric sliding door vertical blinds have served their purpose for decades. Giving you a wide variety of materials to choose from, this option has stood the test of time. Ensuring you have the best of both the old world decor and modern designs and dashing colors, this treatment gives you the look you have been wanting to add to your home.

The clean stack on the left or right, or simply splitting them in the middle, provides an uncluttered and sophisticated look. Easy installation and operation have been one of its premium benefits. So glorify your sliding doors with this option before you look further.

  • Faux wood sliding door vertical blinds

Faux Wood sliding door vertical blinds are an option worth considering, especially if you like the look of wood. Replacing real wood blinds with ease, these sliding door vertical blinds add an extra charm with its various stain and original wood colors. With its grainy look and feel it can add depth to any room. The warmth of being one with nature flows easily with these sliding door vertical blinds. You will be surprised at the smooth addition it brings to your home.

With the wide variety of options available, you are bound to get the perfect treatment for your glass door shades. Talk to our experts for any further information you would like, and we will be happy to discuss things over. Order your free samples online today.

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