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Get a Traditional Style with Double Holland Blinds

Double Holland Blinds

Window accents play a subtle yet extremely pivotal role during the decorating or re-decorating process. If you want to just update your ambiance or give your space a fresh new look, all you need to do is either have your window accents completely blend or completely contrast with the rest of your home decor and voila, you’ll feel the difference every time you enter the room (for a while).

When it comes to choosing the right window accents it all depends on color, style, material, pattern and even the type of window accents. The most common types of window accents that are sought after are curtains, drapes, and blinds. There are various types of drapes, blinds, and shutters to choose from. One of the most reliable yet lesser-known blinds is Holland blinds.

What are Double Holland Blinds?

Ever have those moments when you’re trying to unwind or relax or just fall asleep and it’s always interrupted by light? This is where Holland blinds come into the picture. These blinds commonly go by another name – roller blinds. These are blinds where the fabric is horizontally rolled around the casing that is attached to the window. These versatile window accents can be attached to almost any window, including bay windows!

So, what’s the difference between Holland windows and double Holland blinds. The name says it all! Double Holland blinds or double roller blinds display the same mechanism as roller blinds, just that the casing can accommodate two different types of blinds. These kinds of blinds not only help filter the light that enters the room but provides more flexibility when it comes to adjusting the amount of light you want to enter your space.

Let’s imagine you have many guests coming home and you need to make sleeping accommodations where they feel comfortable and not disturbed. With double roller blinds, you can instantly switch one of the brightest rooms to become one of the darkest rooms with just a tug of the cord on the blinds. This will also help make your guests feel extra comfortable. These blinds allow you to immediately shift your light preferences from the filtering in light to the blackout ones without changing the blinds.

The double roller blinds feature an innovative design that allows for two blind fabric to be attached to a single casing. The fabric that is attached can be customized according to your needs.
Double Roller Blinds

How do You Benefit from Double Holland Blinds?

When it comes to choosing the right blinds and window accents, a lot of thought goes into it. Window accents can bring subtle personality to any room. Here are some benefits that double roller blinds provide in terms of their functionality:

1) With dual roller blinds, you can easily adjust how much of light enters the room by bringing down the blind of your preference. During the days you can let down the sun-blocking blinds or the light filtering blinds and during the nights you can roll down the blinds that cancel out the light

2) They display a durable and sturdy construction that is more like an investment. Once installed they’ll last for many years to come. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain.

3) Double roller blinds are customizable. You get to decide what two types of fabrics you’d like to use (blackout, light filter, and sunscreen) color, size, fitting, etc. An ideal choice to tie together your ambiance.
Double Holland Blinds

How to Maintain Dual Roller Blinds?

Double roller blinds are a functional and stylish choice of blinds. It’s a great choice to add in rooms like the living room, study, guest room, and office spaces. Maintaining these are easy but there are certain things that one must keep in mind.

• To have your blinds looking their best, all you need to do is occasionally dust it with a dry cloth or a duster and you’re good to go.
• For more intensive cleaning, you can use a mildly damp cloth but avoid using harsh or hard detergents. As sometimes the fabric is extremely sensitive these harsh chemicals can damage the fabrics.
• Ensure that once in a while the inner corners and the casing are thoroughly dusted as the top portion of the blinds are susceptible to accumulating dust.
Cleaning Holland Blinds

Why Pick Dual Holland blinds Over Other Types of Blinds?

These blinds are extremely versatile when it comes to tying together the ambiance of a space. They’re perfect for various types of decor like the contemporary and modern decor. Apart from their functionality, these blinds provide a certain elegant yet minimalistic appeal that speaks volumes.

It provides this traditional style that seamlessly blends with the ambiance of your space. With their dual day/night feature, you can instantly switch the mood of the room without disrupting the balance that your home decor brings. They’re great for a professional setting as well.

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