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Can’t Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester? Try These Simple Steps

Can't Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester? Try These Simple Steps

Drapes, a Favorite Choice of Window Treatment Solution

Drapes and curtains are a window treatment solution that is close to the heart of homeowners. Despite the increasing popularity of blinds and shares and their myriad features, people have always shown an inclination towards drapes and curtains. The yards of fabric help create an airy atmosphere inside the house. They have a luxurious appeal and impart a regal appearance to any living space. Hung high from near the ceilings and falling till the ground, drapes help to create an illusion of a larger space and looks grand. Another reason why drapes have continued to rule the hearts of people is their availability in a wide range of colors, patterns, designs, and colors. Irrespective of the color scheme of the room you can always find the perfect match in your drapes and curtains. From floral prints to geometric designs you have an infinite choice to select from.

Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains

Types of Fabrics: Polyester

Apart from colors and designs, you can also choose from different types of fabrics for your drapes. There are soft cotton drapes that are perfect for those summer months; the silk and velvet drapes are on the heavier side and have a royal appearance. Polyester, net, lace, georgette, chiffon, muslin are some of the other fabrics that are often used for sheer curtains. They impart a soft warm glow to the interiors. They help to diffuse the harsh sunlight and effectively blocks out the UV rays.

Polyester is a popular choice of fabric when it comes to selecting curtains for homes. They are easy to maintain. It is lightweight. They do not fade away like cotton and other natural fabrics. They can be washed at home with ease. Polyester is durable and an affordable choice of fabric for your curtains. You can make them solid and make them block out light by adding liners. And most importantly, polyester is wrinkle-free. They do not get wrinkles as easily as cotton and some other fabrics.

How to Remove Creases from Polyester Curtains?

However, at times even polyester curtains may develop creases. This happens when curtains come wrapped tightly in packages. During these times they can get wrinkles and that can ruin the appearance of the curtains. A wrinkled curtain will spoil the aesthetics of the room and look quite poorly. So how can we get these wrinkles removed without causing any damage to the fabric?

Please note: Any recommendations below are general and might not be recommended for your drapes or curtains. Please refer to the manufacturer’s guide for definite information.

Hang the Curtains Wet

You can machine wash your polyester curtains. Use cool or warm water setting and a mild detergent. Do not add any bleach.

Once the curtains are washed, hang them straight from a curtain rod. Make sure that the fabric is spread out neatly so that the entire fabric is exposed to air. The weight of the wet curtains helps to smooth out the wrinkles.


You can iron your polyester curtains using precautionary measures. Choose a warm setting; it should not be hot. Many irons come with a separate polyester setting. Gently iron the curtains till all wrinkles are removed.


Fabric steamers are an effective way to get rid of wrinkles. Hold the steam nozzle close to the curtains and start steaming from the bottom left. Now gradually move the nozzle upwards. Repeat the steps till the whole curtain has been steamed. Check if any wrinkles remain. If yes, continue steaming till the wrinkles disappear.

These measures are enough to get rid of the wrinkles on your polyester curtain. They are easy to execute. You just need to remain alert to prevent any damage to the curtains. Once done, your curtains become smart and chic for use. They enhance the aesthetic beauty of the curtains, windows, and room. So if your curtains have developed wrinkles, do not let them be. Follow these easy steps to make your curtains beautiful and stunning.