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Getting Ready For Summer Romance

End of Bachelor Apartment Living.

“Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars – a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they’re gone.” The Notebook

Something about that quote had always made me insecure. But when the time came for lucky me, the romance that began last summer has not only stayed, but has grown stronger with every passing day. This summer my girlfriend decided to move in with me here in Atlanta Georgia – apart from being madly in love with me, her office being close to my apartment had made her decision easier.

I had to make some changes to my bachelor’s home to welcome the lovely woman in my life so that she would stay with me forever. Sparrow or no sparrow, I know summer is here. The weather outside is getting warmer with each passing day, and I am sure it is going to be hotter in here as well, and summer will not be the only reason for the heat!

Linda and I decided to take a break from the mundane to transform the apartment to accommodate a lady. Though we have had enough sleepovers (most of them in her apartment) and weekend vacations in the past 11 months, moving in together was not going to be the same.

I was the everyday microwave guy. Our kitchen would need a major makeover, starting with some decent dressing for its bare windows. I never felt the need to cover them up, but now it looked quite weird. My bathroom ethics needed to change as well. Peeing was never going to be the same. I never want Linda to discover that I make do with a double shake when I find the toilet paper missing. Also the bathroom windows, like the ones in the kitchen, needed cover.

Window dressing with privacy.

When two people in love live in the same home, it is possible that we would attract the attention of our neighbors. That meant I give some attention to the living room and bedroom windows as well. Come to think about it, it was easier to just change all the window treatments for the apartment, and give them a summery touch to celebrate the new beginning in our lives. The sweltering climate, my hot girlfriend, and the cool colors would make this the perfect summer.

I discussed this with Linda, and she liked my idea. Since she was giving up her apartment, we would have some kitchen furnishings, furniture, and many other necessities coming in from there, she too wanted to contribute to the makeover of our apartment. We got king sized bed so that we would have enough place for both of us. Believe me, you need some space between you at times, especially during summer, even if the air conditioning is running full time.

Soon, the apartment took the appearance of a beautiful home with the TLC it had received, and it smelled good! After painting our walls, setting up our kitchen and getting some new furniture, we decided to handle the windows for the final touch. After a lot of research and keeping the climate of Phoenix in mind, we decided to opt for dual roller shades that would offer excellent privacy without taking away from the beautiful skyline visible from my large apartment windows.

The Graber dual shades for our windows fell within our planned budget. We both loved the option where we could create versatile light control and privacy for our interiors. This innovative window dressing integrated two fabrics from the Solar and Roller Shades collections, either of which can be independently lowered or raised. We could pull down a Solar Shade during the day to reduce the temperature and block glare while maintaining the view to the outside that we loved. Once the stars appeared in the sky, we could pull down the Roller Shade to protect our privacy and create a cozy, romantic ambiance.

Our research told us that these shades can block UV rays to help protect the interiors from damage that is a blessing when you live in a place known as the ‘Valley of the Sun’. Watching TV or working on computers would be a pleasure without the glare intimidating us. We had a range to select from among the solar fabrics, which were also available in sliding panels for sliding doors. That could come in handy for a set of sliding doors we had, and it would blend in with the rest of window decor. We were confused whether to opt for darker fabric colors for a better view or lighter fabric colors for better temperature control. Finally, lighter fabrics made more sense for us.  Dual Roller Shades deliver exceptional light control while providing a tidy, trendy look to the windows. Made of fabric that is a combination of polyester and vinyl with the backing of acrylic, cellulose, and cotton that helps in enhancing the light controlling capabilities of these shades, they are highly durable as well.

Linda was in charge of the colors because I could tell only the difference between basic 6 or 7 colors. The kitchen and bathroom now had a luxurious appearance with the many new accessories, and faux wood blinds installed. Overall, my home had a light colored theme, with the dark colors to contrast aesthetically.

Everything in my life is perfect for the first time ever in my life, I am looking forward to the summer!

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