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Give Your Living Room A Spring Makeover with Colourful Net Curtains


Are you all set for Spring? The sudden burst of life all around us surely fills us with a renewed energy. Why not bring in a bit of that new life into our living rooms and give it a complete makeover?

Winter décor is all about being warm and cozy. But as the sun hangs around longer, it is time to make full use of the sunshine to reintroduce natural light and warmth into our interiors. Giving your living room a makeover does not have to be an elaborate and expensive affair. Just a little tweak here and there, and you will be able to give your living room an entirely new look. Let’s look at some quick ideas.

Small Changes to Give Your Living Room a New Look

There are many easy ways to go about it.

Spice Up the Bookshelf

Rearrange the bookshelf to make space for some small decorative plants or earthen ware. You can also place some wicker baskets to squeeze in some extra-storage space, while adding the fresh garden look to your bookshelf. As bookshelves occupy a large section of the wall, any tiny change will have an impact on the overall décor.

Replace Solid Accessories with Lighter Ones

Spring is all about light. To ensure light flows uninhibited through the room, replace heavy vases with clear glass ones. You can also opt for cheerful wall art, in the form of vibrant water-color or trendy canvas prints, instead of dark oil paint or metal work.

Go for Light Colored Rugs

Rugs can make a huge difference to how the room looks. Pastels, combined with white, will make a great addition to any room. If you select a light-colored rug, it will not draw too much attention, making the room look light, bright, and sunny.

Give the Furniture an Outdoor Feel

Sometimes swapping your bulky furniture with ones with an outdoor look helps recreate a cohesive flow from the indoor to the outdoors. Just changing the cosy dining room chair for a lighter, cane-look chair would transform the entire look of the room.

Swap Bulky Curtains for Colorful Net Curtains

Spring is all about the cheer and warmth that the brighter sun brings. To make most of the sun that streams in through the window, swap your bulky, dark winter curtains for colorful net curtains. Dark thick curtains would suck the light and brightness out of the room, while making the décor look heavy and crowded. Net curtains can be a perfect replacement, both in terms of aesthetics and functionalities.

Are Net Curtains the Best Choice for Spring?

Light Control: Net curtains come with a sheer effect that would fill your room with the delightful glow of light. While cutting off most of the glare, and in some cases, harmful UV rays, net curtains help you achieve a greater degree of light filtration without compromising on the ventilation. The net-like design helps keep the room well ventilated and comfortably breezy. The soft glow is definitely more kind to your furnishings than the full blast of the sun. The light that filters through the net curtains adds a soothing, almost magical, look to the room which makes the room both fresh and joyful.

Privacy: Another factor that makes net curtains perfect for spring is the privacy it provides. In spring, everyone would love to enjoy the beauty of the gardens or just admire the colorful view of cheery-blossom lined streets. But keeping the windows or doors wide open would hamper your privacy. With net curtains, you will be able to achieve enough privacy during the day to enjoy the beauty of the bustling world outside.

Insulation: Not many of us would associate net curtains with insulation, but they do provide partial insulation. They work especially well in keeping the heat out. As the light gets filtered, it takes longer to heat up the interiors. The material, too, reflects a part of the heat that fall on them, helping to reduce heat transfer.

Aesthetics: However, no other factor is more significant than the sheer aesthetic appeal of these curtains. Available in a variety of prints and patterns, these curtains would add both charm and elegance to any décor style. Let’s look at a few gorgeous net curtain ideas.

Aquatic Look

If you are aiming for the aquatic look this spring, go for a duck-egg blue net curtain, in a beautiful print of bird or flowers. Compliment the soothing look with aquatic imagery, both on the walls and a few select maritime artifacts. Use teal and light blue liberally all across the room, with a thoughtful spread of natural flowers and fresh greens.

Alternate Columns of Colors

If you have a garden theme, combine pastel net curtains with alternating white net curtains. When they are closed, they would form a beautiful frame for the window. When drawn out, these curtains would fill the room with a burst of colors. Reflect these simple colors in your cushions, rugs, and small seats. Keep the bigger furniture neutral. 

Lace Net Curtains

Lace never goes out of style. For centuries, lace net curtains have captured the imagination of home-owners with their intricate design and delicate make. Take the full advantage of modern innovations in design technology to get the exact print and design that you desire. Be it a delicate navy and black forest design, or vibrant floral weave in taupe, the beauty of lace curtains would surely take your breath away. Net curtains are very easy to maintain. Just a gentle hand-wash is all you need to keep them looking fresh and lively for a long time. With these beautiful net curtains, give your living room a fabulous makeover to welcome spring in style

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