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From Rustic To Modern – 5 Window Treatment Styles For Your Kitchen

From Rustic To Modern - 5 Window Treatment Styles For Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is the one place where all family get-togethers and parties seem to end up. Having the most traffic among spaces in the home, you must make your kitchen more inviting with a stylish window treatment.

We like to cook ,we love to eat, and we love to gather around the kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of any home, and you must make this space colorful and lively. We tend to ignore the window coverings of our kitchen windows, but they are essential elements of the space and must be dressed nicely. Kitchens goes under so much including cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning. You must choose the window coverings considering the position of the windows.

There are multiple options available of kitchen window coverings. Here is a list of 5 window treatment styles for your kitchen, from rustic to modern:

Cellular Shades :

Cellular shades are specifically engineered with a cellular design, adding an extra layer of insulation. This kind of window treatment helps in reducing energy consumption throughout the year. This also helps in controlling the temperature of the kitchen while you are cooking or during hot summer days.

Cellular shades are available in various kinds of fabrics, colors, prints, designs, textures, opacities, and sizes. You can even combine two kinds of fabrics to get more control over the amount of light entering the space. Some kitchens windows have sliding doors, so for those you can get the flexibility to use either one shade for covering the entire expanse or two shades operating independently.

Cellular Shades Collection

Explore our Cellular Shades collection, which are the perfect solution for a kitchen that gets an excess amount of heat from daytime sunlight.

Modern Roman Shades:

If you are looking for an elegant alternative to traditional kitchen window coverings, then modern Roman shades are the best selection as they are a perfect fusion of the softness of a drapery and the practicality of shades. Nowadays, people like to prefer white or stainless modern kitchens, so modern Roman shades are a perfect solution to add a dash of color, vibrance, and texture in a neutral palette. Modern Roman shades for kitchen windows are available in a wide range of luxurious fabrics, prints, textures, prints, and hues. In this type of window coverings as well, you can combine a light-filtering shade with a room darkening shade into a single headrail. This will make controlling the amount of light easier.

Roman Shades Collection

Decorate your kitchen with style! Your kitchen will be the envy of all your guests with a beautiful new set of Roman Shades on its window.

Sheer Shadings:

Most of kitchens have hard surfaces and modern fixtures, giving them a sturdy appearance. To bring a transformation in the look of your kitchen and to soften its appearance, you can opt for sheer shades and blinds. Sheer window coverings have a magical way of transforming harsh rays of sunlight into a warm glow. These window dressings gently diffuse bright sunlight along with providing daytime privacy. They are available in subtle and bright hues. You can choose from various textures, prints, and patterns per the theme of your home décor. They give a very soothing, romantic, and relaxing feel to the kitchen.

Woven Wood Shades:

If your kitchen windows are placed away from the sink and stove, then you can go ahead and choose woven wood shades. These kitchen window treatments soften the look of stainless steel and kitchen appliances. Made from natural materials including bamboo, grasses, reeds and jute, these woven wood shades are durable and can hold their shape over time. Designed specifically to minimize stretching, bowing, braking, and fading, these kitchen window coverings can be used alone or with a room-darkening liner as well. This option is for those who are looking to increase privacy in the space. To highlight the texture and appearance of your kitchen, these window coverings can be beautifully combined with the natural fibers of your shade.

Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters:

If your kitchen windows are placed near the sink or stove, then faux wood blinds and shutters are the best option as they are easy to wipe down and very durable. With the luxurious appearance of real wood window coverings with realistic grain patterns, faux wood blinds and shutters are guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing, even when they are exposed to extreme heat or steam. Cleaning these window coverings is very easy. You just need to wipe down them with soap and water and they are good to go.

These window coverings are crafted with a UV-resistant compound, so they are resistant to warping, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling or discoloring. You can wow your guests with the great wooden appearance of these shades. You can opt for these window treatments and rest easy for will look great for years to come.

As you have probably already learned, the possibilities of kitchen window coverings to fit your home style and decor are virtually endless. It is imperative to take into consideration the primary purpose of your kitchen and placement of the windows before taking any decision.

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