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How To Get The Best Home Theater Experience

Best Home Theater Blinds and Shades

Put on a Show

The first prerequisite for any home theater is complete darkness. Without it, you will not be able to watch your favorite movie. Glare can ruin the view on any screen, whether it be a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or TV, making for a less than ideal viewing experience. The incoming sunlight can also ruin the atmosphere of a movie and make the room hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, a step has to be taken towards the window coverings of that area. They must be able to block the incoming natural light. If they already have light-blocking features, then all is well and good. But if they don’t, then you must dress your windows with some blackout fabrics. Such window dressings have the capability of total sunlight blockage, which is needed for a movie-watching experience.

What Are Blackout Shadings?

This particular variety of window attachments help to create that ideal environment by removing incoming light from any living space. Blackout fabrics generally have an extra layer that results in 100% light blockage through the fabric itself. These shadings are a must-have to make any room as dark as possible.

How Do They Work?

These types of shadings typically have a lining of mylar or other vinyl/foam material. It is a fabric that acts as a barrier towards incoming sunlight. As a result, it rejects visible light as well as UV radiation completely. The heat via the windows is reduced by about twenty-four percent when these shadings are installed on your windows. As a result, you also get to reduce your energy bills and provide relief to your heating and cooling units.
Blackout Home Theatre Shades

Benefits of Using Blackout Roller Blinds

Darkness is needed when you are going to watch a movie with your family and friends. When you install blackout shading systems, you are benefiting from many features. They are as follows:

Complete privacy: You get lots of privacy for spaces that are meant for intimate moments, or you don’t want your neighbors peeking into your rooms.

Blocking Sunlight: Create a night like surrounding with these shadings as they block all sunlight streaming in your interiors.

Block Noise: Some shadings can also help to block about forty percent of ambient noise or outside sounds. That is ideal for watching videos and movies.

Save on Energy Costs: Keep warm during winters, as blackout blinds trap indoor heat. You give relief to your heating equipment, thereby saving on your electricity bills and overall energy consumption.

Match your home décor: As these window coverings come in an abundance of patterns, color schemes, and designs, it is easy to match your furnishings with the rest of your décor.
Media Room Blinds and Shades

Creating a Fantastic Movie Theatre Experience at Home

For the perfect movie-watching environment, you need the following elements, a high-quality TV screen, good sounding speakers, a good movie (duh?), good company, and your favorite room of the entire house. Oh, and almost forgot – popcorn. To complete this picture-perfect setup, get a popcorn maker! It might sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Even a budget popcorn machine is worth it and tastes better than standard microwave popcorn. For the movie-seeing experience, you’ll also want to make sure you have a good sound system. Don’t fret – a solid soundbar is a huge upgrade from normal TV speakers and only runs a couple hundred bucks. If you want to shell out a bit more, then you can throw in a universal remote and a Blu-ray player. The choices are endless. Movie nights just got better!

The list of necessary equipment for movie night:

• Flat-screen TV
• A soundbar is a good alternative for compact speakers
• Blu-ray player
• Universal remote
• Indoor antenna
• HDMI cables
• Wireless headphones
• A simple popcorn maker for the home
• Blackout window coverings

Alternative Blackout Window Coverings

Now blackout roller blinds are suitable for a home theatre environment. However, there are other options in the market. Some alternate shading options are as follows:

Honeycomb Shades: Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades. Their cell design provides additional insulation, reduced energy bills, and noise reduction.

Smart Roller Blackout Shades: Another option to go for are the roller shades that are cordless and have a blackout fabric. They are smart roller blackout shades. Perfect for homes that have pets and kids, as they don’t have hazardous dangling cord lifts.

Bamboo Shades: Bamboo shades with blackout lining are beautiful as well as functional. They give your home a unique outlook. These shades fold up like roman shades and appear elegant.

Pleated Shades: For budgeted cellular shade looking shadings, go for pleated blackout shadings. They add texture, just like bamboo shades.

Roman Blackout Lined Shades: They have the qualities of regular blinds and shades and the elegant look of draperies. You can also customize them to suit your aesthetic.
Smart Blackout Shades for Media Room

Goodbye Sunlight. Hello, Movie Night!

Halloween is already here, and what better way to enjoy it than to binge-watch your favorite horror movies on the big TV screen? (Friday the 13th is a good one.) Once you have all the elements ready for the perfect home theatre environment, the fun can begin! Don’t let sunlight spoil movie-watching for you and your family. So, get those blackout shadings installed, set up your surround speakers, the remote, and get cracking. Your movie nights with your loved ones will be a memory worth making. So, when it comes to total sunlight control and glare reduction, blackout window furnishings are the route to take for your home. Now bring out the popcorn!