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Get Blinds Custom Made To Insulate Your Home For The Summer

Get Blinds Custom Made To-Insulate-Your Home For The Summer

Summer is approaching, and there’s the dryness that you can already feel in the air. The temperatures are soaring, and this is the time when you need to take out your light clothes, bring out the ice cubes from the freezer, get a handy pair of shades and sip on your mocktails to beat the heat. However, all that won’t mean a thing unless you have your home protected. Summers may have you waking up bathed in perspiration when you do not have your home weather-stripped and the gaps sealed. Taking care of your windows is a major way in which you can protect your home. Because that is one area that is extremely prone to diverse climatic conditions. So in order to ensure that these windows are fine, you need to get the right window treatments. What you need are custom insulating blinds that can insulate your home so that you do not resort to expensive air conditioners. They might make you comfortable, but one look at the monthly bill, and you will immediately find yourself looking for alternate methods.

Importance Of Custom Blinds

So when you have a window blind available in a standard size, measurement, and color, where you do not get to choose what you like, it may spell disaster for not just your home but also your comfort. There are several reasons for it, which are mentioned below.

1. The Right Season: If you get light filtering shades for a house which experiences temperatures beyond 40 degrees during summer, imagine how uncomfortable you will feel. You may get bright sunlight but at a very big cost. It will be even more problematic if you do not have an air conditioner at home. Standard window treatments hardly work universally, and that is why you need custom blinds for every window of the house.

2. The Right Length: A window blind which ends up shorter than your window will look very awkward, and will create a negative impression of you in front of your friends. Besides, a good portion of the windows might not just heat up the home but also allow others to get a good look of the valuables you keep inside your home. Longer window shades than necessary would, in turn, sag and drop, and ruin the appearance of the window space and, thereby, the overall ambiance. You would then be left to cut them to size, entailing greater effort that could be avoided at the onset.

3. The Right Colour/Material: In a custom blind, you get to choose what color would look good with the other hues of the room. You don’t want a window shade that sticks out from the rest of the space, albeit in a negative sense. Besides, you must go for a material that you know you can take care of well without incurring huge costs. Curtains made of heavy, original silk and velvet require a lot of care, and their dry cleaning costs can burn quite a big hole in your pocket. So unless you could afford that, stay away from purchasing materials that require much other than a simple brush or cleaning with soap water and sponge. Customization also helps you choose materials that are heat-resistant and which won’t start fading away after a few months.

The Best Custom Blinds For Insulation

The choices, as already discussed, are aplenty, and we don’t want to make it a tall order for you to get to the ultimate window treatment. It is important to conduct your own research, but keep your choice limited to the following options. They are the best window treatments you could find to beat the heat.

Solar Shades For Both External And Internal Protection

As the name suggests, these shades are specially built for summers. While the discomfort can be managed, it is the disastrous impact of ultraviolet and infrared radiation that you should be aware of. Because of it, your floorings, walls, furniture and other items placed near the windows may fade away quickly, thereby entailing more costs for you than you intended. And when your skin is exposed to the radiation for far too long, you may develop skin-related defects like pigmentation and skin cancer. This statement deserves to be reiterated: tanning is not always good for your skin!

But thanks to the latest technology in window treatments, now we have solar shades built from special fabrics that not only prevent your house from heating but also filter away the UV radiation. This keeps you safe while enjoying the natural light through solar shades with high openness percentages. Besides interior mount solar shades, they also work as wonderfully effective external shades for your porch area, where you can sit with your pals and enjoy a cool drink to beat the summer heat.
Solar Roller Shades

Roman Shades: Stylized Window Treatments For All Seasons

Roman shades, in their varied styles, shapes and forms, make for amazingly functional window treatments whose impact is not just limited to the summer season. Many blackout window treatments usually come plain and lifeless, but Roman shades, with their flamboyant design, are constructed to impress one and all with their eye-catching designs and fabrics that form neat folds even when they are pulled all the way up. The last of these qualities is their highlight which differentiates them from other window shades.
Insulating Roman Shades

Custom Cellular Shades For Universal Appeal

If there is one window treatment that can be equally effective in the bathroom as well as the living room, it has to be cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades. Containing cell pockets between them to trap heat and light, these come in both single-cell fabrics and double/triple-cell fabrics. The construction is simple yet very effective, and the fabulous texture that they lend can go well in all kinds of rooms and themes. For scorching summers, it is recommended that you make use of double and triple cell shades, as they use additional sheets of fabric to prevent heat from entering the windows.

The simple construction also allows you to clean them up regularly without any hassle. However, there are instances when a bug may get trapped inside the cell pockets, for which it becomes necessary to suck up the dirt by using a vacuum cleaner. You must also take care to operate it at a lower level, because the fabric may get damaged when the vacuum cleaner sucks it up.
Day Night Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Wooden Shutters For Luxury and Durability

Who could resist the fabulous texture of the wooden shutters, made up of natural material, to just not just offer protection during summers but to also contribute to the environment without resorting to plastic and other materials? However, it is necessary to get the right wooden shutters from brands that are trustworthy and which have a strong reputation. Graber, known for delivering top-quality wooden shutters, makes use of North American hardwood, which is built to withstand heat and last you for a long time, as against plastic which may fade away and get destroyed in higher temperatures. It may then bend out of shape, causing you to replace them.

Final note: it is necessary to insulate your home with the right window treatments to beat the heat. Solar shades are the most popular kind of shades for this purpose. However, there are also other window shades such as Roman blinds, cellular blinds and wooden shutters which can insulate your home well. It is necessary to get them only from the right brands which focus on quality above all.

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