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Get Both Sheer and Blackout with New Dual Layer Vertical Blinds

Sheer and Blackout with New Dual Layer Vertical Blinds

Dual Layer Vertical Blinds – A New Addition to Window Fashion World

Are you looking for a versatile and functional window covering that will cover your large doors completely? Then this new and innovative dual layer vertical blind is the right selection for your home décor, which offers your indoors with filtered light, privacy, and blocks the glare and UV rays. These shades combine sheer and blackout fabric in one headrail casing, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Sounds good, right? The shades are a real example of beauty and functionality that are made of the latest technologies and innovations.

How do these Shades Work?

These amazing shades integrate the beauty of the sheer fabric and the usefulness of blackout fabric to create an efficient and durable vertical window blind. They are basically a dual window shade with a front zebra sheer shade and a back blackout shade. Whenever you wish to have an outside natural view, you can use the front zebra sheer shade fabric to filter the light and have the sheer stripes exposed. When you need more light blocking, pull down the blackout fabric to create a dark ambiance. This dual feature makes them perfect to install in any room. They work well with every décor type, no matter whether you owe a traditional interior or modern one. They easily coordinate with the existing décor style and work efficiently. In this article, we will discuss these shades in detail so that you can have the best experience with these shades.

Dual Layer Vertical Blinds

Why Choose Dual Layer Vertical Blinds?

These dual-layered vertical blinds enable you to switch between sheer, light-filtering, and privacy easily. Enjoy endless benefits from this one window shading. What else do you want? Enjoy the best of both worlds by installing one window solution, which is cost-effective too. Know their benefits so that you can make a final decision for your home windows:

  • Adjusting these fabrics will allow you to enjoy both natural light and darkness. Pull down the one that can fulfill your requirements.
  • Their alternating fabrics create a zebra-like pattern, which makes the windows the focal point of your room. And their availability in many color and texture options allows you to customize your favorite product. Start customizing and bring out the best of your windows while adding sophistication and richness to your indoors.
  • Blackout fabrics block out the light completely, and create a dark atmosphere. Blackout fabric is also popular for its insulation feature, which maintains an ideal temperature all day long, increasing the home’s energy efficiency. They reduce the outside noise that enters your home through the windows, creating a calm and peaceful ambiance. Because of these benefits, they are a perfect choice to mount on the media room (block out the glare that creates a barrier between your showtimes) and bedroom (create an ideal sleeping environment). Through this fabric, outsiders won’t be able to see inside your home, making them a secure option for your home décor.
  • While sheer fabric allows natural diffused soft and glowing light while providing privacy, adjust them to control light and to see through.
  • The shades are made of high-quality material, which makes them robust and strong, making them an ideal selection for every season.
  • For added beauty and mechanism, you can drape them with other window solutions such as curtain or drapery.
  • Operating the blinds is easy and hassle-free. The cordless feature is available to ensure child and pet safety.
  • These shades are easy to install, maintain, and care for. They can be mounted both inside and outside. All hardware and instructions included. If you need any help, watch out the video tutorials.

Achieve Both Style and Function by Installing One Single Blind

Give these shades a try, and we can assure you they will never disappoint you. If you are looking to add a soft touch to the windows while creating a fashion statement, then these window shadings are the way to go. It doesn’t matter what time of the day; they will work smoothly and effectively for your décor. Get them now at the most reasonable price and enhance the aura and grace of your overall house. If you have any questions regarding these window shades, feel free to contact our professional window designers!

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