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Fusion of Function and Fashion – Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades

What are Cellular Shades?

Stylish and Practical Window Treatments with a Wide Range of Choices.


Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades are a revolutionary window treatment that combine practical functions with contemporary fashion, making them very popular among customers who prefer perfection in their decor. Graber Blinds, a trusted name in window treatments, manufactures Crystal Pleat cellular shades from luxurious spun-lace, point-bond or woven fabrics that are highly effective and durable. Cellular shades are highly energy efficient, they provide the required amount of privacy and light control, and are available in a range of colors and cell sizes to match your interior decor. The Crystal Pleat cellular shades are highly energy efficient as the honeycomb structure of these shades allows air to be trapped within their walls, creating a layer of insulation between windows and the room. This feature helps to cut down on noise levels as well.


When choosing cellular shades for their windows, customers can make a choice among the control systems, fabric materials, type and color, and customized styles for specialty windows and many more. There is no window treatment requirement in your home that cellular shades do not meet. Let us have a look at the different options that comes with cellular shades


  • Light filtering to Blackout cellular shades for minimal to maximal light blockage and privacy
  • They are available in three cell sizes to accommodate varying degrees of heat and sound insulation
  • Skylight shades
  • Cordless, ContinuousCord-loop, and Motorized control mechanisms
  • TDBU
  • SunUp-SunDown/Day & Night


Crystal Pleat Blackout Cellular Shades by Graber.


Blackout cellular shades are perfect window treatments for those who require the ultimate room darkening and privacy rooms. They are also perfect for controlled energy utilization in both summer and winter. The non-porous point bonded polyester fabric the shades are made of prevents dust from settling on them, while the spun lace is not as effective since it has a loose weave. The Cocoon and Solitude fabrics have a metalized liner inside the cells that assures blackout in a room.


In lowered position, the Crystal Pleat cellular blackout shades cut down on 99% the light entering a room, obliterating any shadows or silhouettes from view. The remaining 1% of the ambient light seepage around the sides of the shades is blocked by the side rails provided with blackout shades. They are available in combination with light filtering fabrics that allow for a light and a dark appearance at the same time, also known as the SunUp/SunDown option. The top part of the shades can be used for light filtering and the bottom part for blackout shades for more privacy and light control.


CrystalPleat Graber Light Filtering Single/Double Cell Shades.


These stunning shades from Graber are best choice for your rooms that need filtered and diffused light streaming in to create an impeccable ambiance and comfort indoors – the cellular structure blocks a significant amount of heat rays and cold waves, ensuring that a moderate temperature is maintained. The more the cell layers and the larger their size, the better their insulation properties They look great on glass doors and windows anywhere in your home.  Customers have a wide range of choices in the width of these shades which ranges from 24 inch to 192 inch along with the height that can be customized anywhere between 24 inch to 144 inch. The top-down-bottom-up feature allows for optimal privacy and room brightening while maintaining desired levels of insulation. The position of light filtering and blackout shades can be interchanged when desired. They are also available in light filtering double cellular option for more light filtering, insulation and energy savings.


Light Filtering SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades.


Skylights can be covered while allowing light to filter through, cutting down the glare and insulating the window at the same time – the SkyTrack Skylight Cellular shades from Graber are the right option. They come in a spectrum of modern colors to fit effortlessly into any decor possible. The SkTrack feature of these shades prevents the possibility of gaps between the shade and window. On the other hand, Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades block light completely from entering your home.

Both these shades can be operated by the handle that is placed on the center rail or with telescoping Sky poles.


Operation Systems.

Continuous Cord Loop.

The continuous cord loop system has a powerful clutch embedded in the head rail that smoothly operates the cellular shades with a chained cord that remains the same length at all times.  The safety cord tension device that ensures that the shade remains at the desired position without fault. The advantage of the continuous cord-loop is that it stacks the shade more compactly than a standard cord, further holding it more securely as well.


The cordless option for cellular shades is ideal for homes with children or pets because cords pose a strangulation hazard. It adds to the aesthetic appeal by presenting clean and attractive lines.


With the motorized option, you can operate your window treatment from virtually anywhere in the house without being its direct line of sight. You can also operate multiple shades simultaneously or individually.

Head rail Options

It is amazing to know that you can install two or three independently operable shades on a single head rail. This feature is ideal for large windows or patio doors.

You can further customize cellular shades to meet your personal requirements by choosing the right colors, valance or cornices, hold down and projection brackets, and many other features. Crystal Pleat cellular shades offers practical functions and a wonderful visual appeal to your home. They are the perfect fusion of fashion and function.



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