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Getting to know Cellular Shades

Windows and window treatments play a large part in ones decorating scheme. Looking to fulfill a Bohemian vibe? Get real wood shutters or blinds to cover your windows. Natural woven shades also give earthy textures and tones to your windows. Classier, vintage looks work great with drapes and intricate drapery hardware. Thicker fabrics not only provide great insulation, but can also come in rich colors that will protect your home from the sun. When you’re looking for something new and different for your windows, you don’t have to look too far – cellular shades can match with any decor, and will inspire you to spruce up your home to the standard of your windows!

These days, shades are a standard covering for most windows. They are like curtains, with their fabric like appearance, and blinds, with their raising and lowering function. They can be made in a variety of materials, such as polyester, vinyl, or fiberglass.A new type of shade is making its way around however- cellular shades. Cellular shades follow the model of regular shades, but come with insulating cell shaped pockets along the main fabric portion. These cellular pockets provide insulation by trapping air before it is released again. This means that hot rooms stay hot, and cool rooms stay cool. Air does not pass through the pockets easily. Cellular shades are a great new look for windows, and are quite fashionable with their pleated forms! Check them out in Zebrablinds online store.


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